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151 USAF7135th Oct 2011 05:23:07 PM from the United States
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In the future, the federal government decides to turn random public High Schools into reality shows as a revenue source. Shipping Wars over random people in Real Life form as a result, and tend to attract lunatics willing to travel across the country to get into fistfights, carry out or arrange for assassinations, and even worse.
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153 feotakahari6th Oct 2011 01:35:08 AM from Looking out at the city
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Not so much a plot as an element, particularly appropriate for a superhero setting—as part of a deal with Death (the other end of which was "I'll stop beating you up"), every man, woman and child in this setting can come back from the dead once, three days after their death. Not even Removing the Head or Destroying the Brain can prevent this. These extra lives can be transferred from one person to another, although no person can have more than one extra life at a time. (Heroes go through lives pretty fast, though not as fast as villains.)
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154 MarkerMage6th Oct 2011 11:05:23 PM from My own little world
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I haven't read much of this thread, but I've recently gotten this interesting idea for a harem story (the "Let's make a harem show" thread seemed to be a little too far along for this idea to be brought up in it).

Basically, I was reading the "Let's make a harem show" thread and seeing the conversations on the first page about what genders the characters should be and I was thinking "There's a lot of talk about he and she, but what about it?" I look at related TV Tropes pages, and I think about Negima, and then Magical Girl, and then MentorMascots, and then a harem of mentor mascots that are each competing to get a single girl to accept their powers and mission. Sort of like a Magical Girl version of Ben 10.

Anyway, at first, she'll be overjoyed at having not one, but multiple magical girl forms. Soon, she learns that the combined responsibility is hard to deal with, and that she'll need to choose one of the mentor mascots to stick with, and give up on the others, or even give up on all of them so she can pursue her own interests instead of the interests of the mentor mascots. This becomes difficult as many of the mentor mascots have reasons for why they can't just choose another girl, whether it be a prophecy, the transformation trinket being hard to readjust for another's use, requirements that not many other girls can fulfill, or even just because the mascot mentor takes a liking to her. So the girl ends up trying to decide which mentor mascots to give up based not only what powers they have and what they expect her to use them for, but also how easily they could give their powers and mission to another person.

Ways it could end? She could try to ensure that each of the mentor mascots get another girl that could accept their powers and mission. Whether they form a sentai, each focus on their seperate missions, or occasionally team up out of convenience would be options to think about afterward. She could go with the Tenchi Solution and find creative ways to use her multiple magical girl forms to more efficiently accomplish each of the mentor mascots' missions. She may have been choosing which form to use based purely on which mentor mascot's mission she was trying to fulfill. Maybe she finds out that the villains that each mentor mascot wants her to defeat all work for the same Big Bad, which provides her a way to fulfill all of her missions at the same time.

And that's my idea.
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155 Wheezy9th Oct 2011 10:31:43 PM from South Philly
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Recurring Extra taken Beyond the Impossible: Every single Flat Character and extra in a story is played by the same guy. Even the ones who die.

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156 Wheezy24th Nov 2011 07:15:29 AM from South Philly
(That Guy You Met Once)
An idea for a rom-com deconstruction.

The first girl the hero was dating wasn't all that bad. Kind of a Creature of Habit, but a nice, loyal person overall. The Manic Pixie Dream Girl only breaks them up because she had a crush on the male lead, using the "show you how to have fun" routine as an excuse to get him away from her.

After a messy breakup with the first girl, he moves out of the home he shared with her, renting a small, roach-infested apartment in The City with the Manic Pixie (because she finds it more exciting than suburbia, of course) that they rapidly begin to have a hard time paying for. (She makes fun of him for being too uptight when he starts to worry about this.)

When Manic Pixie's love of "spontaneous fun" gets her pregnant, the male lead - in addition to having to try to cover most of the bills - gets saddled with the responsibility for the kid while the Manic Pixie, growing bored, begins to go out on wild adventures again... With another guy.

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157 Wheezy3rd Dec 2011 08:06:59 PM from South Philly
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A Reality Warper has to force himself to think nothing but positive thoughts to keep from accidentally ruining the world.
158 Wheezy2nd Jan 2012 12:22:48 PM from South Philly
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A short love story between a man and his sex doll.

I originally wanted to write this myself, but decided it had too many common themes with the story I'm currently working on.

