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Okay, so i posted in the Image Picking a request to change the picture, but really I think this trope's problems go deeper than just a bad picture. What is this trop? The way I see it, it's Tomboy But In Japan. Or,with a stretch Tomboy That Are Still Girls. The laconic version isn't very clearer: Butch but not too much. What does that mean?

The title also is a problem. Short Tank in my head would be a Cute Bruiser. Or maybe a small and pudgy girl. When someone say Tank, I see force, unmovability, strenght, lot of HP, etc.

Anyway, I think this trope is ther eonly because there are no generic Tomboy example page. Even the definition of Short Tank of the Tomboy page is "A common kind of Tomboy". It doesn't say what it is.

I'm not sure we really need this one. The few example I know of could easily find a new home on Wrench Wench or Action Girl.
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Okay, third edit. What the hell are you actually saying here? I'm clearly not following you. Short Tank is a common Japanese portrayal of a younger tomboyish character, Misty is the most well known example, and is probably the exact embodiment of this trope. If you wrote a description of Misty's character, that would be a description of Short Tank.

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I'm saying that in no way does this trope explain what it is about. What you say is "a Japanese Tomboy". How is that different from a standard Tomboy like the Tomboy page speaks about. The laconic doesn't help. As far as I understand it, it's a tomboy that isn't totally squicked by "girl things". I mean Misty is a Tomboy to me, I don't see how she is different from a standard Tomboy.

Not everybody is familiar with Japanese media. I'm not. So if I can't understand what this trope is about, I'm screwed cause I won,t understand it from the example. It needs a better description.

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It... hm. It probably needs a bit of a better description overall, and the description on Tomboy needs a massive overhaul, being about as unhelpful as possible.

As for the title, this is an Anime Character Type, and Short Tank is a pre-established term in the Anime fandom. Changing it is out of the question.

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Hmm, it seems we are editing post at the same time here. Not a very good way to know what we're talking about. The name is also very badly chosen. Short Tank and Cut Bruiser could almost be synonym. We need something more clearer. I don't care if it is already established, it doesn't describe the trope very well and leads to confusion. We can put it as a redirect, but we need a clearer title. Look at the page discussion. I'm not the only one who's confused.

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There's a link on Short Tank to Cute Bruiser explaining they are not the same. If you want you can move it to the top of the page.

If people can't be bothered to read the description of the trope where these things are outright stated, there's going to be problems no matter what we call it.

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Hmm, sorry , but if there is confusion, a rename might be better than just a link, especially since the tank part of the name isn't in any way related to the trope. Explain to me where the tank part come from,a nd maybe I'll agree with you , but "no, because it's the way it is" is not an argument.

A Nyway I'm gonna wait for other people to chime in before I decide to change my position. Sorry.

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The character type doesn't stray too far from a generic tomboy, but I think that the character's role in Shonen as a tomboy lancer and part-time love interest is distinct enough to have its own trope.

I'd like to see a more specific name, though I'd settle for a redirect. Pre-existing terms do get priority. That's TV Tropes policy, I believe.
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I don't see any misuse on the page itself. Show me misuse in the wicks?
^Don't have time to look now, but probably very little misuse. I said I'd like to see a more specific name because it would be easier to remember and more transparent to people outside of anime fandom. I didn't mean to suggest that it was sufficient grounds for a rename.
[up][up]I...must admit I'm not sure what you are asking me. You,re asking me to check the related to page and see if it is misused in those page, right? Okay, I,ll do that, but not now. (I'm not entirely familiar with all the trope parlance)

But title aside for now, do you agree that this trope really needs a new description. I understood more with the post above you than with the trope itself. And maybe we can add people an explanation from where the name comes from, so it would be less confusing?

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I think this is one of those tropes that needs a better description and a clear redirect more than a new name. I'd offer to help, but I can't quite figure out the trope myself.
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Okay, I'll settle for a clear redirect and description. And a explanation of where the name comes from. I'll do it, but I don't get it, so I can't. Any volunteer.
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"Shorttank" comes from their typical mode of dress (shorts and a tank top).
Each night, he abandons the trappings of civilization.
Each morning, he repairs the front door.

Cure Candy
It way needs a better description and maybe a little looser title. The current picture also she is in pants not shorts but still a good example personality wise. Chie from Persona 4 as well Jacket + skirt but short shorts underneath.[1]

EDIT: nvm I forgot she wears this trope exactly as her summer non-school clothes [2]

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Ah, that clears it up. NOW I understand. That should go on the page like right now.

[up]There is an Image pickin discussion already. You're welcome to contribute!
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