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76 OOZE17th Oct 2010 03:07:11 PM from Transsexual,Transylvania
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77 FeoTakahari17th Oct 2010 04:05:39 PM from Looking out at the city
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I'm coming to realize that every time I get past the planning stage and actually have to write something, I wind up dropping my old idea in favor of a shiny new one that I can plan out for a while before eventually abandoning that too. I'm trying to break the cycle, so I'm dropping my newest and shiniest idea here:

In the bloodiest and most war-torn region of a world where technology has long since outstripped magic, an impoverished dictatorship has just come under new leadership after fifteen years of harsh but efficient exploitation. The old tyrant escaped the capital with his life, and the new dictator is now hiring mercenaries to fight a civil war and finish him off once and for all. Of the many who answered the call, a good fraction failed to pass the tests required to join, but four were given a second look due to special qualifications:

  • Jack's an old-timer, a charismatic but dubiously ethical albino who served the two previous dictators and abandoned both when he knew they were going to fall. His vision is too poor to aim a rifle, but he's ready to lead the new squad with grenades, a shotgun, and a knack for twisting the truth without actually lying.

  • Alexis was the daughter of a minor functionary two governments back. Her family was thrown onto the streets after the coup, and when she was caught stealing food for them the police cut off her right arm at the elbow. All she wants is to wipe out every remnant of the regime that just fell—and the new leader's sorcerers have been experimenting with a technique to graft a machine gun onto a human arm, letting her revenge become merely an expression of her will. Still, she's probably the most moral member of the group, since she usually won't kill someone who's begging for mercy.

  • Simon is a well-read and well-spoken foreigner who uses philosophy to justify doing whatever he wants to do—for instance, fighting in bloody wars like this one just for the thrill of the slaughter. His hedonistic experimentation with an amazing variety of legal and illegal substances has permanently damaged his ability to move quickly, but he's learned to carry a rifle with a long range and slowly line up the perfect shot. (He never uses an outright sniper rifle. Killing at that distance wouldn't be fun.)

  • Taylor is a huge man carrying a huge gun, apparently homemade from his own design, with which he wordlessly and efficiently reduces anyone who annoys him to a thin red paste. Frequent exposure to the noise level produced by this weapon has significantly weakened his hearing, and for whatever reason he only speaks to state his name. He is clearly not a passive individual, and it appears he has some sort of long-term goal, but no matter what the circumstances his expression never changes. He passed the hearing test by a thin margin, but he failed on mental stability.

They wouldn't think of themselves in such terms, but they're the perfect Quirky Miniboss Squad for a country gone very, very wrong. And they're about to meet their match in the perfect heroes, purer reflections of their basest natures, fighting for another leader altogether who might be able to put an end to all this chaos. Battling on two fronts, even victory pushes them back—but even in this three-way war, they can still hope for victory.

They just might attain some form of redemption as well.

Thought up for RPG Maker, might also work as a book.

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78 doorhandle17th Oct 2010 07:43:42 PM from Space Australia!
Sounds interesting.

Personally, I would like to see a work that utilizes "A THEORY AND BIOLOGY OF KAIJU" by D.G. Valdron.

It's here, in case you're wondering:

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Fanfic idea: Monster/Death Note crossover.

It's near the beginning of Kira's reign of terror, and Light's heard about a string of serial killings in Germany. Like the good, upstanding ctizen he is, he decides to help the police with their inquiries and get rid of the fugitive prime suspect, one Dr. Kenzo Tenma, leaving behind a taunting message to his own pursuers for good measure.

This leaves us with two facts to deal with.

1. Someone is not going to be happy that their dear Doctor Tenma popped his clogs before they were done fucking with his head.

2. This is set in the world of Death Note. Therefore, Shinigami exist. Therefore, it is theoretically possible for Johan Liebert, the Monster himself, to get his hands on the greatest weapon in human history.

One thing's for sure - this will not end well.
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80 Noaqiyeum24th Oct 2010 08:15:40 PM from other worlds and realms of being , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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One problem: Isnt't Monster set in the 1980s or so? Which would make it more ripe for a Higurashi crossover, I suppose...

Not that that's a permanent obstacle, of course  *, just something to consider.
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Mid-nineties, to be more precise. You could probably shift the chronology of one of them - it would be interesting to see what Death Note would be like with slightly more primitive tech, for instance.

