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26 Tzetze25th Nov 2009 05:01:38 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
You're applying for FAFSA, right?
27 Tangent12825th Nov 2009 05:04:36 PM from Virginia , Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
I attend LeTourneau University, CSGD major.

I hear a few horror stories about some CS1 sections having to use Matlab, but past that the language varies from class to class, even with the same teacher- my Network assignments were in Java, while the same teacher's Graphics assignments are in C/C++; last semester, I had Operating Systems with him, where it was plain C only.

In Databases, we were allowed to use anything we liked- PHP, Python, Access (shudder)...

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28 TsundeRay25th Nov 2009 05:05:20 PM from Santa Clara, California
I wish we had courses where we could use any compiled language.

Oh well, there's always TopCoder.
@Tzetze: Yeah. But by then it'll be too late to apply to other colleges...I should, but I don't even have the money to pay more application fees...
30 Kinkajou25th Nov 2009 05:06:19 PM from you're not your
One Man Army
You know what makes our Database course hard?

The fact that you have to build the DB in SQL, and you have to connect it to a GUI, mostly made in Java  *
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31 KylerThatch25th Nov 2009 05:07:20 PM , Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
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At the risk of sounding like an ignoramus: no, I still have no blinkin' idea where you go to, Kinkajou.

Also, around here, Computer Science courses aren't based on any one language, as far as I can tell. I think the principle behind it is that you should know what languages are out there and what their strengths are (this is covered in CS 150, if I recall), and that you're perfectly capable of learning a language on your own, at least enough to get basic stuff done.
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32 Kinkajou25th Nov 2009 05:10:31 PM from you're not your
One Man Army
"Wait, it's IV. Of course they are. They'd make IV for Dreamcast." - Enlong, on yet another FFIV remake
33 AFGNCAAP25th Nov 2009 08:39:47 PM from Great Underground Empire
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I go to [REDACTED]—nothing at all to boast about.I have a hard time understanding why people from Berkeley and other super difficult places would even give me the time of day, but that's not about them, but about me harboring harmful elitism that I thought I'd gotten rid of.sad
34 lee4hmz25th Nov 2009 09:45:21 PM from Giant Not-A-Base
Lurks too much
Not to derail this thread further, but I just wanted to say: UGH ACCESS. Even SQ Lite is better than Access.
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I'm 26 years old and have never taken more than two college classes. I have absolutely no idea what I'd want to pursue and I have a mortal fear of committing to anything time-consuming unless worthwhile results are absolutely guaranteed. I have too many friends and family who pissed away four to six years of their lives earning a degree only to end up mopping grocery store floors.

But at the same time, I feel like a completely worthless loser for never even trying and that I might be missing a fun and fulfilling experience. I'm just not sure that experience is worth all the time, debt, and stress.

The only passions I have at all are biology and art, neither of which are practical careers and I could never possibly pass the math and chemistry part of a science course. I might tackle college if I could take a course 100% online that wasn't a scam.

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My school is awesome and you should all apply/transfer OH WAIT GIRLS ONLY AHAHA.

I might major in biology. We'll see.
37 DreamingApe26th Nov 2009 07:07:46 AM from Alkmaar, The Netherlands
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Allright, 28 year old "eternal student" here. I'm gonna tell you a cautionary tale about trying to become a public librarian in a world where everyone seems to think they can "serg gud!".

you're screwed son.

Since libraries aren't sexy anymore, the courses are focussing on the business part of being an information broker. Expect a lot of talks about information audits, synergy, information sharing and a lot of mumbo jumbo about blogs, web 2.0. and other stuff. In general: make money from people who think that they can't "serg gud!".

You're basically told that everyone is a College Educated White male in his mid twenties who is a god with google, has all the time in the world to triple check his sources and simply doesn't need you anymore. One prof will probably tell you about the existence of the 'deep web', but will also pretty much tell you that only true professionals care about that.