Unlike Lars and the Real Girl, he doesn't have any psychotic disorders, believe she's a real person, or show her to anyone else, but he gives her more and more Companion Cube traits as time goes on, and begins to fantasize that she's a real woman who talks to him, shows him affection, and gives him increasingly bad advice (e.g.: "Humans Are Bastards and will always hurt you. I'm the only woman you'll ever need.")

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159 Noaqiyeum22nd Feb 2012 10:28:35 AM from the October Country , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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A zombie-like apocalypse; however, rather than returning from the dead or being filled with homicidal rage, the infected become The Blanks (and consequently blind and mute), and are obsessed with regaining their faces and are convinced they can steal them from uninfected people.
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Well, after a humorous exchange over in 'What's a good name for this', I now feel a need to include the never-ending turf and prey wars that occur between sirens and mermaids, whether in the form of scientific observations or from the point of view of a tone-deaf siren girl that I came up with. Now, my sirens don't just make sailors kill themselves For the Evulz, they do it so they can eat the sailors, too. So, how does this tone-deaf girl get her meals? Her singing is so abysmal, the sailors want to kill themselves anyways.

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161 LastHussar22nd Feb 2012 03:29:49 PM from the place is here.
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Copied from my post on 'Non useful super powers thread'.

Never had a chance to use this in my RPG. I was going to put in a NPC king who was wished for the ability to see into the future. So he got it. 2 seconds into the future, and it made him functionally blind in the present. And he couldn't turn it off. Includes all his senses.

Great in a fight, if you could work out how to sync it all in. Now imagine trying to have a conversation, or interact with the world - you'd have to remember what happened 2 seconds ago, while still taking notice of the now.
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162 JHM27th Feb 2012 02:21:53 PM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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[up][up][up][up] That reminds me of Roxy Music's 1973 song "In Every Dream Home A Heartache", which is basically... about that, actually. It's a fantastic song.
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"How about a three camera sitcom with Woona and PRINCESS LUNA OF THE NIGHT as roommies on the moon, with Nightmare Moon as their jerkass landlord?" Direct Deposit from Pony Fanfiction thread.
164 Wheezy1st Mar 2012 11:51:33 AM from South Philly
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I had another idea for a zombie deconstruction.

The Virus, like cerebral palsy (or Crying Freeman), leaves the part of your brain that thinks, feels, and percieves things completely intact, but disables the part that lets you control your body, and gives you uncontrollable violent urges. So you're fully awake and conscious as you turn into an incoherent, shambling monster and start involuntarily killing your family, and you can feel everything the "surviors" do to you.

The "zombies'" moans and screams are futile attempts to cry for help.

Edit: I might use this for part of a story my friend wants to co-write with me, but I don't mind if someone else incorporates it as a plot detail. I'll let you all know if that project ends up going through.

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165 fanty1st Mar 2012 01:39:45 PM from ANGRYTOWN
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I had an idea for a totalitarian government that brutally enforced Jiddu Krishnamurti's ideas about violence. Here's a quote from him:
When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent.
So announcing affiliation to any kind of ethnic or linguistic group, or practising religion in public would get you arrested and sent off the gulag. The same ideology would also provide the state an excuse to try to conquer the world and become a one world government, and erase all divisions among people.
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Here's one I came up with a while ago:

An old woman gathers 5 kids when she is about to die. She gives them each a magical item related to one of the five elements. (Air- hand fan; earth- hammer; fire- knife; spirit- mirror; water- staff) They think that the gifts are strange at first, but gradually discover the magical nature of the objects.
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167 feotakahari2nd Mar 2012 09:36:30 AM from Looking out at the city
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I've mentioned before that I think songs can be great inspirations for stories. The music in this AMV is delicious, for lack of a better word, but I don't know what story I could write with it. (AMV used because I'm on a muted public computer and I don't want to risk linking a lyrics-only version that might have worse-quality sound. Be warned that it has spoilers for Wolf's Rain at the end.)

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168 Wheezy29th May 2012 04:32:25 AM from South Philly
(That Guy You Met Once)
A story that takes place In a World... that works exactly like children think it does.

There really are troupes of tiny actors living inside TVs, there are alligators, sharks, and giant octopi in every body of water, no matter how small, and all of the ridiculous Scare 'em Straight stories parents tell their kids (A monster will come get you if you don't eat your vegetables, etc.) are true.

