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 251 Glowsquid, Sun, 3rd Oct '10 4:39:34 AM from Alien Town
gets mad about videogames
And ... what the fuck is this? Ah, right.

I am surprised our page on Elemental Goddess isn't overwhelmingly negative because seriously, what the hell.

edited 3rd Oct '10 4:40:53 AM by Glowsquid

 252 Myrmidon, Sun, 3rd Oct '10 1:15:00 PM from In Antartica
The Ant King
That cosplay thing was more boring than anything.
Kill all math nerds
 253 Videogamer 07, Sun, 3rd Oct '10 1:20:10 PM from somewhere...
There wasn't anything special (or bad) about that cosplay video; it also wasn't Let's Play related, or even video game related (outside of someone cosplaying a character from Metal Gear Solid), so I wonder what the point of the Retsupurae was, outside of "cosplayers are freaks".
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Fractally long
New Retsufrash!

Full episode here. Not their funniest, but I like it, especially once they hit their stride.
 255 Myrmidon, Tue, 19th Oct '10 1:59:04 PM from In Antartica
The Ant King
This guy isn't one of the main Retsupuraers, but I like it.

Kill all math nerds
 256 Videogamer 07, Tue, 19th Oct '10 2:40:34 PM from somewhere...
^I've never used a game maker system before, but I'm sure I could figure out how to make a better level than that. I did like that video, though; he encourages you to do research on the guy, and make your own judgments.

I think there was a Retsupurae thread at Something Awful, where others besides Slowbeef and Chip + Ironicus had videos, but I never saw it; I do know there was a Retsufrash one, though. One of the users in that thread applied Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory to a trio of Powerpuff Girls torture games, and some other flash. It's on Youtube, somewhere...

[Goes searching]

Here we go. (WARNING: Contains violence, most likely NSFW)

Poor girls...I do like how he makes up the various "symbolism" in the flashes, like how the Bubbles one is about climate change, and how the Buttercup one is about feminism.
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Fractally long
The worst part are the author responses. If that is indeed the fruit of all your effort and talent you should really reflect on your life.


edited 21st Oct '10 7:31:42 PM by EnglishIvy

Fractally long
That pop-scare shit really was worse than Arise. As for the coffee cups, what the fuck?
 261 Myrmidon, Fri, 22nd Oct '10 12:49:52 PM from In Antartica
The Ant King

Wait for the riveting nacho story.
Kill all math nerds
 262 Myrmidon, Fri, 22nd Oct '10 12:49:53 PM from In Antartica
The Ant King


edited 22nd Oct '10 12:50:23 PM by Myrmidon

Kill all math nerds
That Death Trap thing looks truly awful.

I mean, really. What kind of bizarro architecture is at work there?

And all of a sudden, ZOMBIE!!! USE HAMMUH!
Slowbeef sure loves playing horror flash games. And mentioning Dead Rising 2.

On Death Trap, I can't get over how dull the characters sound. I mean, seriously, can't you at least try to emote when the character is supposed to be angry, or shocked? Also, the Jigsaw-wannabe's voice is pretty annoying; if the point was to make him sound that way, then mission accomplished, I guess.

Also, I can't watch much of Arise, Satanorium, or Death Trap, because I'm easily scared by jump scares, so I just hear the game and their commentary.
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 265 Myrmidon, Sat, 23rd Oct '10 10:58:59 AM from In Antartica
The Ant King
But he put a lot of work into this! He's immune to any criticism you might make of his flash masterpiece.
Kill all math nerds
 266 Videogamer 07, Sat, 23rd Oct '10 1:56:11 PM from somewhere...
^But one can't improve if one doesn't take constructive criticism into consideration. You can't just ignore other people's feedback and think you know better than anyone else. Seriously, one review basically went like this:

  • User: You sound too monotone. Try to act natural.
  • Death Trap Creator: You didn't list any positives, therefore you were too busy focusing on the negatives rather than the positives.

You couldn't address the problem? Not even make some excuse? Come on!

(I know you were being sarcastic, but my point stands regardless.)
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Nothing interesting here, move along...
 267 Myrmidon, Sat, 23rd Oct '10 2:21:16 PM from In Antartica
The Ant King
Incidentally, the guy who made it is in the youtube comments for the video. Apparently he really liked the video and says that this is something of an Old Shame of his.
Kill all math nerds
I'm sure you guys heard but Electrical Beast is back. No, he didn't finish Super Mario 64. Instead he's doing Minecraft videos.
So he really wrote himself into a corner with the Mario 64 LP.

Youkai Serious
The LP can't die yet- it can go back in time. But only once.
They assed first. I am only retaliating in an ass way. -The Dead Man's Life
 271 Marioguy 128, Sat, 23rd Oct '10 6:16:37 PM from various galaxies
Perhaps he's prepping something for his Super Mario 64 Let's Play, because he's using Mario in the Minecraft videos.
You got some dirt on you. Here's some more!
 272 nomuru2d, Sat, 23rd Oct '10 8:46:03 PM from Back in Inkster, MI Relationship Status: Longing for Dulcinea
That... would be an interesting move.
Long live Cinematech.

More Elemental Goddess "fun"!

edited 24th Oct '10 6:24:11 AM by BatDan

Wow. At least the crappy traced animations and the goofy non-story had its charm and was reminiscent of Sailor Moon in a way. Then the still image "animation" and the islamic fundamentalists entered the picture. Elemental Goddess really jumped the shark here.

Fractally long
Electrical Beast is so relaxing.
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