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I find the idea that Kyon has Hinamizawa syndrome to be really, really unlikely. He's been really stressed out before and actually got stabbed in 'Disappearance', and never went nuts. If he were a carrier, I can't see the Hinamizawa crowd letting him out without at the very least making him aware of it.
I read the last chapter again and I noticed a couple of things:

Safe-Mode!Haruhi seems to have some kind of enhanced inteligence as Required Secondary Powers, which makes a lot of sense for a Reality Warper to have if they don't want to depend on something like a Reset Button all the time. She was capable of anticipating Yuki's actions at their disappearance (that sounded more like actual knowledge than mere genre savviness, especially after she revealed her cognizance about Skynet's latest Force Field), predicting Kyon's thoughts during the conversation better than usual (except, of course, his blind spot), devising very sensible courses of action (like updating her link with Yuki or increasing the powers of waking!Haruhi) and programming said changes while she carried a conversation with Kyon (IIRC, she learned Rapid-Fire Typing just before doing that). Furthermore, she also said she wasn't entirely clear on why she couldn't read his thoughts, implying some awareness on the specifics of the changes she made (that also implies that she actually tried to read his mind). And the best part is that even if this is true, the story is still averting hard tropes like Story-Breaker Power, A God Am I or Boring Invincible Hero.

It seems that Kanae can teleport herself to the position of a person that she knows, yet she couldn't teleport to Haruhi's new pocket dimension (at least for now). That would suggest that she has some kind of specialized remote viewing to determine her destination point as her Required Secondary Powers. I believe this was discussed in several other stories, for example in Zettai Karen Children called it "hyperspace recognition" or something like that. That would explain why Kanae met with Kyon in almost every world she slid into, she simply was using his presence as a beacon.

The next chapter is going to be called "The Stock Footage", so likely it will involve Time Travel (that or it's going to be a Recap Episode). IIRC, there are two open time loops left to close, Kyon's shooting and Sasaki's rescue, but both of them involve Fujiwara in some way, so it's possible that they are going to be resolved together. That would be the cue to Asakura's real debut in the story.

I had a WMG about Yamane from the time Kyon got Skynet. I don't remember whether I posted here or not, in either case here it goes:

Yuki deducted that the "crazy Asakura bits" was some sort of support function designed to assist Asakura but it was corrupted and Yamane was brainwashed by them, making him obsessive with Asakura and revenge. Yuki also said that Kyon can not be influenced by the remnants like Yamane or even herself (now that I'm paying attention, Kyon's Psychic Block Defense was hinted much earlier than I thought).

What if the original purpose of the program was not so different from the unintended result? What if the program was a Hypno Trinket to keep certain influential factor in Haruhi's life under control? Taking into account Yamane obsession with Asakura, maybe the program was some kind of Love Potion or the first step in a More Than Mind Control scheme.

It would be a lot of sense for Asakura and her faction to do that, especially if they were losing ground to Yuki's faction. Kyon under Asakura's control would result in several benefits: He can be used to provoke any number of reactions from Haruhi or to inhibit undesired outcomes; He can not be "removed" by another faction because of his importance to Haruhi and his involvement with time loops; They can gain leverage over Yuki, an agent of other faction, due to his personal importance to her; Asakura can not be removed from Kyon's side if he is in love with her and the Mind Control itself can not be removed by nothing short of another Interface and Yuki was stuck in "Only Observational Purposes" at that time.

That would explain why Asakura's dialogue with Kyon was so similar to a Love Confession just before revealing her identity as a alien. Killing Kyon was actually the Plan B and Asakura only began hostilities after the Mind Control was proved ineffective due to his Psychic Block Defense.

Now that I think about, I believe Shamisen suggested just that to Yuki in the amateur movie from the first episode. (that scene where Yuki said "It was ventriloquism").

Another long post, but I have an excuse this time. Originally I intended to write only about the next chapter, but some problem with the connection to the server keep me from posting it. In the meantime I started to think about what else I might add, One Thing Led to Another, and this is the result.

No more WMG for me for a while. Until next Friday.

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K: I have an idea, but I'm not sure how safe it is.
S: I like it already!
Why would she choose that piece of clothing, though?

It's possible to survive away from Hinamizawa without the syndrome developing. Shion, for instance, went to school away from it. And I think her mother lived outside of the village.

