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"The Auditors?

Edit: Or Azrael, for maximum Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?-ness. "

It would be the absolute best of everything if the game designers got pTerry to write a brand spanking new story for the game, using all the characters the designers wanted to use, and maybe making up a brand spanking new final boss character.

Of course Azreal and/or the Auditors would be good too.
Dot!: I don't even like fighting games, but if that happened, I would pay any price for the Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition. Even if I had to sell a kidney.
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Castlevania: Judgment already tried to pit Death against Bigger Death. Look how much people liked that one.

(Although I have to wonder if a so-called Time Reaper would be Death's great-grandchild...)
New, from the makers of Rock Band:

Folk Band!
Meta Four: Does Jonathan Coulton count as "folk"? I never was good with genres.

I think this probably counts as implied, but if the answer is "yes" I would so buy that game.
the dice are loaded, the deck is stacked, the game itself will hold you back
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"Oh, we are the folk song army, every one of us cares/we all hate poverty, war and injustice... unlike the rest of you squares!"
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Falcon: No offense, but Castlevania Judgement also pit Light Yagami with a whip against Misa Misa with an owl, A couple Shinigamis calling themselves Death and Golem, and a whole bunch of unrecognizable squares trying to pass themselves off as some of my favorite Castlevania characters. I Would, without regret, chuck it in the Dis Continuity bin right now, if it wasn't already non-canon anyway.

If they did something like that to Discworld I have a feeling the entire literate portion of the British isles would set fire to the entire Video game designing portion of whatever country made the game.
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I doubt that. Mr. Pratchett plays video games. I bet he'd be be happy to be on board.
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A Kirby RPG.
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Sonic Action RPG.

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From the Crap Pile to Posterity:

The Ragged: Quest for Puppeteer's Thread

In a world of elemental super powers, you have the classic four elements of earth, fire, water, and wind. Then you have not-so-classic elements like light and electricity. Then you have maybe off-shoot elements like ice and shadow. Then you have things that just don't fit like wood and metal. All of which have some really cool magic effects, so we allow them into the game.

Then we have things like "string." Guess which element the main character is? In a rather depressing cut scene, the reincarnation of the hero, when given the choice of elemental spheres, picks a ball of yarn from his grandmother's sewing basket.

Now we have the main villian. Anyone who's read Poor Predictable Rock knows its stupid limiting yourself to only one element. So the Big Bad, who we'll call the Supreme Chancillor of the Ministry of Magic, gathers together all the elemental treasures from the temples and universities. For... "maintenance." During the "maintenance ceremony," the Chancillor uses his "rock" to bash "Mr. Scissors" over the head, steal his item and use it on "Princess Paper" and down the line until he had control of all elemental treasures, and theoretically all elements.

Of course there's no temple devoted to "string." String's a stupid element. A stupid element the main character has.

Now most of the raw magic in the kingdom is going into either into the Magic "stormtroopers" or into a "farmboy" of a tailor. Imagine the suprise when their once "best" spell, tying people's shoelaces together, manages to "bootstrap" a thug across the room. In a curtain-flapping, poltergist-esque display of flying carpets, etc., the once androgynous tailor becomes wrapped in bandages and a badass long coat that beat off all his old bullies for him. (What can I say, we're going for "gender neutral heroic mime/mummy).

Then the wise old astrologer comes in with a glove of pure void. With it, he'll be able to handle any elemental treasure without it affecting his alignment. (No points for guessing who has the other one). The elder begs that he use his newfound power to retrieve the elemental treasures and restore everyone else to power.

Meanwhile you have an open sandbox, spiderString, and the Power of Wedgie...

...I don't think its possible to make a game interactive enough to do this game justice. Every NPC is wearing pants, you can levitate a rope to any roof, and the "stormtroopers" can hit you with any blasted element. That's not even getting into the concept of "tripwire." So it goes here as a reminder, until someone advances the technology.
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Kirby FPS, lol..

