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As many of you may know, I am a fan of Megaman. What you may not know is that I'm a bigger fan of The Megas. So I will take their songs and analyze them line by line. Starting tomorrow.
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Go you. I love The Megas.
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Alright let's start with:*drum roll*

Promise of Redemption

I'm swimming in this bright blue ocean

Probably referring to his underwater layer. If he's just sitting around then the lair is where he spends his time. So he either can't escape (Possible: Levels are hell to go through backwards) or else he lives there.

I'm drowning in the darkest emotion

That emotion probably being a mixture of loneliness, anger, and depression.

They call me useless, they call me weak

Either referring to players (breaking the fourth wall) or else the other robots. This would mean that the robot masters communicate with one another. This is probably to better track Megaman. (Note: Bubble lead can be useful, it - like the wood shield - can be used against the springs)

They call me a flipper and snorkel geek

Robot name calling? A multitude of questions arise. Do they know the other's feelings will be hurt? Is it mindless ribbing? It may be some sort of robot master social heirarchy where the most "sane" (Such as Crash Bombs and the Flash Stopper; built for fights) ideas are at the top.

I want to show them if I can

And he now wants to prove himself, the main point of the song.

That I can take down Megaman

(see above)


'' I promise you (Bubbleman will be redeemed)

This line shows he seems to be gaining determination for his cause.

I won't rest until I have defeated you

Very determined. It's almost as though he's centering his life on this.

'' They will all see (This is Bubbleman's theme)

Supporting my earlier point.

The strongest of all of the other robots is me.

It's gotten to where he's trying to be the best instead of just redeemed.

Out of the 8 robots, of all of us

This implies a "brother" feel of the robots. It shows that without the hierarchy, the robots would be a team.

[continued in my next post]

My power is so ridiculous

Reinforcing my theory about the "sanity hierarchy"

I realize something as I stand here waiting

Here I had assumed that there was a seprate room where the masters waited until Megaman was in the pre-master room. Instead they are programmed to wait there. Perhaps that explains other masters.(Crashman is pacing in frustration, Flashman is lonely and bored, Quickman chases you and tries to kill you fast, Woodman tries to make sure you can't escape and that you must lose, if Heatman is hit he charges in rage, Metalman probably learned patience as did Airman and Bubbleman).

That I'm the one who I'm really hating

Blah, blah, blah, self-esteem.

There's one thing for which I long/ And that is to prove them all wrong

As the song goes on he seems to gain more confidence in himself.


Already did it.

I fight strong

[[supporting Bubble man mode]] He won't go down!

I swim fast

You can't keep up!

I'll live on

He'll do what his brothers couldn't!

You won't last

Megaman will meet his end!

I'll destroy you I'll prove them wrong/ This is my redemption song.

They will all see!

I fight strong

These bubbles will be your downfall!

I swim fast

His victory is inevitable!

I'll live on

The Mega Buster will be on his wall!

You won't last/ I swim fast/ I'll fight strong/ You won't last/ I'll live on/ This is my redemption song

In all seriousness these lines just further show the change. Compare " They call me useless, they call me weak " to " You won't last/ I'll live on ". Bubbleman transforms from insecure to confident. He seems to go into the battle a better robot. Less of the weak, terrible idea of a robot he is always thought by fans to be. He has (to himself) been redeemed.

Laconic version: Bubbleman was sad, now he's happy.

Some things before I'm done with the song. Buy the song (or their album) and listen here.


Inspiration for the song: They probably came up with it after one of the members of the band played through and murdered Bubbleman. Alternatively, they saw the fanbase thinks Bubbleman was useless and weak.
I guess this time I will do: Look What You've Done

I hope history is kind to us all

This shows he realizes his plans are not well-liked.

I know they'll blame me for the fall

And apparently bad for humanity. This line also shows that he thinks he will succeed. It's possible that he doesn't think Megaman has killed his robot masters. After all, he hasn't seen Megaman use any weapons.

I only wish there's some better way out

Actually his plans made me think his next line anyway.

but there's no better way out

When you think about it he's right. He may not have seen Megaman use weapons but Wily still knows he's coming. Plus what are his plans? They probably involve Elecman's "Robotic revolution". Which means mass destruction no matter what.

This is the end

I believe he's talking to Dr. Light in this song. He knows something is going to go down and that people will die.

You've started the fall

Combined with the second line this means Wily feels that he's the hero while Light is the villain.

Can't see the destiny

The destiny being " Ruling the world", of course.

That we once saw

Wait, wait, wait. Light wanted to rule when he was Wily's colleague? Perhaps it was the whole "Let's make robots" thing.

on the edge of dawn

I think that line might be just in there. Rhyming and beat I guess.

What have you done

So Wily blames Light for this. Maybe his jealousy turned into hatred and now Light is an enemy to him.

One night it was clear. - What colors you gleam.

OK this line makes no sense out of context, so...

''These things I was building. -Blue, black, and machine.

Oh, they are going by original American story. In which Wily was Light's assistant.

Were not meant to serve. -Perfection in steel.

I think he finds robots to be superior to people in almost every way. That may seem like a "No shit Sherlock" thing but think about it this includes himself. Maybe...
...He wants to make himself a robot. Or, you know, give himself robotic parts.

They were meant to conquer. -A glorious future is here.

Yeah, he really seems dedicated to robots conquering the earth. Maybe he believes there will be some sort of robotic utopia with him as ruler if he succeeds.


Their eyes were opened easily. -Rise up now my sons.