As for why it wasn't triggered after being stabbed, of all things... he was healed, remember? That could have helped.

As for why it hasn't done anything in K:BDH: Power of Friendship. The closest Kyon's ever come to complete breakdown in either? Beginning of Disappearance, before finding out that there was a chance to get things back to 'normal'.
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Blah. So much Higurashi stuff... I've never seen it so I have nothing to contribute.
I haven't seen Higurashi either, but I spent some time on the wiki and read through the various arcs and plot summaries. It seems like Hinamizawa syndrome triggers freak-outs on a lot less than what Kyon's been through. I mean, the start of Disappearance would probably put a completely normal person through a nervous breakdown. Not to mention getting stabbed, or even just being attacked by Asakura in Melancholy. Kyon didn't have any idea what was going on at that point.

I don't see Kyon having Hinamizawa syndrome. It doesn't really explain anything, and requires lots of rationalizing to even make it a possibility. Honestly I think you're just grasping at straws to find tragedy.
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What was the name of the Hinamizawa Syndrome's real cure, again? Not the "Crazy Medicine", mind you; I believe someone here said that there was another one developed.
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A lot of rationalising? Err... he's spent plenty of time in Hinamizawa. If that's not grounds for contracting HS, nothing is.

C-120 - counters the effects of Levels 3-5, basically. But it's only short-term.

C-117 - vaccine.

C-103 - just another version of C-120.

Someone did ask if there was anything supernatural that Keichii and Kyon shared. I replied. I'm not looking for tragedy - well, not HS tragedy, there's enough of that in Higurashi. Besides, Power of Friendship > Hinamizawa Syndrome.

C-120 shot was able to give immunization to anyone who enters the village and, to some extent, surpress symptoms in advanced stages of the disease.

That's from the HS page but it's rather poorly worded. I guess it's talking about the two different types.

Hmm... I wonder if HS can be passed on in utero?

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@Specular: Well, Durandall said at the end of the chapter that we've already read half of the Stock Footage Chapter. My bet's on Recap Episode, but not in the typical way. It's simply going to show the events from the future part of the prologue again. And provide a conclusion for them, since he said "half".
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Hey, maybe Kyon's near-perpetually snarky mentality inhibited the syndrome's emergence!
Where there is Distress, therein lies a Story. Where there is a Story, therein lies a Will. Where there is a Will, therein lies a Soul.
Not to mention that some people have more resistance to some diseases than others. Even something like HIV and we all know what that does. Given how small Hinamizawa is, it's not going to be that surprising that it appears to affect everyone. Even though it didn't for most people, despite the dam project and general agitation then. They have it, that's for sure, but it didn't do that much. Not even for Teppei, after his wife died.

Just because it can be triggered doesn't necessarily mean it will be, right?

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I maintain he wouldn't have been let out of the village if he'd contracted it. The fact that he's spent so much time coming and going from Hinamizawa and never got pulled over to Irie's clinic (or whatever institution is available in modern Hinamizawa) for testing to see if he's syndrome-positive, at the very least, says the syndrome is probably eradicated at this point.

Besides, even if he did get it at some point in the past, Yuki would have noticed the strange parasites hurting her primary protection target/boyfriend and removed the undesirables. That would have happened very early on in the Haruhi series, so that might leave some ground to stand on... except we would have heard about it again in the visit to Higurashi when Yuki undoubtedly would have recognized the parasites again in the local environment.

I think it's pretty safe to say that Hinamizawa Syndrome is a non-issue in K:BDH.

(although now I want to go write an Endless Eight version of Higurashi that has the lost loops where everyone goes crazy and murders everyone else... I already did the one where Yuki spent a scene almost offing Haruhi. Durandall liked it. The Breakdown of Yuki Nagato ^_^)

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That sounds messy. 7000 words?

Given that it could be rendered harmless two decades before the start of the story, I'd have been surprised if it hadn't been dealt with.

I'd guess that Rika still has it, though.

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Why Rika?

[up][up] Unless, of course, the WMG about the Syndrome being actually "data entity"-based at its root is true, and and the entities in question are of such a nature that it's almost impossible to detect by the IDSE / SCD and their interfaces / constructs while dormant unless you what to look for.

