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Oral Interpretation (A TV show idea I had... care to help? I'd like supporting character ideas and episode ideas, please. And sorry if some stuff seems racist, it's not ; this is based on actual people I know, regardless of race.)

A group of five is put together in a remedial theatre class, and must grudgingly work together to pass it, even with their differences and distractions.


Claire - (The Hero) A smart southern girl who was put into the class because she needed the spot filled. Now, she takes control of her group and pushes them forward. She struggles in choosing between her budding friendship with the group and her friends in the Honors classes/popular clique.

Kenny - (The Smart Guy) Spacey, geeky, and insecure, Kenny was put into the class because of troubles with school districts and whatnot. He is laid-back and laughs at peoples’ jokes, but when he has an idea, he pushes through it. Has a lot of Ho Yay moments.

Anthony - (The Lancer) A confidant and loud boy who is not afraid to speak his mind. This trait frequently gets on other people’s nerves ; most of what he says are either roasts against his friends, personal questions,or hitting on a girl. He was raised in a wealthy black family, but tries to be ghetto. He is also a good artist.

Jesse - (The Big Guy) Self-proclaimed as “antisocial”, Jesse is actually a pretty nice guy. He is not very confidant with public speaking, but can whisper pretty witty things to his friends. He joined the class because he needed a fine arts credit to pass. He can only sing songs by Billy Joel. His middle name is James, as a joke by his parents. Jesse is part (non-practicing) Jewish and part German, which he finds ironic.

Brittney - (The Chick) Although she has a bad reputation, Brittney is a respectable girl who cares about her friends. She is mostly reserved, but will talk to people and snap if they take something too far. She and Morgan used to be friends but drifted apart over the years. She is taking the class because she didn’t sign up for enough. She is half-black and half-white.

Ms. Smith - The Oral Interpretation teacher who is inclined to nervous breakdowns. She is young and still is in a college coarse on teaching. She does not like to discipline, but the class is loud and does not pay attention. She is also engaged.


The Perfect Pilot - Claire goes to her first Oral Interpretation class, only to find that it’s full of thugs. Ms. Smith tries to control her class and almost has a meltdown. Kenny, who is in the same church youth group, gets to know Claire better, and Jesse and Anthony become friends. Brittney and Claire talk for the first time in a while.

The Perfect Group - Claire is put into a five-person group by Ms. Smith. This group is with Kenny, Jesse, Brittney, and Anthony. Their first assignment is to make a music video. However, Anthony doesn’t like the song choice of “Should’a Been A Cowboy” and is constantly hitting on an annoyed Brittney, Kenny doesn’t feel good about singing, and Jesse can only sing Billy Joel songs. However, they must pull it together if they want the A.

The Perfect Cup of Coffee - Kenny invites Jesse to the fitness center that his dad works at. Kenny explains that he doesn’t like coffee (which everyone else does), and Jesse calls an intervention with the other three about creating coffee that he would like. Meanwhile, Anthony gets roasted by a girl in improv, and tries to prove himself to be cooler than she thinks.

The Perfect Makeup - Claire tries to get a good costume for the costume party at the school, but soon becomes the only mortal when everyone becomes their costumes. She must fight against them to find a way to restore balance. (Obviously, this is a dream episode… or is it?)

The Perfect Uptown Girl - Kenny, Anthony, and Jesse all fall for the same girl, and upper-class woman who shows subtle interest in them all. They decide to compete fairly, each letting the other take his turn. Ms. Smith gets into a fight with her fiancé, and Claire helps them through it.

The Perfect Science Project - Kenny tries to make a science project that will beat all the others. Meanwhile, Anthony begins to sell his art, but Jesse feels left-out of his friend’s life.

The Perfect Religious Non-Sacrificial Bonfire - Claire and Kenny try to get people from the class and school to join their church’s youth group. However, they realize that no one there wants to go straight to a church event, so they organize a bonfire. Meanwhile, Jesse tries out for the football team.

The Perfect Fair Food - Jesse and Claire skip school to go to the fair, and end up in a scandalous accidental situation. Meanwhile, Anthony, Brittney, and Kenny go crazy without Claire to keep them under control, and Kenny takes up Jesse’s role of across-the-table-high-fives and insulting Anthony.

A few quote ideas:

Claire: “We were wondering if ya’ll would like to come to our youth group.” Anthony: “Man, I go to a ba-lack church.” Brittney: “Church… not really my thing…” Jesse: “I’m Jewish.”

(After Anthony says something out-there or inappropriate) Jesse: “Wide. Open.”

Anthony: “Here, I know how to talk to ghetto people.” (A ghetto guy walks by him) “Wuzzup, my man?” Guy: “Get away from me, man.” (Walks by Kenny and Jesse) “Wuzzup, guys? Nice swagga.”

Anthony: “Oh, you’re waiting until marriage ‘cause of the Bible.” Kenny: “Yeah…” Anthony: “I need to ask forgiveness for something I’mma do in about a year.”

Ms. Hankins: “Can anybody stay after class to help me pick up this trash?” Anthony: “I’m allergic to rappers.” Brittney: “Gotta catch my bus.” Jesse: “I’m Jewish.”

Anthony: “There.” (Hands a picture he drew of Brittney to her) Brittney: “Anthony, this is beautiful.” Kenny: “Oooh! Do me next!”

