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It's out now, so new thread to keep spoilers out of Ever17's thread. Careful on spoilers until a reasonable amount of time has passed and more people have read it.
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It seems to start with an Ever17 style twist as its premise, and then run from there into even twistier twists. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

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Finished up Kokoro's route. I guess it's time to do Satoru's then.

...He kinda bores me. Well, whatever, the Kid was boring in Takeshi's route and vice versa.

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4 Clarste14th Oct 2010 12:07:14 PM , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Kokoro's the emotional side and Satoru's the logical side. I thought it was kind of interesting to see him constantly step back and break down the problems he needed to solve whereas Kokoro was just constantly getting overwhelmed and caught up in the moment. Although that was also understandable given the situations she finds herself in.
I really hope you didn't just spoil a large twist of some kind and are instead referencing the psychological theme that's going on. Because I haven't even started Satoru yet.
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No, it's not a spoiler, although I guess Satoru's personality sort of would be. Just a theme.

Edit: How can he bore you if you haven't met him yet?

Edit: Also, I didn't even mean psychologically, the "sides" I referred to are the sides of the story.

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Oh, that. Yeah, I thought you might have meant something more.

As for Satoru, I'm probably judging him too fast. We'll see.

Edit: Just so we're clear, yes, I did see the terms accompanying the character such as Utsumi Kali being the Great Mother.

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Now that I have seen more of Satoru, I'll confirm that he bores me. Apart from a couple strange lines delivered with complete seriousness.

Edit: Finished it. I don't like the ending. Too many unanswered questions. The bad ends apparently help fill it in a little but...

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9 Clarste19th Oct 2010 02:12:05 AM , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Yup, ending was terrible.

Also some bits in the middle that seem like bad writing. Specifically Enomoto, or rather Mr. Exposition. He comes in, explains the basic premise but nothing else, and then dies immediately. It's like the writer couldn't think of a way to make the mystery "fair" to Satoru and had to give him a 4th wall breaking hint.

Satoru not figuring out what was up with Hotori was just a Wall Banger though. He watched the security camera footage and commented on things which blatantly disproved his standing theories.

Oh, and you should bumped this thread after you finished it. I seem to have missed it for a few days.

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Didn't want to triple post. I figured someone would come by to talk about it when they finished as well.

Apparently Enomoto makes more sense if you get all the bad ends. Which I did not, so all I know is that the little girl who appears at the beginning is someone named 'Sayaka' and is his little sister. She's involved somehow. I'm surprised at people's confusion at what was going on with Hotori though. It seemed clear to me that she also had a three point transfer going on with Keiko as the one Satoru saw, Hotori as who Kokoro saw and the other twin in the third spot.

Some of the twists felt like cheating, somehow. Still figured out the three point transfer near the beginning of Satoru's route, so I guess they had to.

Third point, I... just didn't like most of the cast. Mostly just Hotori and Kokoro. And at least Satoru could think funny things with absolute seriousness. Everyone else? Boring. I hope Never7 is better.
11 Clarste19th Oct 2010 04:38:10 AM , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Well, while I'm sure there's an explanation for why Enomoto was there, and obviously it's connected to the whole reason they're doing this in the first place, the way he was used in the story was still pretty badly implemented. The 3 point transfer thing was of course more obvious than the teleporting set-up itself (although I suppose you could've figured that out by paying attention to the weather and such, yeah I'm bad at mysteries).

There's also the question of why neither Yuni nor Kali ever commented on the fact that Hotori always changed personalities at exactly the same time as Satoru. That's just silly.

As for the characters I liked Satoru's straightforward figure-stuff-out attitude, primarily because it's helpful to the player to have him recap things, but also because it made him The Unfunny. Kokoro kind of annoyed me at the time because she wasn't thinking like me (the player trying to solve the mystery), but honestly she gets the short end of the stick in terms of situations. It seems like Satoru always transfers out of danger and Kokoro always transfers into it, so while she's always running for her life through the snow he's always killing time. That's so not fair. I don't think she makes a very good psychology student though.

The only other characters who stood out to me were Yuni and Yonogi. Yuni seemed like a Coco Expy, except unlike Coco I hated him more and more as the game went on instead of softening up to him. Seriously, I hate Yuni. Preserving the timeloop is a terrible excuse to be as unhelpful as possible while mocking the people you're trying to help. "Sorry I had to be an asshole because I was an asshole the first time around." Just don't start the fricking asshole loop! Yonogi is just a pretty cool guy all around. Honestly, I think he's the only person in the game I can respect, except for that one scene where he's looking up Kokoro's skirt. Maybe I was channeling Kokoro, but I really wanted to hug him a lot for constantly saving everyone's lives.

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That's just silly. Yeah, the not noticing that Kokoro's Hotori acted completely differently was kind of pathetic. And acting like the 2012 Yuni being in 2011 was a huge surprise was silly. Once the pineapple thing had happened, it wouldn't make much sense otherwise.

And yes, Yuni did get more unlikable with time. Do something, asshole, you're here to fuck up the timeline anyway if you bring that newspaper.

