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I'm not usually one to write lyrics, but I was recently inspired to after listening to a lot of Priest.

Plague, War, Famine, Death

Fighting to their last breath

Eviscerating the Four Horsemen

Even Death Itself will die

Retribution to the wicked

Dark Crusader from the sky

Disembowels heathen sinners

Gives them no chance to repent

Mutilates the tongues of liars

Punishes the arrogant

He's the heavy metal hero

Legend of our time

O heavy metal hero

Vengeance will be thine

Wading through a sea of corpses

Soaked in the blood of the damned

Lone warrior fighting dark forces

Plotting the downfall of man

Demons flee out in a hurry

Taking to a coward's flight

None can sate his righteous fury

Devils tremble at his might

He's the heavy metal hero

Last hope for mankind

Heavy metal hero

A Warrior Divine

He is the Icon of Judgment

Cleansing this unholy ground

Blood rains down upon the pavement

Visceral carnage all around

Bloodsoaked Adamantium weapons

Forged from the fires of Hell

Satan cowers at his presence

Knows that he shall fall as well

He's the heavy metal hero

Savior of mankind

O heavy metal hero

Vengeance is now thine

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is "VENGENCE-Y" a word?evil grin
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