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A planet has a race of humanoids. A virus on the planet was originally deadly to them, but they adapted to it. Then actual humans land on the planet and contract the disease,
128 feotakahari21st Jul 2011 02:42:07 PM from Looking out at the city
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^ Sounds like Speaker for the Dead.
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129 Noaqiyeum21st Jul 2011 02:49:48 PM from the October Country , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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...eerily so, in fact.
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Never read it. I've heard of it, though. Well, screw that idea then. Nevermind. Sorry. tongue
131 Noaqiyeum21st Jul 2011 03:15:13 PM from the October Country , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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You could easily take it in a different direction so long as the species' current means of reproduction, and possibly their sentience, is not a consequence of their adapting to the disease.
Anyone who looks dangerous is dangerous.

Anyone who doesn't look dangerous is dangerous and sneaky.
132 Haldo23rd Jul 2011 04:54:59 AM from Never never land , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
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Here's a dumb bunny that's been gnawing on me for a while. It goes something like this:

  • Character A is trying not to laugh at character B
  • B asks A if she's crying, which makes it harder for A not to laugh
  • After more apologizing from B, B asks "Hold on, are you laughing??"
  • A bursts out laughing and falls on to B.

To make matters worse, I don't have a clue how to use it.

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133 Wheezy27th Jul 2011 01:38:16 AM from South Philly
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It's the Zombie Apocalypse.

The surivors immediately get to work slaughtering all their old friends, family, and neighbors...

Only to find out that The Virus wears off on its own after about a month.

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@a post replying to one of my posts: Nope. It's not like that at all! It's just a stupid little plot-thing I came up with when I was five. Seriously. Looking back, the main character was an obvious Mary-Sue.
135 feotakahari27th Jul 2011 07:14:14 PM from Looking out at the city
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^^ I'll be taking this.

Gotta contribute a plotbunny . . .

An exploration team lands on a living world to exploit its resources, and comes into contact with the mind that dominates it. All but one choose to defend it, and when further groups continue to arrive, they decide to stem the assault at its source, bringing Earth itself into joyous unity. A lone cyborg is incapable of telepathic contact with the planet, and winds up fighting against the others, without even knowing whether he's doing the right thing or the wrong thing. (Think of it as the anti-Avatar, or perhaps the anti-Petaybee.)

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A naive teenage girl from a wealthy but dysfunctional home discovers vampires are real, and convinced Vampires Are Sex Gods, goes up to the first suitably handsome vampire she finds and essentially offers to be his slave for eternity if he'll turn her. Luckily for her, said vampire is a gay Noble Demon who decides having an errand girl to do his trivial tasks could be useful.

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137 NotSoBadassLongcoat15th Aug 2011 04:42:07 AM from People's Democratic Republic of Badassia
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Lovecraftian-style horror story where any hideous relics, unspeakable cults, and disturbing rituals come completely from the modern-day US
...Church of Happyology recruiting the sheeple with more money than brains for a war between Eldritch Abominations? Tom Cruise exploding into ludicrous gibs to reveal a neon psionic jellyfish inside? Lava fiends crawling out of volcanoes to wage war on humanity? Oh my, the possibilities, THE POSSIBILITIES!!!
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138 Haldo15th Aug 2011 01:23:11 PM from Never never land , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
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Er... could somebody respond please? >_>

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139 lee4hmz15th Aug 2011 01:27:50 PM from A shipwreck in the tidal Potomac , Relationship Status: Chocolate!
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Haldo: Hmm...maybe Character A went through a loss of some sort, B is trying to cheer her up and it works a little too well? That's the scenario I see.
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140 RocketDude15th Aug 2011 05:53:00 PM from AZ, United States
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In the near-future, a bunch of engineers and city planners convince the governors and other such officials of the state of Florida to build a "New Miami" that incorporates a massive public transportation system and the new, man-made city, which stretches out into the sea, becomes a haven for underground street racing.
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141 Wheezy1st Sep 2011 11:12:48 PM from South Philly
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Idea 1: The Plague, inverted.

Something - no one knows what, and it doesn't matter - is causing everyone to live forever. No one can die. Ever. By any means.

Hilarity Ensues when we begin to run out of food, water, clean air, and space.

Idea 2: 20 Minutes into the Future, chatbots have become so advanced that people start to fall in love with them.*

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142 EndarkCuli2nd Sep 2011 11:10:09 PM from Ontario, Canada , Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
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[up] Idea 1 reminds of Torchwood's latest series, but if taken in an original direction (perhaps actual hilarity ensuing), it could be a good idea to work with.

And now, my latest bunny: A teenage boy finds out he has a Stalker with a Crush. He falls madly in love with said stalker, because he grew up without friends and not even his own parents were as interested in his life as this stalker. But he's scared that, if he reveals that he knows he's being stalked, the stalker will leave for fear of getting arrested. How can he possibly gain the trust of someone too afraid to step out of the shadows and make their presence known, even to the one they care for the most in life?

