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That girl I like is a troper!
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That girl I like is a troper! :

God rules!
That's why she hasn't talked to be recently ; she saw an entry I wrote about liking her on Troper Tales, and was squicked out by it. (It wasn't THAT weird!)

Although, sorry, but if you are a Closeted Geek that reads TV Tropes, you're more attractive to me now. So, fail. :-P

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"Jesus is always the answer." - People who drift off in Sunday School.
 2 Geth Knight, Sat, 16th Oct '10 8:24:15 PM from St.Charles, Missouri Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Should just ask her.
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God rules!

That would be easy and reasonable.

No, I need things for an all-night stakeout. And a buddy... we can jam out while we're camping.

(If you're reading this, don't sue me, it's a joke!)
"Jesus is always the answer." - People who drift off in Sunday School.
 4 Nightwire, Sat, 16th Oct '10 8:31:56 PM Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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Weird, I was thinking the same thing about the girl I have a crush on...
You see, I used to be an awkward nerd just like you, then I became Electro.
If anybody that I ever like is a troper, I'd probably either squee like crazy and be really excited, or run, depending on which troper. In some cases, probably both.
God rules!
XD "What was that you wrote about me in Stalker with a Crush ?!"
"Jesus is always the answer." - People who drift off in Sunday School.
 7 thespacephantom, Wed, 10th Nov '10 4:42:05 PM from white-hot pathos, a desecrated symphony
name's the same
If I'd try to introduce my friends to TV Tropes the way I tried to introduce them to RP Gs via Stick Guy, the result would be that they'd lose interest and only put up with it because they're my friends.
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 8 Hungry Joe, Wed, 10th Nov '10 6:29:41 PM from Under the Tree
Wait, why would you jam during a stakeout? That would just draw attention to yourself.
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^ Exactly.

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 10 Hungry Joe, Fri, 12th Nov '10 4:42:34 AM from Under the Tree
And jam during a steakout is just disgusting.
Charlie Tunoku is a lover and a fighter.
 11 Angry Scientist, Wed, 17th Nov '10 12:26:34 AM from Russia with Love
The girl I like is a troper.

 12 Hungry Joe, Wed, 17th Nov '10 12:18:06 PM from Under the Tree
wild mass guessThe troper he likes is a girl.wild mass guess
Charlie Tunoku is a lover and a fighter.
 13 Nomic, Fri, 19th Nov '10 12:04:34 PM from beyond the Void
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I introduced the girl I like to this site, and she knows my username (since I showed her some of the stuff I've draw that I have linked here), but thankfully I don't think she reads the forums.

As a (girl) troper, I know if a guy mentioned that in a date I'd be way more interested in a second.
I mentioned TV Tropes to a friend once and he didn't really care. But sometimes when I'm walking around I think "Are there any tropers around here?"

I think my husband better be a troper, or else what would we talk about?

 17 frog 753, Fri, 10th Dec '10 7:35:52 PM from CT and/or MA
I think a girl I like (liked?) is a troper. I've seen her use the phrases "historical villain upgrade" and "crazy awesome" in writing, and I heard her say "squick" once...

I know she's not a forumite, though. Probably doesn't even have an account. I never got the courage up to ask her, and it'll be a while before I see her again...
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If you want to scout out the Tropers, I think you kinda have to pull out the big-name tropes. If you heard someone say Magnificent Bastard or Deadpan Snarker would you less it pass without remark? On the other hand, stuff like Meganekko or Large Ham feel less tropey, more ordinary. You're not totally sure. You don't ask because you don't want to break up the conversation's pace, but you may never know.
How did she know it was you?

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