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Respect the Red Right Hand
The Windmills Of My Mind: Absurdist Rugrats Black Comedy set in the alternate world of Chuckie's Wonderful Life, starring Chaz and Socky.

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I had an idea for some furry fiction where a Mad Scientist builds furries from cadavers.

Naturally, no normal animal is gonna have body parts that would fit a human's proportion, so our scientist has to personally breed wolves and whatnot for Gigantism in order to make it work.

Then, once he has his human corpses, he can butcher one of the wolves for parts. Fur-covered skin, legs, tail, skull (with or without brain depends on who wakes up at the other end) and so on.

The surgery would begin, working in a clean, sterile environment (or at least the best he can manage), he pieces the body-parts together Frankenstein-style.

Then, he applies lightning, allows for rest of up to a week, and they're good to go. Adapting to the new body is a different matter entirely.

If you're wondering how the body parts don't reject each other as transplants tend to do, that's because ****ING LIGHTNING.

Alternatively, if you dislike furries, you could go anywhere with this concept. Playing God with lightning-based necromancy has a lot of untapped potential.

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53 RichM9007112th Sep 2010 07:07:10 AM from Inside TV Tropes
^That's actually an interesting origin story for the existence of furries. The Squick factor is a plus here.
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54 voiderofwarranties12th Sep 2010 08:27:03 AM from the cliffs of insanity
kind of stupid actually
^^ On the one hand I won't be attempting that anytime soon.

On the other hand it's pretty cool.
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55 Wheezy13th Sep 2010 03:47:49 AM from South Philly
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Here's a potential word:

Vuvuzelesque - adj. - Similar in sound to a swarm of bees.

Don't ask me to use it in a sentence.

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56 voiderofwarranties13th Sep 2010 06:21:43 AM from the cliffs of insanity
kind of stupid actually
How is that pronounced? Also, it might make an awesome title of something where the plot was noisy and kind of like a swarm of bees.
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57 Wheezy13th Sep 2010 06:34:02 AM from South Philly
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Just like "vuvuzela," except you replace the "a" with an "esque"

58 Durazno13th Sep 2010 08:39:10 AM from Academia , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
All business!
Naturally, no normal animal is gonna have body parts that would fit a human's proportion, so our scientist has to personally breed wolves and whatnot for Gigantism in order to make it work.

Actually, wolves can get pretty huge normally. I'd think that he would just have to take a 5-footer, then strategically break its bones and set them funny to get the right shape.
59 voiderofwarranties14th Sep 2010 03:35:44 PM from the cliffs of insanity
kind of stupid actually
What if...okay, this is admittedly another video game novelization and/or fic one. But what if somebody exploited the funny Good Bad Bugs and glitches and inline either having the characters discover and exploit them or get flashbacks to stuff that hasn't happened yet and exploit the glitches, thusly taking the plot Off the Rails and turning their world on its ear.

Because it'd be so totally kind of freaky, but also amusing. Basically, I'm just interested in finding practical applications for video game meta in-universe, but in a way that won't suffer from God-Mode Sue or break their universe entirely. So I hope this either inspires somebody to try something or gives somebody ideas that give me more ideas.

Of course, it'd also be funny if somebody wrote a story in any format but particularly a novel or a video game where the whole plot centered around the characters searching for in-universe Good Bad Bugs. Wait, that's called 'physics', 'engineering', or sometimes just 'science', isn't it?
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60 Wheezy15th Sep 2010 02:30:39 PM from South Philly
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Let's talk about webcomics, as they're a topic I'm interested in right now. As your typical genres go, there are a million deconstructive parodies of fantasy, a billion gamers on a couch, and several googolplex Dada Comics.

However, there are some genres I've never even seen represented in webcomics. It doesn't mean they don't exist, I've just never seen them.

This is divided into two categories:

Genres I've never seen played straight:

Genres I've never seen at all:

More to come.

Also, I've never seen a webcomic happen ENTIRELY in Real Time. You would pretty much HAVE to stay on schedule if you were going to do one, but it might be worth it.

Note: If any of you read this, but still decide to write another fucking comic about a Genre Savvy smart-ass snarking his way through a world made of played-with fantasy tropes, I will hunt you down and defenstrate you.

Thank you.