You fellow students are nice and great to be around (if you ever see them, classes are schedulced once in a blue moon), but you will notice that in the end only 4 of them will be left. The rest have moved on to greener pastures (other media studies with more sexyness!). I started this study with 16 people, by the second year 8 were left. There's 2400 students coming in each year in the faculty, on average 15 choose this area of expertise, as a result you ALWAYS feel like you're the puppy to be kicked when budget cuts are announced.

The end of the stoy: you pay a lot of money and you are ill-prepared for library work.

I'm bitter, can you tell?
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I spent my entire life relying on my talent alone to succeed in class. I did never study for more than 30 minutes for anything (in an entire month, typically the night before each exam) and thusly I never learned how to really study.

I'm trying my dammest in College, but I get insanely polarizing grades. In my bad courses I get like, 30 / 100 and in my good ones I get 100/ 100.

I miss High School.

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39 Tangent12827th Nov 2009 11:04:43 PM from Virginia , Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
@lee: The first two Database assignments were all Access, actually- after that, there was somewhat of a Player Revolt. (A little hyperbolic... it went more like, "You don't like Access? Well, you're welcome to use another system, I just thought it'd be easier...")

And SQLite's awesome, what are you saying? tongue

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40 lee4hmz27th Nov 2009 11:17:23 PM from Giant Not-A-Base
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Tangent: Oh, it is awesome, but it's also not quite as flexible as a full-fledged server. Then again, for most of the things I use it for, it doesn't need to be.

Jet, however, needs to die in a fire, and last I checked Microsoft agrees (though they'd rather you use SQL Server Express, which is like trying to kill a fly with a steamroller).
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@ Scythe: Try community college?
^What she said.

As a note, from what I know, every college has a set of general studies classes that you have to take, regardless of your major. You can get away with about two years worth of college only taking them and some electives. This gives you plenty of time to figure out what you're good at and what you want to major in.

And who says there aren't practical careers in biology?

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Man college is getting to me. I've started out with a business major, and for the last two years mostly took business classes and GE Rs. And found out I hate business. I hate all the math involved, and the whole mindset that seems to go along with business school. I can't wrap my head around the whole arbitrary professionalism and ass-covering inherent in it all, you know?

Even my parents, the people who urged me to take up this major are telling me to rethink things. Probably because my grades have suffered from it. Okay, but what? Change my major to German the only class I enjoy? No, I'm not good enough at that to major in it! English, the major everyone in real life thinks I would be great for? I don't think I can subject myself to so much True Art and meaningless essays  *. Plus what do you do with a BA in English?

I dunno what to do and it's starting to get to me.

44 blackcat28th Nov 2009 07:05:05 AM , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
I realize that this is not the prevailing attitude about the purpose of college but I gotta say it anyways. The purpose of college is an education.

If you want job training go to a technical college.

A degree, regardless of what it is in, shows a potential employer that you have enough self discipline to finish a project. Presumably it also indicates that you have a decent-ish vocabulary, that you know how to write an email without using leet, and that you can speak in front of a group without peeing yourself.
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45 Tzetze28th Nov 2009 12:29:22 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
I wish that colleges would put some useful information in their spam. I don't fucking care what your campus looks like, or that you're "diverse", or that you made up some creed that's the same as all the others'! What kind of programs do you have?!

I'm also suddenly annoyed at myself for having shitty grades, because I won't be able to go to a really nice school.
The prestigious colleges aren't always the best, anyway. Especially when you have professors who aren't really there to teach.
Also, you get a nice sense of politics attending a public university.
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48 Tzetze28th Nov 2009 12:52:52 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
I'd rather go to Berkeley than to my state's colleges, probably.
...Berkeley is a state college, unless you're referring to something else.
"I have run 10 miles a day, every day, for 18 years. That's 65,000 miles. A third of the way to the moon. My goal is to run to the moon."
50 Tzetze28th Nov 2009 12:56:19 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
It's not my state's college, and it's probably better than mine.

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