Inspector Gadget is perpetually high:

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The mechanical parts in his body regularly release chemicals into his body, which go to his brain. These chemicals make it so he's always on a drug-induced high at any time, thus explaining his, errrr... eccentric behavior.

All these drugs can be countered by adrenaline, which is why he tends to function better when Penny is in danger or serious shit is going down.
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Is it all right if I use the "mechanical augments releasing intoxicating chemicals" idea in something I'm working on? It fits right in.
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Go right ahead.
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Is this a wild guess? I always thought that is a fact.

Although I didn't watch Inspector Gadget since a while (read: more than a decade).
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The Bipolar Troper
The cartoon proper doesn't really give you much canon to work with.

I just happened to notice, while watching the episode "Monster Lake," that some of Gadget's behavior is similar to ways I've seen people behave when high, and came up with something from there.
The Bipolar Troper
An extension to this theory that just came to me today:

Inspector Gadget's gimmicks are (theoretically) activated by a thought pattern. That is, if he thinks about an umbrella and he wants an umbrella, then the umbrella is supposed to come out. From what I've seen, he mostly gets what he was trying to get, but every so often his gadgetry gives him the wrong thing.

Whenever this happens, its because the drugs caused his wiring to receive a mixed signal—he wanted an umbrella, but due to being high he had a sudden craving for boxing gloves, and got those instead.

In short, whoever developed Inspector Gadget needs to do more research.
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