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61 voiderofwarranties15th Sep 2010 04:33:35 PM from the cliffs of insanity
kind of stupid actually
Does soft science fiction count? I don't like being defenstrated. (Edit: whew, safe. Its protagonist is kind of slow-witted and can't decide if he's a naive kid, an Intentionally Innocent Child, or a bit of both.)

However, although my drawing skills would have to take a massive leap before I could make them into comics, some things I'd like to illustrate are, respectively:

Something you just made me realize might make a good mockumentary, or at least have a mockumentary side-work of.

A work that is medically dramatic without a hint of irony.

A road [[strikethrough: movie]] comic.

A very mundane 90s story with a potential still mundane 90sesque dieselpunk (steamgrunge?) AU, where the stepbrother of the main character (who is trying to claw his way into being the main character) happens to be in a small-time band. The story is largely about his life.

Any of those count?

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Real life has become a mountain that must be conquered epically. Cutting back on intarwebz for a bit.
  • Time Travel as a synonym for multiculturalism: characters from different time periods are brought together, each with his own insights into how things work.
  • In the future where artifical body parts have become commonplace, "special Olympics" overtakes the "real" Olympics in popularity.

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63 krrackknut20th Sep 2010 05:19:14 AM from The empty Aether.
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What if Hell was populated with nothing but deadpan snarkers, tricksters, and wretches, who know they have a shitty job but do it nonetheless, trying to make as best a profit as they can, have as much fun as possible, or get away with doing as little as possible?

And what if...there came an uprising of demon zealots and demagogues, heretic infernals and brimstone fanatics, and their piousness became infectious?
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I'd quite like to see a fictional culture where men wearing skirts is perfectly acceptable, like the ancient Romans or Greeks (or at least their soldiers. I don't know if they were everyday garments).

Because as manly as the Scottish highlanders were, they weren't the only people who ever wore them. Plus they'd arguably make more sense in a hot climate than a cold, damp, rainy one.
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65 Noaqiyeum21st Sep 2010 08:04:41 AM from the October Country , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
The it-thingy
Cosmic Horror Story

If you're looking for a webcomic that plays this straight, look no further.
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66 Wheezy22nd Sep 2010 03:51:07 PM from South Philly
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3 ideas for black comedies:

The story of a tsundere (type B) who's hilarious antics towards her Accidental Pervert boyfriends has made her one of the most prolific serial manslaughterers in Japan.  *

A psychodynamic therapy session with a gangsta rapper.

A day in the life of a coroner in Liberty City.

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67 DrFurball30th Sep 2010 12:38:00 PM from The House of the Rising Sun , Relationship Status: Tongue-tied
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I don't write fanfic, but I really like the idea of this, so I'm gonna drop it off here.

After rescuing Peach again, Mario & Luigi discover strange mushrooms Bowser was planning to use that allow them to travel through time. They accidentally do something in the past, starting a chain reaction that leads to Waluigi becoming dictator of the Mushroom Kingdom. So, the Brothers M head back in time and fix it, only now when they head back, the kingdom is underwater. They fix that, and the world is populated by Daisy clones. And so on.

Eventually, everything gets straightened out but each bro has two mushrooms left. They decide to use one to take a peek into the future, and the other for returning back to their own time. They go to Bowser's Castle 30-40 years into the future. But Mario realizes that part of fun in life is not knowing what's gonna happen next. And if life itself is a Foregone Conclusion, where's the fun? So, they head back to their own time, just as the Badass Grandpa versions of the Mario Bros. enter the castle, take down the grown-up Bowser Jr., and prepare to go after his dad to rescue Queen Peach.
68 deathjavu30th Sep 2010 01:41:13 PM from The internet, obviously
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I had an idea once for a 1984 style dictatorship, except that the dictator himself somehow gets removed from power, and nobody really noticed.

That's the gist of it. The mechanism I developed for this was an accurate neural simulator that somehow gets into the wrong hands, and is used to root out "enemies of the state" by a branch of the military that's not aware of who controls it. They end up arresting the dictator for a dream in which he commits suicide, as well as the main character, and finally the narrator. The ending is two of the military guys discussing the implications of people learning about the truth via their dreams (as it's implied the narrator was doing just that), to which they respond that it's best not to think about it lest it inspire their own anti-state dreams.

