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Figured a thread for the nightmare fuel station that is Marble Hornets could be a good idea.

Now, I just came back from an Archive Binge of this Youtube series and... well, I'm immensely impressed and fairly scared at the same time.
2 Latia17th Jan 2010 03:37:03 PM from The Bottom of Texas
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Seconded. Secondedsecondedseconded.

This is truely the scariest thing I have seen since...since ever. It's quite brilliant in it's subtly, style, and atmosphere.

Unfortnately, I am now having difficulty sleeping. So it goes.

(Ps. Those in need of a little Relax-o-Vision from thsi series, I find this works pretty effectively.
3 Jumpingzombie29th Jan 2010 10:51:30 AM from a hill in Washington
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Agreed, this is one series in a long while that has managed to creep me out quite thoroughly.

So I just finished watch Entry #23 and J's freaked out enough that he doesn't want anything to do with the house OR the tapes. A lot of people are calling end game, but I'm doubting this. I mean he's already stirred up Slenderman, and I have a feeling that Masky is not going to let him get away that easily. It feels too incomplete :/. Then again, that's just my opinion. Hopefully, if totheark responds, may he'll supply useful info or something.
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There's another episode? I'm all alone now. I don't want to watch it, I don't want to watch it... ah screw it, I'll watch it.  * And... oh my. It strikes me as funny that I actually got freaked out at the first sign of glitchy video. Good thing I didn't see this before my bried entries into video editing. Also: I can see how that could be the end, since we got the money shot of Slendry and all, but it doesn't quite feel like a finished story yet. I realize a bit of that comes from the bits 'n pieces nature of the whole thing, but I for one would be slightly dissapointed if it ended in such a manner.

Also, I'm thinking about Mask-guy / totheark? I can't really decide if I think he's a bad guy or just creepy. It's fully possible that he's either working against the Slender man, whom I'm fully convinced is evil or of such Blue and Orange Morality that it becomes pointless to discuss, or if he's a "pilot fish" of sorts. Then again, I could be missing something.

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5 Jumpingzombie29th Jan 2010 05:02:33 PM from a hill in Washington
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:P I watched it in the daytime, clutching my cat to me and it was still creepy. It really doesn't help having a sliding glass door looking out at all the splindely tree in the backyard.

Maybe it is end game, but just for J's piece of Marble Hornets. I think if that's the case, someone else, in a spin off/sequel/something, might just pick up the pieces where he left off. Like I said before: very end game feeling Entry, but waaay too many loose threads. Though my other guess is in the next totheark video (if it happens) he's gonna call J out for being a wimp nugget, and probably antagonize him more, in order to make J go on in his investigations.

I have two theories on Masky. 1. He's a badguy, who's after Slenderman for some reason. He's using J as bait because SM has been stalking him, and he's the perfect target. 2. He's actually trying to help (he may even be someone J knows like Tim, who I still feel is hiding something/up to no good). The only problem is he's so crazy his efforts look like antagonistic attacks.

I'm with you on Slenderman, though I think he might be more Blue And Orange Morality than just all out evil. That actually makes him ten times more creepy (at least for me) because his moral code is so different from our own that has him give off so many vibes of wrong.

tldr: hope it's not end game, Maskguy's an unpredictable creep, and Slenderman is a supernatural creep.
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Entry 24 is coming tonight, according to his twitter.

...........dear god i'm scared

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Yay... wait, what am I saying? This is terrifying. Can't really decide between dread or anticipation, that's Marble Hornets for ya.

EDIT: Alright, J goes Paranormal Activity on himself here. Guy's got a lot of cameras set up, apparently. Wasn't all that chilling until the end. Not only did J disappear for two hours, but he also exited the bedroom without entering the next room :o

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8 Jumpingzombie17th Feb 2010 03:13:38 PM from a hill in Washington
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I wonder if J's random teleportation has anything to do with the Masked Man's sudden appearance into his room in Entry 19. If it does, than it's been going on for awhile and could explain a few things.
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9 TheAtroxious20th Feb 2010 12:04:36 AM from Chicago, Illinois
Honestly, I would not be half surprised if Masky was teleporting into J's room. Funny thing is, people who suggested that back then were called out for making up wild theories.
New entry everyone and... well, things just got cryptic. Either totheark is messing around with J's channel, of J himself... well.
Man I'm totally closing these blinds that are right behind me after watching that x.x
12 InsanityAddict7th Mar 2010 04:40:03 AM from Out of the Left Field
Translation mostly taken from a Youtube comment, but I believe I figured out the line he was missing:

We will wait for you no more. Control is being taken away from you. From the start, it's been a game for us. Not anymore. I'm coming for you. And you will lead me totheark.

But what does he mean by 'us'? Masky is working together, but with whom?
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13 Jumpingzombie7th Mar 2010 11:53:26 AM from a hill in Washington
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^ If you look at the "Warning" video posted by totheark, there seems to be more than one masked guy shown (it's theorized that one is Alex, the other Tim). That's probably the "us" that's being referred to.

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"JZ doesn't like romance flicks. She likes bloodthirsty carnage." - Imipolex G
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Entry 25 tonight, guys.

So, placing bets: Breather Episode, Creepy Wham Episode, or HOLY MOTHER OF GOD WHAT THE HELL WHAT THE HELL Episode?
Archive Binge'd this. Including the new Entry #25.

It's a breather episode. Albeit one that raises new questions and shows that someone wants a piece of J.

As for the rest of the series...Wow. Atmosphere out the wazoo. And very clever way of visually representing Alien Geometries on a shoestring budget.

Also, my crazy spaz theory time: Remember the footage where Krailer is talking about how the others are "gone"? I suspect that was made shortly before the footage where he's bloodied up and staring off into nothing. God knows what happened between those two parts and if it has anything to do with the bloody sink, though.
Also, horrifying:

Yeah, a breather episode. Of course, the breath isn't too deep, this IS marble hornets we're talking about. Oh, and fans of Slendy's misadventures and the poor mortals that tries to comprehend him should check out the Just Another Fool mini ARG/supplemental material. It kind of spins into yet another mini-storyline, I think, but I'm not 100% sure on that.
So, is this going to turn out "he never left that apartment after all?" Or did J set that fire before he left? Is it going to turn out that Slenderman or totheark(s) have been editing/authoring this series from the start?

I wonder if this series is actually a Stealth Parody of first-person horror movies.

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Personally, I'm not that impressed, some of the tropes used are just too common easy scare tactics (like the filters, distortion, shooting in the dark), and the whole horror movie logic of investigating that abandoned house on your own, at night, and not claling the cops TWICE (and stealing the pills and shelll casing).
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In Entry# 24, did anyone else noticed Slenderīs head popping up in one of the screens? Also, Entry #25, a theory someone had was that Alex caused the fire. Remember: "Burn the tapes"?

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23 Latia18th Apr 2010 06:34:54 PM from The Bottom of Texas
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Welp, today's "41810", and according to J's Twitter he's on the move. Who's betting that it goes horribly wrong?
24 Vairia18th Apr 2010 06:51:34 PM from The Ahemmusa Tribe
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Go look at Marble Hornet's twitter page. (This is an alternate reality game, for those of you who don't know. I'll let you look that one up for yourself). And then go look at Slendyhunter's twitter. I'm just /waiting/ for something absolutely horrible to happen while I go over some of the older tapes.
25 Latia18th Apr 2010 06:58:04 PM from The Bottom of Texas
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J's Twitter username is Marble Hornets.

Also, Twitter's telling me that Slendy Hunter doesn't exist there.

edit: Oh, there it is. Cursed "_".

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