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101 Noaqiyeum14th Mar 2011 03:04:03 PM from the October Country , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
The it-thingy
The Robot Uprising finally happens. So does Gaia's Vengeance. Humanity is caught in the middle.
102 Wheezy14th Mar 2011 03:48:26 PM from South Philly
(That Guy You Met Once)
[up] I like it.

[up][up] First of all, thank you for the link. I've been looking for a good place to find video game art for a while.

Secondly, it's a very simplified version of this picture - actually, one that was just like that, except without glasses. I'm considering re-drawing it, as that one's 4 years old and I sucked at drawing then.

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[up] Oh. Yeah, the avatar doesn't really look like your best work, no offense. And I didn't even know that site had more art on it. I'm on my school-issued laptop, and that site was blocked.

...Oh, yeah. I do have a plot bunny.

Older man who has been driven loony by magic gets back into his right mind and realizes just how shitty the fantasy world and its government is. So he tries to clean out the government himself. It works, but he doesn't get to see it.
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If anyone needs a magical system I created a conversation here
105 Wheezy21st Mar 2011 12:56:07 PM from South Philly
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An idea I had while listening to the news about Fukushima Daiichi.

A major public health official was quoted as saying that the danger level is minimal and that the public has nothing to worry about.

That's the same thing they say about all disasters, though.

So I had an idea for a scene, possibly during a disaster movie, where a foreign PM or government official delivers an address on some in-story disaster or threat that completely devolves into Angrish, Inelegant Blubbering, and falling to his knees to scream at God.

...Which his translator cheerfully interprets as "Nothing to worry about! Go back to your homes and don't panic, because everything will be fine!"

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106 Noaqiyeum21st Mar 2011 03:24:22 PM from the October Country , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
107 Wheezy21st Mar 2011 03:28:08 PM from South Philly
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Come to think of it, that scene would probably fit perfectly in your last idea.

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108 sabrina_diamond28th Mar 2011 09:16:11 PM from inside my own belly... , Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
The personifications are human, and he wakes up one morning to find they've all moved into in his house. The series would be a strange Dom Com featuring the main character trying to go about his daily life while his inner child jumps all over the furniture and breaks things, his idealized self excels in everything he fails at, treats him like crap, and keeps bringing home random women, his depression keeps eating up everything in the fridge and locking himself in the bathroom to cry, his repressed anger tries to kill people, etc.

That actually sounds like a fun idea [up] I'd write it, but it sounds like a certain anime I know...

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109 Wheezy29th Mar 2011 01:17:26 AM from South Philly
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Which one?
110 Wheezy29th Mar 2011 04:29:34 AM from South Philly
(That Guy You Met Once)
Three way crossover:

Inception + Paprika + Sandman

It would have been nice to toss in Sucker Punch, but then we'd have to travel back in time, and that's messy.
111 JHM29th Mar 2011 05:03:34 AM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Thunder, Perfect Mind
[up] That sounds mind-blowingly awesome. (Hell, I'd even toss in bits of The Dream-Quest Of Unknown Kadath for good measure, but that would probably be too much. Or not enough.)
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A time-travel story entitled "Causal Friday."

That's all I got.
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113 Wheezy12th Apr 2011 12:42:54 AM from South Philly
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Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill Caramelldansen.

All of my other ideas seem to have been pretty well-recieved, so here's a really stupid one.

Of course, it would only make sense to do one for the Axis powers, too.

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A Crimson Echoes-esque fan mod that explains what exactly happened outside of El Nido during the events of Chrono Cross.

Unlike Crimson Echoes, however, it's intended to be consistent with the DS version of Chrono Trigger, and maybe help explain how in the holy hell Dalton managed to get powerful enough to take over Guardia.

It should also involve the repercussions of merging the two timelines at the end of Chrono Cross, and the notion that Lavos wasn't the only member of its species.

I also have an idea for two Bonus Dungeon areas in the game called the Shrine of Fantasy and the Dragon Shrine, respectively.

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115 Wheezy21st Apr 2011 01:54:29 AM from South Philly
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A character in a webcomic who has fourth wall manipulation as an explicit superpower.

He can pull down dialog balloons and use them as shields, punch people through the edges of panels and into the bottomless void below, dig tunnels through the gutters between panels and use them to travel through time, redraw parts if the comic with an ordinary pencil, and talk to the artist directly.