Introducing New Abilities! Gun Kirby! Rocket Launcher Kirby! Tank Kirby!
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LOL, That should be in Brawl.
16-bit style on 7th generation console. Imagine how much bigger and epic games would be if all that power didn't have to go towards graphics.

Of course, we don't actually know how any hardware actually works so maybe this is moot.
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Kirby: We're gonna have fun in this thing!
Megaman X9 in all it's former 16.bit glory
Planescape Hijack

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I love the idea of Rincewind being the Lethal Joke Character, because thinking about it, he pretty much is one in the books themselves - everyone, including him, thinks he's useless, but when you back him into a corner he becomes virtually unstoppable.

As for Moist, maybe he could bring in some of his old con artist equipment, and have his finishing attack be something like playing the three cups game with the enemy as the prize. The enemy has to choose the cup containing their character in order to avoid damage - but they can't, because it's a rigged game.
So should every protagonist of a Discworld book have a character or should it stick to the more popular or well-known ones?
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Any character who was the protagonist of a book, as well as any recurring character who can be given a uniquely funny and/or interesting set of battle moves, should be included. Even minor ones like CMOT Dibbler and Foul Ol' Ron. It wouldn't be recognizably Discworld if we excluded entertaining characters on the grounds of them not being "important" enough.
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I don't think it would necessarily have to have every character—otherwise, it'd have to have crazy Power Creep, Power Seep, and there are enough plausible fighters in Discworld without doing that.

So: Vimes, Carrot, Angua (and her evil brother), Detritus, maybe some other Watch members, Lethal Joke Character Rincewind, Lobsang (before he realizes his full powers), the Librarian (I would definitely play him), etc...hmm...I don't really know enough about Discworld I guess XD

(Then again, Rule of Funny / Rule of Fun could probably allow "weaker" characters, on grounds that it would be awesome/hilarious to see badass Vimes get beaten up by Twoflower or something :p)

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Just off the top of my head (and scanning a list of titles, and stealing the ones I missed from Haven's post), I'd include:

  • Rincewind
  • Twoflower
  • Ridcully
  • Susan Sto Helit
  • Granny Weatherwax
  • Nanny Ogg
  • Tiffany Aching (I don't know if any of the other witches are really iconic enough to be playable characters, and she nicely completes the "Maiden, Mother... Other One" triad)
  • Rob Anybody
  • CMOT Dibbler
  • Foul Ole Ron (probably with Gaspode as a companion/special move)
  • Moist van Lipwig
  • Detritus
  • Sam Vimes
  • Carrot
  • Nobby
  • Fred Colon
  • Angua (although that's a lot of people from the Watch... maybe Nobby could be a special for all the Watch characters?)
  • Angua's brother (what was his name again?)
  • Genghiz Cohen
  • Brutha
  • Pteppic
  • The Librarian
  • Lobsang Ludd/Jeremy Clockson, but not together

Unlockable, non-playable, or maybe just cameos:
  • The Auditors (maybe one of them, but bring one and you've brought them all)
  • The Queen of the Elves
  • Death
  • Carcer
  • Teatime
  • Astfgl
  • Vetinari
  • Vorbis
  • The Hogfather
  • Dios
  • Coin
  • Lu-Tze
  • Azrael

Okay, I know I've left some people out... plus, that's quite a list. Depending on the story, we could definitely prune it down.

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OK, that's an awesome list. But would CMOT Dibbler work in a beat-em-up? He doesn't strike me as the type.

Would Tiffany Aching get the Nac Mac Feegle as a special attack? Because that would rock.

As for a video game that I think would be a good idea, how about one starring Butler from the Artemis Fowl series? He's incredibly badass.

And as for a video game that only I would think would be a good idea, a KateModern game. I envision it as some kind of cross between a FPS, a stealth game and a point-and-click adventure, with sword fighting ninja bonus levels.

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