Whether or not this place is actually real or All Just a Dream is up to the writer. Although it could be the work of a young and gullible Reality Warper or Physical God.

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169 LoniJay29th May 2012 04:43:05 AM from Australia , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
I rather like this idea - While on a quest, some heroes are trying to perform a piece of magic (essential to their quest) which requires complete focus on what it is they want.

One of them loses focus for half a second... and accidentally summons their love interest, who is a completely normal non-action person living half a continent away, instead of whatever it is they were trying to summon or make. The love interest is then forced to struggle through the adventure with them and find a solution to the quest, without the vital magic whatever.

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170 MrMallard29th May 2012 06:52:20 AM from Australia, mate
I have dumped so many plot bunnies in the "Fanfic Ideas You're Sure Only You Think Are Good" thread from the Fan Fiction forum. It's good to see a thread especially for them.

A Symbiote-like alien attaches to a dead cop and begins feeding off of evil energy by killing and devouring bad guys. The city dubs it a hero, but what they don't know is that it's collecting evil energy to metamophasize into it's more powerful adult form which has the power to suck the life-force from the earth. However, the dead cop's body begins to decompose, and the beast has to get enough evil energy to start the transformation before this happens.

Sometimes you need to see the story from the eyes of an outsider, and sometimes you need to see it from the beast's point of view. It's just doing what it needs to do to survive: the dead host he's latched to is disappearing which means he won't have a form to model himself on to catch his prey, which means he might never live to be an adult. Add the fact that his race is weakened by bad emotions, and you have a recipe for a pitiable alien murderer - if you do it right.
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171 lordGacek17th Jun 2012 04:26:44 PM from Kansas of Europe
A sci-fi story set in an universe, in which various planets were colonised in such a way, that each had some specific nationality/ethnicity, political ideology, or even a subculture, as the dominant criterion for the colonists. I pictured that it would all be set up in place by an eccentric billionaire leading the colonisation effort, but that's just one way. Then, several hundred years of lack of FTL travel, or any other way to cut them off from each other. Then you get all manner of crazy cases of Planet of Hats. Neo-feudal knight planet. Kerrang, the metalhead planet.

They'd probably go to war against inhabitants of the core worlds, technologically sophisticated spoiled hipsters.
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172 Noaqiyeum24th Jun 2012 03:57:29 PM from the October Country , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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I am not the one to satisfy this request:

"I think I'd have enjoyed Brave more if it had been about a feisty, anachronistically-minded red-headed Scots girl who tries to defy tradition by establishing clauses for consumer advocacy for magical products into her clan's treaties."
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173 Wheezy24th Jun 2012 06:27:30 PM from South Philly
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Not a plot idea, but an idea for a setting:

A city that's grown so dense that's it's become one solid mass of building, sort of like a higher-tech, more well-built version of Kowloon's Walled City.

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[up][up][up] Played a bit more seriously, that's pretty much exactly one of my settings. Following a period of sudden growth in GM and transhuman tech, a neo-communist one world government rules that unity and tradition are paramount and purges those deemed too eccentric, ideologically or biologically, to the colonies on Mars and the outer planets. However they end up becoming independent and make a fortune mining gas giants and the asteroid belt, and when FTL gets invented, all sorts of crazy splinter groups make for the borders of known space with the intention of founding insular separatist nations according to their long-suppressed ideals. Eventually they're forced to unite into The Federation to oppose expansion of the Earth-led Hegemonic Empire, but by that point most of them have either established their own unique cultures or transcended humanity entirely.

Well, then they wipe each other out and the actual story begins. But it's still very similar.

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175 Wheezy9th Aug 2012 11:19:11 AM from South Philly
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Two discarded ideas from a Black Comedy I'm working on:

  1. After remote detonating a land mine, a character tries to pull an Unflinching Walk away from the explosion, only to step on another land mine.
  2. An exchange:
Character A: What's wrong?
Character B: "What's wrong?!" You killed ten people!
Character A: Look on the bright side: I didn't kill seven billion people.

Edit - Another random idea I had:

A mook charges at someone who has the ability to talk to animals, only to have a bear come running in from off-camera, tackle them from the side, and start ripping them to pieces.

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