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A Sonic/Flash crossover game. if DC Vs Mortal kombat can be done why can't this this be done? . the main problems would balancing flash's power and picking the cream of the crop from the villain rosters of both series. but apart from that, this game preety much writes itself
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A Captain Planet / Legend of Zelda crossover:
  • Link:"Courage!"
  • Zelda:"Wisdom!"
  • Ganondorf:"Power!"
  • Ma-Ti:" and Heart!"
  • Ganondorf: "*angrily glares at Ma-Ti*....loser."
  • Ma-Ti:sad

And then they summon the 3 Goddesses and totally stop Zant....and pollution([[Sounds like a bad fan-fic:Ma-Ti dies and loses his ring in the Kingdom Hearts universe via dimensional shift, there it becomes the most powerful weapon evar)]].

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Uncle George
* Moist van Lipwig
  • Brutha

I think they're both non-violent.
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Fun list, although I don't know about including CMOT or Foul ole Ron, though they're important to the verse, they don't seem front-and-center enough to warrant being a PC.

I just realized that I'm using the same tone I used while trawling around Smashboards arguing which Nintendo characters whould get into Brawl. haha oh wow.

Anyway, just for arguments sake, here's the list I came up with when I first worked out this silly idea and have added to since as I read into the series more. Keep in mind, my list just took the main feature character from each story, then added in the support that I liked the sound of. (Notes or explainations in parens)

  • Rincewind (part The Mario, Part Lethal Joke Character)
  • Granny Weatherwax
  • Sam Vimes (In my vision, he summons most of the rest of the watch as special moves, to keep the roster from getting crowded a bit like Jill Valentine in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2)
  • Tiffany Aching (Using the Nac Mac Feegle as special moves)
  • Moist Von Lipwig (Anyone can punch or kick. I figured all of his specials would be him "Talking" his way out of the fight, maybe creating status effects?)
  • Susan
  • Victor (Of course, using the "Movie magic" he used towards the end of the book.)
  • Teppic (A natural Fragile Speedster)
  • William de Worde (Summons Otto Chriek? Uses a desk spike in a counter move?)
  • Maurice/Keith (I don't know which one should be the character and which should be the backup. Either way, they are supported by the rats)
  • Polly "Oliver" Perks
  • Lu-Tze
  • Captain Carrot
  • Detrius (Why Detrius? Because he's a natural Mighty Glacier, thats why.)
  • Cohen (Secret character, back from the dead obviousely)
  • Mort (Same)

Just a barebones little list I doodled on a yellow pad.
Actually, CMOT Dibbler might be an effective character. How would YOU like to have one of his sausage-inna-buns to the face?
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Susan should have Death of Rats and Quoth among her special moves/summons/whatever.
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There should probably be at leat one playable dwarf, since we have a playable troll and it doesn;t do to take sides in this kind of thing.

Also, I'm wondering if this would be better as a normal fighting game or something more like Smash Bros.
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C Trombley wrote:
I doubt that. Mr. Pratchett plays video games. I bet he'd be be happy to be on board.

Oh, he definitely does. Check his entry on the One of Us page.

The idea for a Discworld fighting game has grown on me, but I didn't like it at first, and the reason for that is the gigantic differences in power tiers between characters. Even if you discount characters like Dibbler who aren't fighters at all, you've got characters who are formidable in their own context, like Carcer, who wouldn't last two seconds against, say, Granny Weatherwax. I think that to make the game workable without suspension breaking levels of Power Creep, Power Seep is to simply not use a lot of the major characters as fighters. They could be included in the plot and have their own speaking parts, but anybody too high up or down the scale doesn't fight. You can only use so many Joke Characters and Lethal Joke Characters before they stop being funny. Rincewind definitely stays though. And possibly an unlockable Foul Ole Ron.

Oh, if you want to pop the cap off the top tier for the final and/or bonus boss, you can break out The Staff of Ipslore the Red.