He seems to be referring to his reprogramming as though it was some sort of epiphany to them, in which he showed them the correct way of thing (His way).

It was like flipping a switch. -There is much to be done.

...Or not. It seems sometimes Wily falls into craziness, but then it turns out he's completely sane he's just doing it to mess with you.

They were more than happy to join me. -This is the final stage.

I think he's saying "If they were people and I couldn't reprogram them to make them change opinions, they would've joined anyway".

Because they believe. -Lead us into a new age.

Supporting my above point.


[Transition from Wily stage 1-2 to Wily stage 3-4]

And who is this you send?

This must be him noticing Megaman.

One of them?

He seems to be surprised that Light sent a robot to a robot fight.

While you cower far from harm

As do all people in these games. Megaman has to actively go through levels to reach anybody at all. In fact, Light is the ballsiest person in the series. Everybody is in a forteress. He lives in a house. Unguarded.

He'll just disappoint you

He thinks he can beat Megaman. If he did... nobody could stop him. He's cloned the robots, so he could do it again. He can build new robots. Plus these are just masters. Nobody here can take down a Met, the army would have to be called in. Think about what this means for Megaman. Every game, the world is at risk and to save it he has to kill hundreds of robots that nobody could take. At the end of each level he has to destroy a robot that can take ove
r the world singlehandedly.

[Transition from stage 3-4 to forteress boss theme]

Now it's done/We're divided/Call him home/This one's misguided.

I think he thinks Megaman is foolish for not wanting to join the revolution.

I see his hands/Covered in my children's blood/ And his eyes do not waver (The robots are stronger than man I will not watch victory fall through my hand)

I think he's realizing at this point. "He's killed the masters, the Yellow Devil, the Bubbles, and his clone. I might be next". This is where he also realizes that he might not rule and starts to try to break down Megaman. All while seething with rage.

Call me wrong/ The future needs us/ Your answer's death/ You end us, bleed us.

Well, Wily's plan didn't really include death as much as slavery.

And how quick you him dispatch his brothers/You called this murderer a savior (I've made a promise to them I will not watch victory fall through my hands)

Of course, had Wily not reprogrammed the bots...

''Can you not feel/That we could have all life forged in steel"

I think he's trying to appeal to Megaman by telling him that he could help his robot bretheren in this way.

I only ask you see what I see/This is the answer/Why won't you believe.

He seems to truly believe in his cause.


[Transition to ending song]

I can see the headlines now.

What follows is the text shown at the end of Megaman 1. This time it's said in a more spiteful tone. I'm not typing it out. Call me lazy but... yeah, just go ahead and call me lazy.

This is the end my friend/ This is the end but I'll be back again/ When the time is right.../Dr. Light

No wonder they locked him up. There was no way he was doing any good at this point.

I'll return to help burn/Your peoples future down/You destroyed my children/You forced my retribution

He said on his knees while begging Megaman to not kill him.

The battle is ending/True war is ju

st beginning

Stupid DSi character limits. Anyway, he seems intent on making sure everybody knows that he doesn't regret a thing.

I'll learn from this disaster/I'll build eight robot masters

Hey a lead-in to the rest of the series.
Um... new ones some later time.
We see you in the distance as your weapon glistens

We hold our breath, we wait and listen

My end has come and I welcome glory

No one will know the truth to this story

The iron in my chest is not beating

It's burning - and smoking - and turning

I know what's coming... I asked it here

And with it the rain and thunder - electricity

Everything changes - tonight.

Crashman paces back and forth

Inside walls reinforced

Crash bombs mounted to his arms

Locked... loaded... ready... armed.

Gotta gotta get out of this town

Gotta bring that Wily down.

Closer draws the final hour

To break Wily's walls you will need my power

But to your aid, an unlikely friend

Programmed to fight till the very end!

A fitting death.

My hands are gone,

replaced by fire.

and intent.

Soiled in their conception.

A whistle.

An omen.

The breath stops. Mine?

Time for battle?


Crashman paces back and forth

Inside walls reinforced

Crash bombs mounted to his arms

Locked... loaded... ready... armed.

Gotta gotta get out of this town

Gotta bring that Wily down.

And so they fought.

The clash of metal and grinding gears echoed across the night sky.

Victory was at hand

But in the end... his will overcame the program.

Down falls Crashman...

Ok then. While it's obvious what these lyrics mean (Crashman being programmed to fight megaman and not wanting to), there are still unanswered questions. I'm going to try and answer the ones I have and hopefully that'll answer yours.

#What happens to Crashman?

But in the end... his will overcame the program.

Now then that may imply that Crashman killed himself/lost on purpose, but there are alternative interpretations. Now, since Crashman was designed to also pace back and forth and (usually) doesn't break that even when dying, he didn't really defeat any programming. It's possible the song is saying that Megaman saw the patterns. He then used his knowledge to overcome them. Unless of course...

#Why does Crashman hate Wily?

My answer to this question actually leads to the "Crashman kills himself" theory. It lies in these lyrics.

A fitting death.

My hands are gone,

replaced by fire.

and intent.

He hates his body. He hates that he was created with explosives instead of hands. He hates that he was programmed to run back and forth until megaman came in to kill him. Perhaps he is happy to finally die.

#Is it possible that Crashman didn't want to die?

It's possible. Crashman may have wanted to be fixed. Maybe he hopes Megaman will take him to Light's labratory. It does add a bit more tragedy though. If anybody has any questions please post them here.
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