Azumanga Daioh versus Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei:

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Mr. Dr.
For some unknown reason, people (myself included) are always comparing these two anime/manga series together even though they are completely different from one another. The first is an offbeat yet light hearted slice-of-life version of five high school girls and their two Adult Child teachers, and the other is a show that runs on Dead Baby Comedy with an extremely depressed teacher who struggles to survive the ordeals of his otherwise insane classroom.

Nonetheless, the amount of anime crossovers between the two is overwhelming and I thought we might as well settle the score once and for all on TV Tropes. So Who Would Win: Tomo or Kafka? Abiru or Kamineko? Raspberry Heaven or Zessei Bijin? Lets get ready to Rumba-l!


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Azor Ahai
I came across this thread. I have compared the two (and their characters). While different in tone, I think it's kind of interesting that Azumanga is compared to the Peanuts, because SZS has referenced them at least twice. Both series are like the Peanuts in that they are Slice of Life about a cast in which everyone has a specific quirk.

I made a comparison of Kafuka to Osaka (because they both aren't known by their real name and they are both the Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant of the cast), although now that I know about Kanako Oora, I see she's much more like Osaka.
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