Also, am I the only one who thinks seeing Impossibly Graceful Giant inverted would actually be cool rather than boring?

For me, it'd be really interesting to watch the Hot-Blooded hero struggle twice as hard (and possibly cause lots of Innocent Bystanders) trying to take on the Alien Invaders in a glitchy, awkward, and hard-to-control Giant Mecha with badly-designed weapons.

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116 Wheezy4th May 2011 03:45:31 PM from South Philly
117 nrjxll4th May 2011 04:07:37 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
118 Wheezy4th May 2011 04:20:25 PM from South Philly
(That Guy You Met Once)
Genetic Engineering, Nanomachines, The Metaverse, etc., all powered by pistons and gears.

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119 NotSoBadassLongcoat7th May 2011 06:57:44 AM from People's Democratic Republic of Badassia
It's already been done, look: Night Watch. And that one would be hilarious: Badass von Pimphat and his quest to be the best-dressed son-of-a-bitch in the Dustbowl. :D
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120 feotakahari15th Jun 2011 09:33:54 PM from Looking out at the city
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Not so much a plot as an idea: several fantasy series have each of the Five Races as the chosen of a different patron god. Several others have a single creator god who doesn't pick favorites among the good races. But what if the creator made each race in turn as a chosen race, then rejected them for their sins, with each new race's unusual traits an attempt to eliminate the flaws that rendered the previous one unsuitable?
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I also love the Fashionista + Scavenger World idea. Walking the Earth, searching all the ruined shops on a quest to find the perfect pair of shoes. Or something.

Anyway, here are a couple of the ideas I'm never going to use:

1. Lovecraftian-style horror story where any hideous relics, unspeakable cults, and disturbing rituals come completely from the modern-day US — nothing from Darkest Africa or the Mystical Orient or the Savage Tribes of pre-Columbian America. There are plenty of dubious cults of recent vintage around; one of them (preferably a fictional or at least fictionalized one) could stumble on (or be subliminally influenced into) a ritual that actually has real power — to call on an Eldritch Abomination. Maybe they mistake it for whatever deity they were worshipping before. I don't really know where I'd go with it, I'm just fed up with the fact that Original Flavor Lovecraft pastiches always seem to have things originate with the Uncivilized Heathens and I'd like to see one done without that.

2. A culture in sci-fi or fantasy that has three or more genders (but still only two sexes). I know there are societies in real life that have or had this kind of gender setup, but I've never seen it explored in fiction. I think it could be really interesting... though the pronouns could be a headache.

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122 LoniJay16th Jun 2011 12:42:38 AM from Australia , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
[up]There was an alien race in a Katharine Kerr book with that - the third gender was 'neuter', and it was only mentioned briefly. A high official was murdered and the "First wife and chief neuter" of his harem requested sanctuary.

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123 DrFurball16th Jun 2011 11:36:13 AM from The House of the Rising Sun , Relationship Status: Tongue-tied
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A young woman is pulled down into hell, only to find out that she's been recruited by a powerful demon to represent Earth in the Inferno Games, Hell's equivalent of the Olympics.

As the competition continues, she discovers just what the demon's plans are, not just for the athletes, but the Universe itself. She then realises that in order to save all reality, she has to win the Games.

It's a Black Comedy with some Cosmic Horror and Super Hero elements. Thing is, I don't think I have the skill to pull off the horror AND comedy together, so I don't think I'll be writing it.
124 feotakahari16th Jun 2011 04:24:02 PM from Looking out at the city
Fuzzy Orange Doomsayer
If we're talking about things we don't have the skill to write . . .

What would Inside a Computer System look like to an NPC? I'm picturing the futuristic equivalent of The Sims, and some girl who kept hitting the tornado button or whatnot, but found herself oddly touched by one character's suffering—so she reset the saved game, created an avatar, and set up a supposedly blind date with him. It's all from his perspective, and he has no idea who this girl is, why she has no sense of touch or smell, how she can change the world around her, or why she's so reluctant to admit she's falling for him. The level of angst involved would be way beyond my current skill, though.
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125 Ryusui16th Jun 2011 10:07:50 PM from In The Middle Of A Field
It's The Greatest Day.
[up] It's not quite the same thing, but there is an excellent CYOA called Thousand Dollar Soul. It's presented as a Flash game, but well worth a read.
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