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82 Noaqiyeum24th Oct 2010 08:36:13 PM from other worlds and realms of being , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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My timeline uses Death Note-contemporary chronology as the baseline, posits that the pre-crime department was just about to go public in a limited, experimental way when they started seeing premeditated murders without any identifiable murderer, and stretches out Higurashi over the five years leading up to the present since it's the only one of the three that has no real connection at all to its supposed place in history.

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83 Noaqiyeum26th Oct 2010 05:05:28 PM from other worlds and realms of being , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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I'm coming to realize that every time I get past the planning stage and actually have to write something, I wind up dropping my old idea in favor of a shiny new one that I can plan out for a while before eventually abandoning that too. I'm trying to break the cycle, so I'm dropping my newest and shiniest idea here:
Same problem, same message. :P

I came up with a concept for a television show that has similarities to Sapphire and Steel, the SCP Foundation, and the Global Frequency - in that the central premise is an obscure covert organization whose aim is to protect humanity from otherworldly horrors and maintain The Masquerade.

The agents of this organization are clad in skin-concealing clothing and always wear full-face masks that are obviously plastic, but have various things about them which indicate that whatever is under the mask, you do not want to take it off. The recurring cast is ensemble; only two or three agents are assigned to the investigation of each episode, but several episodes may pass before each one gets seen again.

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It'd be hard to adjust Monster's setting; the fall of the Berlin Wall figures into the backstory IIRC.
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Guess it'd be Death Note getting shifted, then. Eh, it could probably survive it, though Light might require slightly different information-gathering techniques in order to operate as Kira.
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86 Latia6th Nov 2010 07:08:13 PM from The Bottom of Texas
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Vampire Romance Deconstruction.

Twilight meets Enough. But, you know...good.
87 Wheezy23rd Feb 2011 07:20:34 PM from South Philly
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Two ideas I had while working on the Ami/Yume/whatever-it's-called-now project:

A Daydream Believer (Okatukin vaiety) - through some kind of Phlebotinum or something similar to a time travel machine - learns that there really are infinite alternate universes in parallel dimensions, and gains the ability to travel through them.

Thus begins a journey through tens of bizarre alternate universes to find the world of his fantasies, where he really is the character he's always suspected he was.

The "tone" I had in mind is a weird adventure-comedy full of Surreal Humor that that pokes fun at its This Loser Is You protagonist, and I don't really think it would work as a Darker and Edgier Deconstruction with a lot of Cerebus Syndrome like my pet project.

Another major theme in that-project-I-never-shut-the-fuck-up-about is reprenenting different aspects of someone's personality through Anthropomorphic Personifications.

However, I had an idea for a series where instead of just slugging it out in the main character's dreams, said parts of their personality become real.note 

The personifications are human, and he wakes up one morning to find they've all moved into in his house. The series would be a strange Dom Com featuring the main character trying to go about his daily life while his inner child jumps all over the furniture and breaks things, his idealized self excels in everything he fails at, treats him like crap, and keeps bringing home random women, his depression keeps eating up everything in the fridge and locking himself in the bathroom to cry, his repressed anger tries to kill people, etc.

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88 Acebrock23rd Feb 2011 07:57:02 PM from So-Cal , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
No so much a plot idae as a plot device idea:

For reasons unknown everyone in the world is sent a device that has someone they unintentionally hurt very badly telling them what would be different if they hadn't done the one thing that caused so much harm, or if they had intervened to stop that one thing from happening.

I really have no idea where to begin with this.
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89 JHM25th Feb 2011 08:03:42 AM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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[up][up] So, #2 is kind of like a Lighter and Softer version of what I was playing at with this thing, ultimately... Huh.

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90 Wheezy25th Feb 2011 01:44:15 PM from South Philly
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[up]Actually, that reminds me more of my webcomic (in-planning).
91 JHM25th Feb 2011 02:04:37 PM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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Hah! Great minds think alike, or at least in my case odd ones...

What's your concept?

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92 Wheezy25th Feb 2011 02:49:38 PM from South Philly
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I'd just link you to the topic on it, but it's changed so much over the almost-year I've been working on it that you'd have to read all 4 pages of it and sort through all the ideas I've discarded to get a sense of what I'm planning to do with it now.