It needs a lot of work, obviously, which is why it's here-but I think this poor stray might someday make a wonderfully haunting political tale. Adopt any piece of it today!
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I was thinking about metafiction once again today, this time the kind that involves stories about writing stories. I imagined juxtaposing the lighthearted, slice-of-life feel of the author's daily escapades with his serious, tragic, emotive work - it's always nice to play with contrast and duality.

I'm hoping to write that specific story myself, but there's tonnes of things you can do with this format. Have the creators in your story write different genres. Have them write metafiction themselves! Explore the relationships, the parallels and differences between them and their work! All kinds of great possibilities.
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70 deathjavu30th Sep 2010 05:07:34 PM from The internet, obviously
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^Metafiction is fun as hell, and the more levels of meta the better it becomes. grin

You gotta be careful though, because a lot of times metafiction ends up being pretentious, ridiculous, boring, or a lot of other bad things. Not that other types of fiction don't frequently end up that way, but metafiction seems to be a popular vehicle for shittiness these days...

I suppose I'd better put up another orphan story for this post, eh? No problem, I got a million of em (and by that I mean about 10 or so).

How's this: A man who is so hated, he makes a living by selling people places on his "to be killed by" list. That could be funny as hell but I'd never know what to do with it.

Another one is a person with the power to manipulate people's memories, which I might actually use at some time, but feel free to steal it.
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Had an idea in mind of a videogame where a character is mind-controlled somehow, and you control him. When you tell him to move or walk, he lopes around like a lumbering puppet, complaining all the way. Try to make him aim a weapon, and his arm hangs limply off the hand wrapped around the gun, and he desperately yells at your targets to get out of the way.

Just an amusing deconstruction of the usual player-character interaction that everyone takes for granted.
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The Puzzler
One of my crazy ideas I thought up of is some cross between The Corruption and Genius Loci with a possible dash of Eldritch Abomination. A meteorite hits a Earthlike planet, bringing with it a sort of Wild Magic.

After impact the meteorite the entity (for the lack of a better word) spreads through out the soil. Anyone or anything touching that soil becomes permiated with magic. Anything that comes in contact with those that have that entity inside them are infected by it as well. To ensure that it continues to spread, the entity wills the person to make contact with more people and things.

Eventually all of the infected people would have traveled all around the world infecting everything. This is the moment where the entity wills every people and every animal to meet at one designated spot. Once gathered all of them would use all of their magical power to destroy each other, causing them to destroy themselves and destroy the planet. From the pieces of the destroyed planet the entity would spread to other worlds, so it could destroy more planets.
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73 Wheezy3rd Oct 2010 11:19:00 AM from South Philly
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A world so overpopulated that food and water are dispensed by lottery and air is privatized.  *

If that gets too depressing for your story, you could always make it a Black Comedy.

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74 Wheezy8th Oct 2010 07:43:35 AM from South Philly
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An odd story premise I had yesterday:

Through some kind of spiritual phlebotinum, a man is gifted with the ability to see anyone's future, and wanders the earth, Ginko-like, looking for the right people to give advice to. His predictions are totally clear, intelligible, and accurate.

However, getting your fortune told by him is the ultimate example of Blessed with Suck. Once you know how your life would have gone if you hadn't learned about it and been able to alter it, you can change it.

But here's the catch - due to some kind of curse (the nature and origin of which I haven't figured out yet) anyone who gives away the information they were told by him will die within the week.


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Stephen Stein lives in a soceity where magical girls, Fireball-throwing martial artists, ghosts, and aliens with weird biology are common as cats. for some reason he feels uneasy around the above, but he loves reading about science.

One day he finds some science books buried in his backyard that are much more complex than anything he's ever read. after working out what it's on about, he realises that according to the book, magic, throwing fireballs, ghosts and said wierd biology are impossible. and for some reason, he's the only one who agrees with the book.

At that point, the laws of physics, chemistry and biology literally knock on his door and ask for help.

It turns out the ruler of the world is a completely crazy time-travelling slider that went back to the big bang to mess up how the universe works. being the only guy in the world who'll accept that all this wierd stuff shouldn't exist, they want his help, so they're giving him superpowers.

Yes, that is hypocritical, but it's kind of irelavent when the big guy's true plan is to destroy cause and effect.

And so begins a epic adventure to reset the universe before it crashes... permamently.
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