Possible plot twists to the above: the stalker is a guy, and the boy isn't homosexual (or girl stalker, homosexual boy); the stalker is a family member, worried that the boy wasn't raised properly and can't survive on his own; the boy is an Artificial Human with a fabricated past, and the stalker is his creator, collecting field notes and planning to decomission him when the experiment is complete. Of course, should anyone be inspired by this plotbunny, they can twist and turn it however they want to.

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143 Elfhunter3rd Sep 2011 01:50:04 AM from India , Relationship Status: My elf kissing days are over
Mine's not very original, but if anyone wants it, they're free to use it. Though if you do take it, give me a PM. I'd like to read what you've written.

The plot bunny: 10 years Post-Apocalypse. All contact has been lost from everything east of The Atlantic. The rest of the world is locked in combat against the Minions of Hell. A man is found unconscious (and naked) in a town just outside Nevada. The man wakes up with no memories of his past or of the Apocalypse. The town is attacked by some of the aforementioned Minions and the man is mortally wounded. But just as everything seems hopeless to him, he transforms into a Minion himself. He goes into a rampage, annihilating every moving thing in that town. An hour or so later, he wakes up to find he's back to normal and leaves the town in search for answers.

If you are sticking to the above description strictly, here are some related Plot Points: 1) The man is possessed by said Minion, which is feeding on his soul. 2) Possessed people have unnatural eye colors depending on what is possessing them. 3) The Minion drinks human blood and every time it does, the man regains a small part of his memory. 4) The Minion was the Gatekeeper of Hell. The Gates are located somewhere in the east. The Apocalypse was a result of the Gatekeeper leaving his post, allowing for all the Minions in Hell to enter Earth.. 5) Whatever kind of creature you decide to make the Minion, give it wings because... 6) The man was an American and a convicted Serial Killer who had been sentenced to death. He died mysteriously mere days before his sentence. The date of his death: 18 December 2012 (3 days before the apocalypse).

That's about it I guess. It's your choice whether you want to modify, add or remove any element in this.

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144 nrjxll3rd Sep 2011 03:45:43 AM , Relationship Status: Not war
Oh, not the December 2012 apocalypse again... I swear that if something bad - world-ending or not - does happen that day, I will be annoyed and disgusted more then anything else.

On topic, my idea is simple: Slice of Life High Fantasy. Basically, everyday snippets of what's going on during an epic war between the forces of good and evil. I have a whole setting for this thought up, but I still haven't ruled out doing the idea myself, so I won't post them yet.

The basic concept was inspired by something I read in, IIRC, the introduction to an Astro City collection - that the superhero could still be interesting if we stopped focusing so much on "what happens next?" and started wondering about "what else is there?". I felt that this was equally valid if applied to high fantasy, a genre that I enjoy but often seems rather stale. Unfortunately, I'm doing too many other things to pursue this idea right now, and while I haven't ruled it out, I'm putting the basic concept up for grabs.

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145 feotakahari3rd Sep 2011 04:22:21 PM from Looking out at the city
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^ Are you at all familiar with the Atelier games?
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146 nrjxll3rd Sep 2011 05:15:42 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
[up]Not at all.

Edit: Read the page. It doesn't look that similar except in a very broad sense, but still, kind of spooky.

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147 Saturn3rd Sep 2011 07:48:22 PM from On The Rings , Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
I really like Noaqiyeum's idea of the Robot War and Gaia's Vengeance happening at the same time, as well as Autarch's idea of Zombie Allies attacking Nazi Germany. I may consider writing them both.
148 EndarkCuli28th Sep 2011 09:59:59 PM from Ontario, Canada , Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
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Here's one I got after falling asleep in front of the telly: A man dies, and discovers that the only ones allowed in the afterlife are himself and the people that he's encountered while alive. Tensions quickly rise as old friends realize that they won't be reunited with loved ones that the man never personally met, and start to blame him for their misfortune.
149 KSPAM29th Sep 2011 02:09:24 PM from PARTY ROCK , Relationship Status: Giving love a bad name
I just had this idea today: A world-wide Tournament Arc, consisting of only the baddest of asses. And one poor, helpless nerd who got someone else's invite. But the tournament knows no recalls, not even for this lonely kid who's only fighting experience comes from Mortal Kombat. Luckily for him, one of the highest tier badasses takes pity on him and takes him under their wing. They'll teach him how to kick ass with the best of them, but only if he's willing to go through hell. Throughout the tournaments, levels in badass will be taken, faces will be roflstomped and every trope in the book will be played with. Let the smackdown begin.
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slice of lice
A guy was once a team chess tournament player. In a show of theatrics he headdesked to prove a point... only to forget the chess set was still there. When he comes to, the cross off his (pewter) king has gone missing. There is a deep wound on his forehead. He puts two and two together and decides to fight vampires, since he is now immune to vampires, with a cross in his head!

Together with another friend, (who is a weresponge and thus also immune to vampires) they fight things like:

  • Vampires who can't enter their stronghold (house) without an invitation, so after getting refused repeatedly they just ring the doorbell approximately a billion times.
  • The staggering age-old question of whether or not your anus counts as something that needs an invitation for a vampire to enter
  • The other staggering age-old question of whether or not these vampires have workable boners
  • Vampires who must count and steal items because of their pressing OCD.

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Forget the tropes until after you're done.

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