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Everything in this trope (Common Character Classes) is already covered in either An Adventurer Is You (classes in regard to game play roles) or Fantasy Character Classes (classes in regard to a typical Psuedo-Medieval European Fantasy setting).
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Yep yep. Both of the other tropes already cover everything and a heck of a lot more. I say cut it before it gets indexed.
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Fight it Out!
Also covered by Fighter, Mage, Thief.
Common Character Classes is intended to be a genre- and setting-neutral replacement for Fantasy Character Classes, as per this TRS thread; Fighter, Mage, Thief is a subtrope. I actually cutlisted Fantasy Character Classes a while ago, but apparently it's back for some reason.

The reason it hasn't been indexed yet is this TRS thread, which hasn't been resolved yet.

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An Adventurer Is You is already the setting neutral version of the trope.

Fantasy Character Classes specifically reference fantasy setting takes on it because class and level systems are more prevalent in Medieval European Settings than any other.

The first one is mostly the gameplay aspects of a class system, the second is the lore-ish aspects of the system prevalent in Medieval Settings.

If anything, An Adventurer Is You might need a rename.

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An Adventurer Is You is setting-neutral, yes, but it reads like an MMO trope (whereas Common Character Classes is supposed to be genre-neutral as well — covering everything from FP Ses to RP Gs). If we want to revamp/rename An Adventurer Is You, I'm not opposed to that (it's horrifically bloated, in both the descriptions and the examples), but we should probably open a TRS thread for it, given that it's a much more populat trope than Common Character Classes.

Honestly, if Common Character Classes needs a cut, then so be it — I only included it because there was already a Fantasy Character Classes, which I thought was needlessly specific, so I created Common Character Classes and cutlisted Fantasy Character Classes. Looking at Fantasy Character Classes' history, it looks like it was cut and redirected to Common Character Classes, but Nessa Surana decided to restore Fantasy Character Classes rather than try to improve Common Character Classes.

Does anyone have a good argument for keeping Fantasy Character Classes instead of Common Character Classes? The way I see it, it's supposed to be a game mechanics trope, not a flavor trope — we already have tropes for how barbarians, paladins, Magic Knights, and samurai are treated as characters, but they all boil down to "hit stuff until they die", mechanically speaking, so do we really need a trope that just lists them all in that context? That's what indexes are for.

Basically, I vote we either a) revamp An Adventurer Is You to be less speciic and cut both Common Character Classes and Fantasy Character Classes, or b) cut Fantasy Character Classes and keep Common Character Classes as a genre-neutral thing while An Adventurer Is You remains MMO-focused.

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I can name at least 10 different fantasy-based franchises off the top of my head that uses the majority of character options listed in Fantasy Character Classes, so I think it's an individual trope, and even if we do have pages for some of those already - we don't have pages for all of them, nor do we have a concise list of them. Hell, we just got an article for fantasy-setting Paladins up some time last month.

An Adventurer Is You can easily be expanded and tweaked without getting rid of the information that is there.

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I'm not saying what we shouldn't have a trope for character classes, I'm just saying that it shouldn't be specific to fantasy settings. If you want to port all the information in Fantasy Character Classes over to Common Character Classes, then by all means feel free — I just don't see any reason why it shouldn't cover Team Fortress 2 and Call of Duty as well as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. The trope is about character classes, the mechanical Game System concept, not the character archetypes that they may or may not use.

Fantasy Character Classes is also way too long as it is; part of the conversion to Common Character Classes was meant to trim it down a lot. Even if I get outvoted and we keep Fantasy Character Classes, it still needs trimming.

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