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Tower Defense Games!:

 1 GG Crono, Wed, 3rd Nov '10 8:59:24 AM from Waterbury, Connecticut
The Torterra Moves!
Let's not mince words. I just love Tower Defense games, but also, I am rather picky about them. Some of my favorites are:

What about you guys?

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I have a love hate relationship with these games. There are generally only a few I like, like Protector, Gemcraft, and the before mentioned Cursed Treasure.

But damn, those three are addicting!
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I remember someone was arguing that Knights in the Nightmare was actually a tower defense game in disguise
 4 Blueeyedrat, Wed, 3rd Nov '10 11:31:48 AM from nowhere in particular. Relationship Status: Mu
Y'know, I always did have a TD game in my cache of ideas... tech tree, mobile units, elemental upgrades... perhaps someday.
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 5 GG Crono, Wed, 3rd Nov '10 10:41:04 PM from Waterbury, Connecticut
The Torterra Moves!
I played Knights in the Nightmare, and yeah, it did have some TD elements. But overall, the game didn't really click with me. It was kinda weird.
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 6 Pykrete, Wed, 3rd Nov '10 10:51:12 PM from Viridian Forest

Does not like Tower Defense.

 7 Magus, Wed, 3rd Nov '10 11:10:23 PM from West Clownadelphia
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I loved Cursed Treasure until I got to the point where I couldn't win without replaying older levels. Now I can't even start playing again.

I really enjoy Plants Vs. Zombies, though.
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 8 GG Crono, Tue, 21st Feb '12 9:29:41 PM from Waterbury, Connecticut
The Torterra Moves!
I was gonna make a new thread, but then I found that this one still existed, for some reason. Soo... necro-bump! Because I've played two of these what are neat recently.

Kingdom Rush is one of these! Very challenging.

Defender's Quest is the other, a TD with RPG Elements. Technically, the flash version is just a demo, but after playing it, I went and bought the full version. It's lots of fun.

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 9 Rocket Dude, Tue, 21st Feb '12 10:00:27 PM from AZ, United States
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I love Monday Night Combat, Sanctum and Iron Grip: Warlord, which all combine FPS gameplay with TD elements.
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Kingdom Rush is my favorite TD at the moment.

Knights in the Nightmare could be loosely described as a TD where the towers can move and you have to navigate through bullet hell to make a tower work in the first place. And we haven't gotten to changing the phase yet.

 11 Narmer, Tue, 21st Feb '12 11:21:03 PM from some state in Mexico.
I really enjoyed Dungeon Defenders and I recommend it for anyone who likes TD games.

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 12 Journeyman, Wed, 22nd Feb '12 6:47:47 AM from Here and there.
It's the Over Lord!
Agreed about Dungeon Defenders. I still play that from time to time. I beat it on medium, and am still working on hard mode.
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Dungeon Defenders is great. Just stay the hell away from the community forums.
 14 Blueeyedrat, Wed, 22nd Feb '12 3:02:28 PM from nowhere in particular. Relationship Status: Mu
Defense Grid is rather fun.
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 15 Journeyman, Wed, 22nd Feb '12 3:14:12 PM from Here and there.
It's the Over Lord!
[up][up]Stay the Hell away from ALL video game community forums whatsoever, don't you mean?
When the hammer falls and your world shatters, I'll be there to cut the handle and pick up your pieces.
 16 Hunter 1, Wed, 22nd Feb '12 4:42:12 PM from The New Eden Galaxy
The Guy in the Capsule
[up]Actually, it depends on the community. Some are the "avoid entirely" type, some are the "avoid subforum X, but everything else is okay" type, and some are the "it gets so little traffic that a single post a week is considered highly active" type. Speaking of that last type...

If you've got an iOS Device, I would suggest the Sentinal games by Origin8. If you've got a Droid device, or a Mac running a new enough version of OS X, then you're limited to Sentinal 3: Homeworld (which is the best of the series, in my opinion), and if you use Windows, you're just plain out of luck. And yes, Origin8's forums are best described as... "quiet".

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Dungeon Defenders was great when it worked, but a hell of a lot of people including me and about 1/3rd of the friends that tried it all experienced countless problems with connection errors to their servers.

Burbenog, a Warcraft3 mod, is still one of the highest-quality T Ds ever made.

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 18 Karkadinn, Fri, 6th Dec '13 8:59:15 AM from New Orleans, Louisiana
A lot of the most innovative T Ds are, sadly, still 'just' mods for Warcraft 3, rather than actual separate game products. Burbenog is excellent, but only if you have friends or don't mind waiting on pickup groups - it is NOT a game you can solo. It's basically elemental Rock Paper Scissors, only with more elements, and a good overlapping composition is required to succeed.

For other mods, Element TD and Skibi are still great, too. Skibi is the only one of the three that utilizes mazing. Element is solo, Skibi is sort of almost soloable but not quite.

For a 'real game' that hasn't been mentioned yet, I'd recommend Go Home Dinosaurs. It has some unique tower placement mechanics, and although it starts out easy and looks childish, a lot of the later levels are surprisingly challenging. You only build a small amount of towers, but your towers are highly distinguished from each other, and the levels end up feeling like jigsaw puzzles where you try to cram pieces in till they fit 'just right.'

I tried to get into Dungeon Defenders, but the mechanics felt clunky and obtuse, and I really got sick of seeing all that DLC. Orcs Must Die is basically what I'd consider an essentially perfect take of the same fusion genre as DD.
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