An attempt at a Sci-Fi style Superhero-ish comic:

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So I have begun to plan out my comic that i have been working on for quite a while now. I was hoping to take a mix of sci-fi, humour, and action and blend it into the perfect cross between marvels detail and mangas/animes artstyle. I have found it deeply irritating to attempt to create a new and original superhero story that hasnt been done a million times over. Its very vague right now, but my plans so far go:

An alien race (Kilemsh) that live on a planet (Shukalay) struggles for survive as their once lavish and lustrous planet is dying. It is slowly wearing away. Tribal clans fight for survival and kill for resources. In a battle to keep their dying race alive, the high council meets together. During this meeting, the high elder announces of an artifact lost on planet Earth from a transporter ship thousands of years ago that crashed in the dunes of far egypt. They gather 5 volunteers to send to earth to recover the artifact. Two are Shuunkala and his brother Ishku (main character). They venture towards earth. Upon hitting our atmosphere, a fighter jet shoots it down in the mountains of Arizona. Ishku is the only one to survive. He stumbles upon a city (pheonix).

From that point on, im having a very hard time piecing together the rest. I have an idea that Ishku stumbles upon his brother, who has gone rogue and is killing humans (the high council made a pact not to kill humans) so that he can recover the artifact for his own being, he would use it to become nearly invincible and gain unimaginable powers. But that seems WAAAAAAAAY to over used to me, and as i said, i want this to be NEW and CREATIVE. So can anyone help me piece together this puzzle? Thanks to any and all who can help :)
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