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Where there is Distress, therein lies a Story. Where there is a Story, therein lies a Will. Where there is a Will, therein lies a Soul.
Queen Carrier. As little effect as that may have on the populace, given that only Rika (and possibly Matsuri) would have that version of the syndrome and that it seems to have minor beneficial effects in regard to suppressing it in others  *, it's probably best not to tamper.

That could actually be amusing. Wait... Hinamizawa Syndrome is possibly linked to Oyashiro-sama, AKA Hanyuu, and Hanyuu is a data ghost... god... moe... thing, so it does make a measure of sense.

Hmm... I wonder if Koizumi could tell Hanyuu was there, with his power?
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Koizumi not being able to see Hanyuu but his ESP being able to track her? Interesting.

Specular 2: On the theory you posted a few pages ago only one detail: Rika needed to tell Kyon about the events of Higurashi because otherwise he wouldn't tell her about the SOS Brigade (or to be precise, whatever info he could have on that other "spirit" who follows him — Yuki).
I still fail to see what that that had to do with the theory. Help?
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Nothing to do with the theory itself (which I find very plausible, by the way), but a doubt he raised in the post (akin of "does this point is related to the theory?").

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It is very plausible. And raises the question of whether Kyon is a magnet for knives and girls. And girls with knives. And knives with- wait, we haven't seen any intelligent weaponry, yet.

The two large WMG's directly above are both true.

Kyon's mother really wouldn't want him to go to Hinamizawa on his birthday, then.

I sometimes find myself questioning my sanity. Just where do those things come from? XD

Praise will be awarded for the best phrasing of how ridiculous that idea would be  *. 'Cause there's got to be a suitable way to phrase it, right?

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Holy wait a minute. Keiichi just emerged from Hinamizawa to serve as legal counsel to the ex-Sumiyoshi. That means he's going to be seen by Akasaka Miyuki, unless a bout of paranoia has him operating by intermediaries and never stepping foot in court or any police-held area. How much does Miyuki remember of her father's tales about Hinamizawa? Enough to remember Keiichi's name? She might find out some interesting things, like her father helping out the Sonozaki yakuza all those years ago, or Kyon's yakuza connections in his extended family, or that there might be meetings worth crashing in Hinamizawa next time Kyon's up there.

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Keichii is probably impossible to arrest, he's got no need to hide. It's unlikely that he's actually broken any laws, unless there's one against polyamory.
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I'd guess that Keiichi is careful to make sure he is difficult if not impossible to prosecute. Being a lawyer probably helps him in that regard, knowing exactly where the line is between legal and illegal.

Still, the family connection will probably be investigated if it's noticed.
I am beginning to wonder just how we've got so many WMG's on the page...

Going to count how many there are as well... about 62? I'm bad at keeping count, though.
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What is Asakura's objective? Just to kill Kyon? Because I think that if she has any other objectives Miyuki could find herself on the wrong side of Asakura soon. It would actually be pretty funny if Kyon saves the person investigating him.

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Isn't her K:BDH objective the same as the Melancholy one: force a change and see what happens? That the only way the radical faction could plan it seems to involve knives is quite odd.

If she does, I suppose Kyon can't help... Asakura didn't know about his power-ups in the prologue, remember?

I remembered/found the best version of Dear You  *. Its name? Bond. Here. And it has subtitles too.

Relevant to the earlier points on investigating Keichii: if Miyuki does do anything and causes problems for the Hinamizawa cast, she puts herself in a lot of trouble. Less supernatural than from the brigade but still pretty scary.

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and Hanyuu is a data ghost...
More accurately, she is a human being who was transformed upon death into a metaphyiscal lifeform that, to Yuki, registers/classifies as "data entity". What exactly she is has yet to be determined conclusively.

Keichii is probably impossible to arrest, he's got no need to hide. It's unlikely that he's actually broken any laws, unless there's one against polyamory.
Unless I'm severely wrong, Keiichi's martial arrangement constitutes as a case of multiple-adultery and informal multiple-bigamy in any legal system that does not explicitly allow any form of polygamy. The trick here is that none of the women involved have any reason or intention to sue him, and so the only grounds on which a court case can be made against the group is whether or not their children are/would be negatively affected by it.

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Where there is Distress, therein lies a Story. Where there is a Story, therein lies a Will. Where there is a Will, therein lies a Soul.

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