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How do I create my own troper page, then add it to the Contributors?:

If it's not too obvious, I'm new here. Heya, everybody!

I would also like to know how can I add tropes to my page.

Thanks a lot in advance!
I think you go to the Contributors page and put your name in the list, and it should turn up as a redlink and you edit it.

Also, there's a Newbie Introduction thread around here somewhere. Yack Fest, methinks.

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Welcome to TV Tropes Richie! Click your name either above your post or in that sentence to start editing. I took the liberty of adding the "Contributors" markup to your page; go to the Contributors page and add your name wherever it fits alphabetically.

And go to the Yack Fest forum to introduce yourself.


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You guys took your time to answer me and even edit the name! Thank you guys so much! Being my first day, I'm still getting the vibe of how things are done... I'll go to the Yack Festing right away!
Oh lol, nothing gets done in Yack Fest. If you want to contribute to the wiki, I think that'd be the Wiki and Trope subfora. If you want constructive conversation that'd be On-Topic Conversation.

Well, introducing myself's still a good thing to do, I guess tongue

Now that I've got my page, I gotta learn how to include tropes within it, so it can honestly become a part of the wiki...
Hello, I'm S.A.B. and i'm new here. Even though I just read it, I didn't get how to create my own troper page. Someone could help me, please?
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 8 Tzetze, Wed, 7th Oct '09 5:27:40 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
You have punctuation in your name, so it's trickier. Just edit the S.A.B. article. If you want to link to it, use [=~S.A.B.~=] as it says on Text Formatting Rules. Don't forget to add yourself to The Contributors. Welcome to TV Tropes! Introduction thread

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 9 subzerokid 99, Fri, 9th Oct '09 8:42:38 PM from On the Computer
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How do I make a troper page? I can't find any instructions.

"*Edit*" Nvm I found it. I must be getting blind.

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 10 Tzetze, Fri, 9th Oct '09 8:49:47 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
Why, the instructions are in this very thread! grin
 11 Meta Four, Fri, 9th Oct '09 8:52:11 PM from the house of bread and battle
EDIT: Ninja'd.

Be sure to add The Contributors index markup to your page, and link to your page from The Contributors index.

edited 9th Oct '09 8:53:32 PM by MetaFour

Many thanks for the help. I'm on it right now. And sorry for answering only now.
I'm not evil. It's not like I want to conquer the world, I only want to improve it for everyone's sake.
I guess this has been asked to death around here but how do you make a contributors page? Any help would be much appreciated.

See that redlink in your custom title? click on it and edit the page.

edited 16th Jan '10 8:27:27 AM by Noimporta

Nothing better than fast, informative help indeed! Thanks a million.

How am I gonna make one when clicking on my user name links to the Cartoon I'm named After?
 17 Tzetze, Tue, 19th Jan '10 4:31:04 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
 18 00 Davo, Thu, 25th Mar '10 4:21:58 AM from the Internet
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My troper page is ptitled, since it's got numbers in it. But the link to my troper page on the forum (the one up there ^) doesn't handle the ptitling, and redirects to Home Page. Is there a way to modify that link or something?
 19 Kinkajou, Thu, 25th Mar '10 4:23:06 AM from you're not your
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Not yet.
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hello, i need help urgently wild mass guess, i need to contact a contributor but how do i do it?? where do i find his email address, etc.?? it's very important for me, plz help :) thank u, kiss

 21 Tzetze, Sun, 4th Apr '10 12:15:34 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
thank you for the link but the user doesn't exist :'( I've seen him editing some wiki articles, so how do i contact him or know if he's still around?? plz helpppppppppp

 23 Tzetze, Sun, 4th Apr '10 12:34:16 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
 24 Madrugada, Sun, 4th Apr '10 1:29:42 PM Relationship Status: In season
You can only use the PM system if you have a user name for the recipient. This site doesn't co-ordinate any other way of getting in touch with another user. Sorry.
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Sorry to butt in. I created my own troper page, but when I try to index it it didn't work. I can't even edit the contributors page, which the link to my page is missing. Is there any way around this?

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