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Greetings. This is the thread for requesting assistance with recovering a TV Tropes account for which you have forgotten the password.

Before posting here, please note that Welcome to TV Tropes! has a comprehensive set of instructions for managing your account, in the Getting Known section. To summarize, password resets are limited as follows:

  • If you have an associated email address, use the Lost Password form to request a reset email. If that doesn't work, post here.
  • If you do not have an associated email address, and have not used your previous account since September 18, 2013, we cannot verify your ownership for technical reasons.
  • To verify ownership without an email address, and if you have used your previous account recently, you should be logged in on the same computer and/or Internet connection that you most recently edited or posted from.
  • If you have forgotten the password to your account but you are still logged in, use the Change Password form to view your current password.

Thanks for your understanding.

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651 Camacan9th Nov 2011 06:49:30 PM from Australiatown
Arguing With Idiots has been reset.
I am originally just Green Willow but forgot my password and can't login under that handle. Please reset the Green Willow handle password. Once its reset will I be able to input a new password immediately or would I have to login as an entirely new user?
653 Camacan10th Nov 2011 07:02:04 PM from Australiatown
Green Willow has been reset. Have a go with a new password.
I have an account named "Photo Finish", and I forgot its password.
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I have an account called x86x, which I removed by accidentally clicking the Forget this site button on Firefox, which somehow erased the cookie as well and I forgot the password. Please reset the password for me.

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656 C0mraid12th Nov 2011 09:55:43 AM from Here and there
Sorry. Ignore this.

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657 ArsThaumaturgis12th Nov 2011 11:54:01 AM , Relationship Status: I've been dreaming of True Love's Kiss
(I considered starting a new thread for this, but it seemed to lack discussion value past "agree" or "disagree", and perhaps debate on the merits of the idea. Perhaps a PM to a mod would have been more appropriate, but this at least allows others to agree or disagree. My apologies if I have chosen incorrectly in placing this here. ^^; )

As I think that others have suggested in this thread, I would like to suggest an optional email field on the "Get Known" page for the purpose of automatic password resetting. Ideally this should allow for quick resetting for users, resetting in cases in which IP address has likely changed and less work for moderators.

For background, and a little more on-topic, in my case I seem to have forgotten my password, but am currently not only on a computer other than that on which I last... er... "troped", but also on another continent, and hence my IP address is presumably different to that which is stored or me. I do have a minor edit history, I think, but it's a small one, so I'm inclined to simply call my old user-name a loss and use this (slightly more unwieldy) one.

(My old username should have been "Thaumaturge", but searches to double-check have thus far failed.)
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658 Fighteer12th Nov 2011 12:37:15 PM from the Time Vortex , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
x86x was reset.

[up] Email verification is already being worked on. The only hits on Thaumaturge in the article history date back to May 2010; I have no way to verify the account information from those, although Eddie might.

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659 ArsThaumaturgis12th Nov 2011 01:35:02 PM , Relationship Status: I've been dreaming of True Love's Kiss
Ah, fair enough - I'm glad to hear it, and thank you or letting me know. ^_^

As to my old account, I doubt that it's overmuch worth worrying about - as I said, my IP address presumably won't match (it would seem quite something if it did, I daresay!) - although I'd be happy to have it back if there were a reasonable means of checking my identity.
A Door to the Mists: Traversal, exploration, puzzles, and combat in a heroic-fantasy setting
Eternally dreaming...
Ok, so the password is reset for my x86x account, but I can't seem to edit or go on the forums. Every time I try, it just tells me that they couldn't match my login information. Example: when I go to edit a page, it tells me I have to get known, so I log in, go to the edit page, I have to get known, etc. Also, I can only log-in by pressing Create-knowage and not the Bake a cookie button.

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Someone wake me from this nightmare, I've become my darkest fear...
Demongodofchaos2 here, I need my password to be reset.
Hello, I'm posting about a forgotten password. My original handle was "Emolsifier"

If it wouldn't be too much trouble would someone please reset the password. This has been driving me mad for months now.
663 Camacan16th Nov 2011 07:57:55 PM from Australiatown
[up] Emolsifier has been reset. [up][up] Presuming you found it again: I'm seeing edits since that post.
Thanks a bunch!
665 SnowyFoxes20th Nov 2011 09:45:18 PM from Club Room , Relationship Status: I know
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There is some valuable information in my old PM inbox and snowfoxofdeath simply doesn't work even though it's been reset. I keep getting the "Sorry, couldn't match your login info" message.
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I was VZ Church (maybe VZ Church), but I have also forgotten my password.
667 Camacan21st Nov 2011 02:08:58 AM from Australiatown
[up][up] My reading of what Eddie said last time around is this is an unfortunate side effect of the one account per IP policy and you can't get access to the old account while maintaining the new one.

VZ Church has been reset.
668 SnowyFoxes21st Nov 2011 08:15:51 AM from Club Room , Relationship Status: I know
Drummer Boy
... oh. Well, the issue got sorted out anyway, so I'll just leave the matter be.
The last battle's curtains will open on stage!
I was Dendarii Dame, but have forgotten my password.
670 Camacan29th Nov 2011 05:53:29 AM from Australiatown
Dendarii Dame has been reset.
I was Troublethecat, but either my password doesn't work for some reason or I forgot it. Could I get some help?
672 Camacan30th Nov 2011 08:57:18 PM from Australiatown
Troublethecat has been the reset.

(While we are here, work titles such as Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure always go in italics. Please fix Bullet Hell and anywhere else in your edit history where the error crops up.)

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It didn't work. I could log in again, but when I tried to click on edit page or go anywhere in the forums it said it couldn't match my login information.
674 Camacan30th Nov 2011 10:25:01 PM from Australiatown
Try getting unknown under your current handle first.
I already tried that. It didn't work.

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