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The Sword of the Morning
Gabe snapped his head towards the emerging Frames, his adrenaline beginning to pump once more. His vision zeroed in on the Frame in the middle, obviously the biggest threat.

And therefore the one he had to kill.

Gabriel gritted his teeth and drew his twin Gladii from his Frame's shoulder's, the energy blades shimmering brightly in his mechanical fists.

Mine. He thought furiously, and dived forward towards "Conquest" in a whirl of swirling blades.

Move to Conquest, Slash twice.
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Reassuring, Earl thought, To be reminded just how far a basic grasp of tactics puts me over the average Centauri Knight.

He would have used his heavy support position to tear apart the new comer under a barrage of missles, charging ahead made it a lot more difficult to dodge after all. On the other hand, the flurry of over eager comrades now slinging themselves against him would turn it into a... rather unfortunate situation.

The Magnetite variant looked heavier and thus an easier target if a harder kill, though none looked as if they were dying that easily.

He opened fire, unleashing his missles [1] and his beam canon [2] while punching in orders for the drones to do the same [1,2] and to reload [3,4].
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"Scan the area for more enemy frames." Captain Zalez instructed, striding across the bride. "Guns, unload on the escort frames before they end up engaged in close combat."

  • Castellan: Scan area.(1)(2)
    • Beam Artillery Cannons: Fire on Valkyrie B(1)
    • Missile Turrets: Aim at Valkyrie A(1) and fire on it.(2)(3)
    • Beam Pulse Turrets: Aim at Valkyrie A(1) and fire on it.(2)(3)(4)

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5304 GIG3rd May 2012 02:00:48 PM from Where I want to be Get RP Mod
Forever livid
Carson aim and fired the third group's first Sentinel's satellite fuel tanks [E:1,2].

"Don't think that can hide 'ya- Er, I mean Nitro here, takin' on stable 3."
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