I didn't mind the fact that Kokoro wasn't able to think things through as much as Satoru. As you noted, she was in danger quite a bit more, never had as much information and was still able to actually trust her partner. That kind of annoyed me about Satoru. Plus most of the time she was busy not freezing to death.
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Started Remember 11. Like literally just started. And it's confusing so far. Have no clue who's talking and apparantly, there's two Po Vs so far.
14 Solstace1st Nov 2010 01:10:18 PM from the Second Viennese School
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There are indeed two points of views at first. A little later it turns into technically one POV.
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... holy crap did I just die on the second day?!

Oh wait, this'll just be Fission Mailed right? ... right?

> Title screen appears.

o _O I died on only the second day!
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Okay, that was way too short. Ever17 was quite a bit longer. Not to mention, I'm not sure what to think about the ending. It's as mentioned - too many unanswered questions. I'm all for Mind Screw, but that was a bit much.

I began to suspect the twins in the later parts of Satoru's chapter. Of course as soon as I thought that my mind pretty much divided by zero, but I kept on it. As much as I can accept it, there is still something major that bothers me about it. The time that the third point exists in fits okay, but the location doesn't. Where was Utsumi during July 2011? She had to have been within the circle. Where was that, some mine or something? I still don't understand what that was meant to be.

Next there is a bit of a plot hole I suspect: The ending implies Inubushi is back in her body, but that doesn't fit the transfer patterns. To Satoru, Inubushi calls herself Hitori, this leaves out the mute-Inu' as being the real Inu. While SPHIA was in its appropriate place, Hitori is inside Inu's body, and since SPHIA is in its right place in the ending... I'd assume that means Hitori is the one with the High Octane Nightmare Fuel expression. Oh, Crap!.

Where is everyone getting these ending numbers? Is there an unlockable ending list or something, because that'd probably help me figure out some things. Like who the girl is in the prologue. Now for some Wild Mass Guessing: Whom I thought at first was maybe both Kokoro's and Satoru's "Self". i.e: the whole thing was a dream by the girl in the hospital bed, which explained the Closed Circle situations they were both in, especially the sea reveal. Boy did that get thrown away.
^ There is no ending that explains everything. However, if you collect all the bad ends the story will make a bit more sense, except when it doesn't because it raises a lot more questions. You don't get a neat Ever17 kind of ending. However, you can pretty much guess most of the missing blanks.

Personally, I didn't find it worth the effort to do so. That's a hell of a lot of bad ends to track down for a pretty mediocre story.

Stupid firefox crash killed my edit. As for who that girl was it's Satoru's sister, who had DID as a little girl and died. Building off that, the entire story started as a plan to revive her using the Blick Winkel trick from Ever17. Finally, on a slightly less related note, Enomoto and Satoru switched bodies, which is why his ex doesn't recognize him. All stuff you only find out in bad ends.

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Ah yes, I remember the white cube... thing... ending. The weirdness before Satoru is killed, and the last lines in that ending made suspect they did something like that. Poor Satoru... wait should I feel for him? Satoru is in Enomoto's body... and he was kinda an ass.

Rraaaaaagh! D: Why should questions be answered by the bad ends? I would be okay with this if they weren't so difficult to get. (Except when in direct danger, then it's sometimes a matter of chance.)
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So hey okay I just completed this game and now I want to discuss it with people. I haven't gotten all the bad ends, mind you, but I'm not terribly averse to spoilers and I've read everything in this thread already so w/e.

So Satoru proves in his route that removing even one link from the personality transfer chain breaks it, evident from how Kokoro's mind starts jumping alongside the rest of Mount Akakura the moment Satoru excuses himself from the circle. Yet apparently Suzukage Hotori's frozen carcass is still a viable "container", considering how Inubushi Keiko keeps changing personalities in tandem with Satoru and Kokoro throughout the whole game despite the fact that Hotori died during the very first few hours of the game. Whut? Why don't we get a similar respite in the Bad Ends?

Nevermind the fact that whichever personality originally belonged to the woman on the plane, she doesn't seem too upset at being suddenly trapped in the body of a strange girl in a strange building. She doesn't have Yuni's excuse!
Please be gentle with me.
^ She starts screaming when she sees her reflection. She is upset about it.
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Really? Damn, I must've missed that. Does that happen in the security camera footage Satoru replays, or in the very beginning of the game?
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First half of the game with whatserface the college student as the protagonist. Girlthatshouldbedead is all mute but writes out her name, and then later freaks out completely when she looks in the mirror. Collegegirl thinks it's because of a different DID personality.

On a different note, no, I didn't really care enough about their names to hit the back button to remind myself.
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This is a months late response but...

To Satoru, Inubushi calls herself Hitori, this leaves out the mute-Inu' as being the real Inu. While SPHIA was in its appropriate place, Hitori is inside Inu's body, and since SPHIA is in its right place in the ending... I'd assume that means Hitori is the one with the High Octane Nightmare Fuel expression. Oh Crap.

Inubushi is a liar. That explains everything.

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^ Nah, I was wrong. Hotori is inside Inubushi to Kokoro. She is mute from shock, and she panics when she sees her reflection but is unable to explain her situation. Inubushi is Inubushi to Satoru, and she's just lying about who she is. Though I'm not really sure about who is who by the end. It's more than likely that it's Inubushi, because she's speaking, and she knows the poem that she tells to Yuni.
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The translated timeline might help clearing up some more questions. The spoileriffic discussion will probably help as well~
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