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I wonder if, instead of making Cohen playable, it would work to have him as a special of Rincewind's? If memory serves, he only ever plays a major role in the Rincewind books anyway... well, I'd call The Last Hero Cohen's own book, but Rincewind is still a major character.

Just 'cos I like the idea of pulling some kind of complicated move, hearing Ride of the Valkyries start playing... then an old man on a winged horse comes down and beats the living Hell out of your opponent. Now that's comedy. Plus it has Lethal Joke Character written all over it.
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In a country decimated by a disastrous war...

The underworld is the only net that remains.

But one man has crossed the line...

One man in the shattered ruins of a great metropolis.

You must set things straight. You must find him.

From the makers of

Grand Theft Auto,
The Warriors,
And Lemmings comes a new look at one of the most memorable stories of all time...


"Who knows what it's like to be me!?!"

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Uncle George

Would the game be in black and white too?
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Better black and white than brown.
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On a similar note to the M game idea, how about a game based on Monster?
Desertopa: I think there's a few characters for whom that seems a given. Death for example. He's essentially omnipresent and every move would literally be a one-hit kill. Other characters I wouldn't think about too much. My philosophy about Mascot Fighters (if I made fighting games for a living) would be to add recognizable, relevent, and/or beloved characters first and worry about balance later. It's not going to be part of the canon, so who cares if Tiffany has an equal chance to be as good as Granny Weatherwax, or that a stupid-looking kid with a team of rats has the possibility of defeating Death's grand-daughter (And that possibility must exist, its a fighting game. Character balance is important)
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CTrombley, that's a surprisingly awesome idea.
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I'm not exactly sure whether that is praise or not, but I agree that it would be interesting.
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What would be a good roster number for the first Discworld Fighting Game?

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Uncle George
I was thinking about a MMO style game where there is some in-game programming language players could use to create aplications and even develop.
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One thing about the Discworld fighting game- how would Detritus play, and how would he be nerfed? One punch from those fists would be like getting hit in the face with a boulder. In fact, it is. Also, should the Piecemaker be his special?
There's no space in the name.
Easy. His punches do a ton of damage but he goes slow, and his specials are all contact throws.

The piecemaker is his Supermove
A Grabbed by the Ghoulies sequel. I'm not ashamed of loving that game. ^^
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This is gonna sound odd, but...

Katamari Damacy + Bioshock + GTA

Think about it. You're a man on the run from the evil Government Conspiracy, no memory, and the ability to combine with solid objects to make yourself bigger. Take the story route and discover the secret behind the forces that made you who you are...

Or take the rampage route and run around, avoiding the cops and the evil government agents, growing bigger by absorbing objects and gaining incredible powers, until you transform into a giant monster made of stuff and just stomp around until the government shoots a nuke at you!

The engine could adapt the objects you absorb to give you different abilities. Say you absorb chunks of a concrete building. Instant concrete armour, but a minus to movement speed. Absorbing a car? Motorized, wheeled feet.

I think transforming into a giant monster made of stuff would be fun!
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Amnesia gets a boo.

Otherwise very interesting.

The Three Stooges RPG!
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Uncle George
Discworld type 4X game, hell, there's even the continent "XXXX"
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What would be a good roster number for the first Discworld Fighting Game?

If we're talking about a 3D fighting game, I'd say a maximum of 20ish or so characters (maybe give or take two or three) is today's standard for a first fighting game in a series. Assuming that none of the characters are clones, of course.

Anyway, I've had plenty of game ideas, but there's one in particular that I simply can't seem to get out of my mind! It's one of those things where you somehow casually think of something and think it's dumb, but then your mind somehow creeps back to it, thinking of more and more details of it until you start thinking its totally awesome!

All of this Discworld fighting game making it even worse! tongue But it's okay.

So I guess I'll just share the basic jest of it, at least so I can get it off my chest (and to see whether I'm totally crazy or not for thinking its a good idea):

A 2-D Mascot Fighter (with some RPG elements thrown in) starring characters from books published by Scholastic.

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