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Well that was ... boring. Sure, it's an LP of Mega Man, the most redundant thing in the world. But except for that, the LP is at worst So Okay, It's Average.

Here's something better. Chip & Ironicus make fun of one of the most overblown, idiotic review shows I've seen in a long time. You're talking about video games, you don't need all this!
 228 Goggle Fox, Wed, 25th Aug '10 12:50:20 PM from Acadia, yo.
Particularly in the first video... Okay. Look. You're reviewing Okami. Use more footage and actually edit it. You start off with video footage from a play-through very early in the game, you screw that up royally and don't edit it out, then you cut to a moment less than an hour later in the game to show off a brush-stroke.

Make your footage follow with what you're saying in your review.

Also Okami is not a "retro game" for fuck's sake.

edited 25th Aug '10 12:50:48 PM by GoggleFox

Sakamoto demands an explanation for this shit.
What a bunch of dorks. I'll get my game reviews from Gaming In The Clinton Years, thank you very much.

 230 Glowsquid, Wed, 25th Aug '10 1:33:50 PM from Alien Town
gets mad about videogames
When I heard the voice, I really though "hugh" was a woman.

They didn't even grab the footage themselves. Look in the bottom right, you can see the IGN logo right there! Ironic that they're playing the Wii version...
 232 Myrmidon, Thu, 26th Aug '10 8:03:41 AM from In Antartica
The Ant King

So it isn't much of a review. But wouldn't you be awed into an amazed silence by this game, too?
Kill all math nerds
 233 Ponicalica, Thu, 26th Aug '10 2:15:09 PM from facing Buttercup
"Yoshi's Eco Dome"
 234 Myrmidon, Thu, 26th Aug '10 2:21:58 PM from In Antartica
The Ant King
I love how reluctant he was to give even a single suggestion.
Kill all math nerds
 235 Ponicalica, Thu, 26th Aug '10 2:24:07 PM from facing Buttercup
Yeah. Change the world map, maybe?
 236 Videogamer 07, Thu, 26th Aug '10 4:16:49 PM from somewhere...
I don't know if I'm qualified to make judgments on the ROM hack, but...

  • Don't name the first "galaxy" Unknown.
  • Keep the old Mario sprites. The ones that replaced them just to me.
  • Perhaps implement some sort of Star gathering system to make it feel more like a Galaxy title. For example, instead of the ribbon at the end of a stage, it'd be a star, and touching it would end the level. Think something similar to the stars in that ROM hack Proton Jon was playing, shown here, at around 2:10.
  • More music from Galaxy. The music seems to be borrowed from SMB3 and maybe SMW.
  • And, of course, change the map to make it more space-like.
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Nothing interesting here, move along...
 237 Ponicalica, Thu, 26th Aug '10 7:36:18 PM from facing Buttercup
I believe that the replaced Mario sprites are from Yoshi's Island.

Also, notice how you replaced the sprite for the ? blocks when they're stationary but when you hit them they go to the old sprite? Don't do that.
 238 Marioguy 128, Sat, 28th Aug '10 5:38:09 PM from various galaxies
I can't belive people like that guy. That hack was boring and really mediocre.

edited 28th Aug '10 5:43:47 PM by Marioguy128

You got some dirt on you. Here's some more!
 239 Myrmidon, Tue, 28th Sep '10 3:14:31 AM from In Antartica
The Ant King
Kill all math nerds
 240 Marioguy 128, Tue, 28th Sep '10 5:25:08 AM from various galaxies
Did he steal jokes from The Spoony One?
You got some dirt on you. Here's some more!
He could've quoted Shakespeare for all I understand from all that incoherent mumbling.

Terrible. Just terrible.

 242 Ponicalica, Tue, 28th Sep '10 8:43:50 AM from facing Buttercup
I'd like a moratorium on jokes about "emo".

(You can still make fun of Neon Genesis Evangelion for having a shitty ending, though.)
Emo? Really? I mean, Tidus is many things, and quite a few of those are annoying, but I wouldn't classify him as "emo".

No idea, green guy!
The poor camcorder footage put me off.
I'm Curly!
 245 Goggle Fox, Thu, 30th Sep '10 10:04:38 AM from Acadia, yo.
Beforet: The original commenter's "jokes" are lifted straight from The Spoony Experiment, except they're from a whole bunch of different Final Fantasy reviews Spoony did, and the commenter both picked ones that weren't all that funny to begin with, and gave horrible delivery even of the ones that were worthwhile. (The "Emo" thing was from a somewhat more appropriate case where Spoony named Squall "Emo Git".)
Sakamoto demands an explanation for this shit.
 246 Videogamer 07, Thu, 30th Sep '10 2:52:39 PM from somewhere...
"Look at it!"

I can't, your footage is too poor to make an accurate analysis on Tidus.

Also, I don't recall him being emo. One could argue that his argument with Auron in Luca is him being emo, but I think his anger is at least somewhat justified. Plus, he gets over it after a while.
Troper page

Nothing interesting here, move along...
His daddy issues might count. Then again, "emo" is so overused it has lost all meaning anyway.

No idea, green guy!
Apparently even if our sadness and rage is justified or if we're not 1000% super duper happy, we're emos. whic probably means then that Cloud Strife in FF 7 is the most miserable fucker in the series, and given what the fandom like to exaggerate him into...
I'm Curly!
 249 Myrmidon, Sat, 2nd Oct '10 1:25:14 PM from In Antartica
The Ant King
I'd just like to see one negative review of FFX that didn't spend 75-90% of it's time whining about Tidus.
Kill all math nerds
New stuff from Chip and Ironicus.

The usual anime bashing by proxy of a boring cosplayer vlog

And ... what the fuck is this? Ah, right

edited 2nd Oct '10 10:41:19 PM by Ana

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