Jesse: “My middle name is James.” Anthony and Kenny: Jesse James!
  • High-fives around*

Youth Pastor: “What do you have to say for yourselves?” Anthony: “I didn’t do it.” Brittney: “Live and let learn?” Jesse: “I’m Jewish.”

Anthony: "I'll give it back if you say, 'Anthony is hot'." Brittney: "No! Give me my necklace back!" Anthony: "Say 'Anthony is hot'." Kenny: *Fed-up* "ANTHONY IS HOT! Now give the necklace over!"
  • Awkward silence ; Jesse scoots away a few inches*

Anthony: “Okay, gentlemen. There is only one fair way to deal with that girl… let the black guy at her!” Kenny: “That’s just as racist if we were to say, ‘Let the white guys at her’.” Anthony: “What’d you say to me, boy?!”

Kenny: “I don’t get how people like coffee.” Jesse: *Gasp* “We need an ambulance!”

Claire: “We’ve got cappuccinos, frap chinos, stuff straight from the bean. Black coffee, sugar coffee, and don’t forget caffeine.” Jesse: “Was that on purpose?” Claire: “Huh? Oh…”

Anthony: "You are just a couple of tacky gays, I bet. " Jesse: "Hey!" Kenny: "We are not tacky! Wait... oops..."

Jesse: "What's that?" Anthonty: *Pulls out a paper throwing star* "Ninja Star." *Throws it ; Ms. Smith is heard screaming*

Kenny: *On the phone with Jesse* "Wait, slow down... what's the tradgety? Allergic to pork? Well, you're Jewish, so... What do you mean, 'non-practicing'? Oh, I'll be there immediently... this is serious! A non-kosher man needs his pork!"

Jesse: "I can only sing songs by Billy Joel." Claire: "Are you really that bratty?" Jesse: "No, my vocal chords really won't let me sing anything else."

Kenny: (To Anthony) I don't get any because I don't want to. You don't get any because you can't."
  • Brittney and Kenny high-five across the table*

Jesse: "The treadmill was fun." Kenny: "Yeah, you looked good from where I was." (Pause) Jesse: "Let's pretend that you never said that..." Kenny: "Yeah..."

Ms. Smith: "A bad quallity is just a good quality done wrong." Anthony: "I don't understand what you just said, but I'm gonna charm me a lady."

So, character relationships ; Kenny is the Dogged Nice Guy to Claire, who at first sees him as a casual friend. Claire is mostly friendly with her old friend, Brittney. She respects Jesse, and is annoyed by Anthony. Kenny and Jesse are good friends, and share high-fives ; he thinks Anthony's funny but struggles with his urge to help a shorter, annoying boy who gets bullied VS. the urge to laugh. He's casual friends with Brittney, though it would be teased. Jesse is nice to most of them, but is absolutely brutal to Anthony (his Vitriolic Best Bud) to the point of abuse. Anthony hits on Brittney and Claire, but prefers Brittney (he'd rather "do" her). She is annoyed by and often is as brutal as Jesse ; however, she likes him when he shows his nicer, creative side.

Also thinking of adding to the class a Complete Monster, two cronies, a sane black guy so things don't look racist (XD) , a redneck hunter who secretly loves theatre, and a pretty girl who rescales alligators.

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remedial theatre class

That is one incredibly dedicated art school.

I would personally find it more believable if they all thought that theater would be an easy A for humanities credit, and were assigned to a group by the actual teacher once the class actually started.

The Oral Interpretation teacher who is inclined to nervous breakdowns. She is young and still is in a college course on teaching.

Not possible. There is an assistant teacher program designed to weed out most of the nervous breakdown types or have them develop better composure, like an apprenticeship, and no one would hire a person still taking classes on how to do their job for a full-time contract.

Otherwise, this is a pretty good start.

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I note that by apologizing in advance for any accidental racism you make everyone look for Unfortunate Implications much more closely.
I'm feeling strangely happy now, contented and serene. Oh don't you see, finally I'll be, somewhere that's green...
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I know... But it's not a race thing. But... Unfortunate Implications aren't nessecerallly... racist... They seem that way.

"Jesus is always the answer."
- People who drift off in Sunday School.
I think Rule of Funny excuses a lot here, Leradny.
Oh, is this a comedy? I assumed it was a drama, must have missed the genre.
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It's supposed to be a comedy. But with dramatic moments. Like Scrubs .
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- People who drift off in Sunday School.
Oh, you didn't put that in your original post so I was kind of. Uh. Assuming drama.

But just because it's comedy doesn't mean you should slack off on doing research despite that being the common trend.
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But, by school, I meant more like she's going for extra, not required, knowledge.

And, as for the nervous breakdowns, you haven't seen my teachers.

I'm actually in a "Theatre for Dummies" class, if you will.
"Jesus is always the answer."
- People who drift off in Sunday School.
Well, having a presumably full-time teaching job as well as going for supplementary courses must not be helping her breakdowns at all with the time and effort she needs to expend. Milk that for all the tragicomedy it's worth.
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And her engagement.

Out of the five main students, any plot/character ideas?

I thought of a particularly dark one ; Kenny or Claire, both strong, abstinent Christians, loose their virginity.

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"Jesus is always the answer."
- People who drift off in Sunday School.
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Kenny and Jesse rap "White N' Nerdy".

Jesse can rap, because unlike singing, anyone can rap. XD (Take That!)

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"Jesus is always the answer."
- People who drift off in Sunday School.
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