Since I only have 2 minutes left on the library computer, here's a one-sentence summary

It's about a teenage Occidental Otaku who has recurring dreams about being ther Magical Girl Warrior alter-ego she created as a child and fighting the personifications of her own demons.

Edit: The tone (supposed to be) is kind of similar to Jacob's Mind (if I can pull off comedy.) The protagonist is also an amateur fantasy writer (and artist), has a Voice Of Reason in her dreams (her pet goldfish) and goes through a Sanity Slippage over the course of the story.

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93 Wheezy28th Feb 2011 08:52:32 AM from South Philly
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An idea for a webcomic (it would probably work best as a Sprite Comic) where No Fourth Wall is taken Beyond the Impossible:

It starts out as a Stealth Parody of bad Two Gamers on a Couch comics, until one day, the main character, sick of spouting tired memes and lame Portal jokes, grabs a sledgehammer and smashes out a wall of the panel he's standing in.

Grapping zip lines and attaching them to the refresh button, the characters jump out of the comic and rappel up the side of the browser window, ignoring the author's threats to erase them if they leave.

During a short stay in the (surprisingly spacious and well-furnished) home icon, the characters find out that by applying white paint to the URL bar, writing text on it like a giant mural, and manually pressing the Go button, they can travel to other websites.

The rest of the series would focus on them exploring the internet.

That's all I have for now.

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94 Usht28th Feb 2011 09:06:17 AM from an arbitrary view point.
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This was originally meant as a humorous RPG idea:

Basically, you got three warriors who are stranded in the after life and basically have to ascend existence a few times to reach the top. One of them is a die hard atheist (despite everything), one is a die hard Christian priest/nun, and the last is a die hard Luciferian. Yes, they're all straw men and their ideologies don't make any sense given the context (with lots and lots of lampshade hanging), but via lots of violence and liberating random people from random things (not necessarily evil... or good for that matter), they slowly cut a bloody path up to the top level where...

Well, something happens. Anyway, I originally saw the atheist as the fighter, the Christian as the healer/buffer, and the Luciferian as the mage/debuffer.

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95 Catarrh6th Mar 2011 06:41:08 PM from In a cardboard box
A postmodern comedy novel about a pair of slacker college students stumble upon an ancient world domination conspiracy. During the story, the narrator argues with the characters, the narrator gets killed and replaced with another narrator, the two slackers avert a downer ending by reading a copy of the story and gunning down the Big Bad in the last act, and other wackiness.
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I feel an urge to write with my OC Marla Kunstler in an RP or a Character [setting] thread. Marla's a ghost who died in the '40s. I want to write her searching for her father, which is something that she actually did for a few years.
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97 aishkiz8th Mar 2011 06:31:05 AM from under the stairs
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At some point I planned to write a story that would serve to satirise all the mediocre fantasy out there — cliché settings, Fridge Logic, unintentionally unsympathetic protagonists, the empire that's evil for no good reason, bits cribbed from better-known stories, tacked-on romance, purple prose, anachronistic dialogue et cetera. It would be somewhere between parody and criticism, though, and I guess I was worried that it would turn into an Indecisive Parody as a result.
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98 EndarkCuli9th Mar 2011 10:37:58 PM from Ontario, Canada , Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
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Influenced by works such as Psychonauts, I once planned to make a Dead Baby Comedy about people that mess with other people's minds on a daily basis. The main character would be a decently nice stage magician that could never forgive himself for inadvertantly causing the death of an hypnotising a widowed mother that attended one of his shows into a rat that ran into the sewers and was never seen again. His co-star would be an arrogant psychologist that gets people to eliminate bad habits by making things worse (lending a pencil-chewer a writing utensil with a laxative-filled center, for example). Since I couldn't think of any other good characters, or any semi-wacky hijinx that would last an entire chapter/epsiode, I just let the idea drop.
99 Wheezy14th Mar 2011 01:55:52 PM from South Philly
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I can't believe I've never seen this done before:

A Rom Com narrated like a nature documentary.

"As the human female and the human male make eye contact, a complex mating ritual begins, in accordance with the traditions of the variety of the species found in this part of the continent. Eye contact is made by the female - dressed in elaborately patterned cloth for the occasion - prompting the male to display assertiveness in selecting his mate..."
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[up] That sounds hilarious. I'd read that. :D

EDIT: Oh, and what's your avatar supposed to be, out of curiosity? It reminds me of a tonberry.

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