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Follow the Leader is one of those ones that's awkward because it gets used for both the Leader and the Follower. For the Leader, it's trivia, and for the Follower, it's a trope.

I'm still not sure what the best way to handle those cases is.

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Rhymes with "Protracted."
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803 StFan8th Jun 2012 05:07:10 PM from Cognac, France
I'mm adding Flashback with the Other Darrin; considering The Other Darrin is already trivia, this one should be as well, I guess.
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[up] The Other Darrin doesn't seem like it should be trivia to me; it's clearly something visible from within the work itself.
Rhymes with "Protracted."
806 MagBas8th Jun 2012 07:30:24 PM from In my house
[up][up]The Other Darrin includes dub voices- and depending of the competence of the guy realizing the voice, it is not noticeable.
807 StFan14th Jun 2012 12:52:43 PM from Cognac, France
That's true about The Other Darrin... it may not fit in Trivia in the first place. It's one of these tropes that is hard to judge.

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It occurred to me that The Abridged Series on its non-abridged work doesn't really belong in the main trope list and it looks like I'm not the only one who thought so. But I recognize that it's a genre. So it may need special treatment: list it as a trope only on the pages for actual abridged series works, and either trivia or audience reaction (because its fan work) on other work pages.
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[up] Or list it under the Fan Works namespace for the work it comes from.

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810 nrjxll15th Jun 2012 03:56:36 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
But The Abridged Series - as opposed to individual abridged series - is a trope, and as such belongs on a trope page of some kind, which a Fan Works page isn't.
Added Adaptation Overdosed, Adaptation Sequence and Recursive Adaptation.

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Let's just say and leave it at that.
Let's just say and leave it at that.
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[up] That's not trivia; it's evident within the work itself.
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It's not a story telling trope, which is out definition for trivia.
Adding God Created Canon Foreigner. It's interesting to know that a Canon Foreigner was created by the original creator but it's not something anyone can find out within the work itself.

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[up][up] No, our definition for trivia is for things not noticeable in the work itself. See the crowner description.

Technical aspects (like special effects, camera angles, etc.) are tropes. Art Evolution falls under that.
818 MagBas4th Jul 2012 12:43:16 PM from In my house
Here is the definition of trivia in the own trivia page: "Trivia pages are attached to the work they are about, on the Trivia tab. They are for on-topic information, fun facts that are not really storytelling tropes (unless they happen In-Universe).

Trivia falls into classifications that is to say, little bundles of similar facts. The bundles are listed on the wiki because they are sort of fun. If you find an example from one of the following little bundles, it goes on the Trivia tab of the work, not its storytelling (main) trope examples list.

You can also add Trivia items that don't fit any category or premade page as long as it is legitimately trivia, and not a trope or an Audience Reaction."
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The technical aspects really are a part of storytelling, as they affect the way the story is presented, perceived, and processed. They're tropes, not trivia.
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No, they aren't. Tropes are purely a creative concept, they are recurring themes in fiction. Art Evolution is a technical aspect of the creation of a product. It is not a trope, not even remotely, none of the technical stuff is.

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821 ccoa5th Jul 2012 10:07:03 AM from the Sleeping Giant
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The definition of "Trivia" that we have been working with for over a year is that it is only Trivia if it is not visible in the work.

Changing that definition is not something one person can arbitrarily do - if it needs changing, it will require debate and probably a crowner.
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I am only going by other trivia tropes and by the definition we have on out trivia page - as Mag Bas posted -. E.g. The Other Darrin. It's clearly visible in work, but we list is as trivia nevertheless.

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The technical stuff is a trope if it has a storytelling purpose. Doing an Art Shift has a storytelling purpose. Doing The Oner has a storytelling purpose.

Trivia is stuff like the fact that an actress was getting a divorce during filming, or that she'd played a dissimilar role in another movie.
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I'm nominating three items to the list.

Added Cult Actor to the crowner. It's a... list of cult actors.

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What would be the best way to fix the page?
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