Do you even know what the above avatar is?:

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There's no way everyone here is familiar with every possible combination of tropers and anime/sentai/drug induced characters. Do you feel lucky?
legacy interface

I kind of give the game away. ;_;

↓ see user title link.

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I have no freaking clue where the hell your avatar is from, Anemotaxis.

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I'm the world's greatest
Uh albino Sonic?
Please don't tell me that I'm dreaming When all I ever wanted was to dream another sunset with you
5 SapphireFlame9th Mar 2010 01:42:28 PM from Land of Gijinka and RP
Yeah, no idea
Are you not entertained?
6 MisterAlways9th Mar 2010 01:44:28 PM from The Netherlands.
Go away.
I think it's a Sonic character.
Always touching and looking. Piss off.
7 Gloom9th Mar 2010 01:46:43 PM from The Balcony
Blue Eyed Matador
A pencil drawing?
Formerly known as Dave IX, even more formerly known as Wretchkin.
8 CTM9th Mar 2010 01:47:16 PM from Connecticut
Some skeleton guy?
Easy street has no parking signs.
Daft... Loon... or something.

Am I doing it right?

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This is nothing but filler.
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Wow, this might be more fun than I thought. >_>

Coyotic's RL self?
11 Scisless9th Mar 2010 01:51:55 PM from The End of Time
What's That Zach?
Some sort of deformed rabbit?
Obviously a hybrid of firefighter and policeman.

Good one, Miss Hedgey. :D
This is nothing but filler.
13 GameGuruGG9th Mar 2010 01:54:10 PM from Castlevania , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Vampire Hunter
EDIT: Drinky Crow!

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One of the Belmonts from a recent Castlevania series.
15 MisterAlways9th Mar 2010 02:00:17 PM from The Netherlands.
Go away.
A smug git.
Always touching and looking. Piss off.
lajsf tapole?

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Planescape Hijack
A demonstration of the amazing ability of the human brain to process features into something recognizable as a face.

Silver the Hedgehog, innit?

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Productivity is for people without internet connections. -Count Dorku
19 Epitome9th Mar 2010 02:02:43 PM from in your bed. Like, now.
Hidden Madness
A...thingy with big eyes with...knives? The sun with knives?

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I can't decide, whether you should live or die. Oh, you'll probably go to heaven, please don't hang your head and cry.
20 Scisless9th Mar 2010 02:04:32 PM from The End of Time
What's That Zach?
An adorable and completely innocent little girl.
21 S.exe9th Mar 2010 02:07:37 PM from YOUR SOUL!
I'm back, bitches!
^^ A porn star?

^ A banner ad on the side of a bus? Stop changing your avatar. The love child of Samus Aran and Iron Man?

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23 S.exe9th Mar 2010 02:09:26 PM from YOUR SOUL!
I'm back, bitches!
A retarded QUALITY squirl?
-pew pew-
Iron Woman

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^^ Bad Iron Man Gender Bender fanart.

^ QUALITY artwork.

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