A weird, videogame-ish idea for my book. Is it good?:

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This is related to my other thread for Stuck. So, my idea was for the last big fight of the book between the "good" and "bad" guys (even though there's not much to say why they are good and bad) to be a bit of a switch in the type of fight and make it a turn-based battle a la a lot of JRPGs. The whole dynamic certainly seems like a good way to attract my main audience (read: teen nerds) and I think I could get a bit of humor out of it too if I did it right.

Is it good for an old-fashioned book though? That is the question I pose to you. Also, should I explain it in-story or as an appendix? I'll explain it more if you guys don't get it

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...I really don't see how it would work without smacking of contrivance and Author Appeal, really.
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I...that would be cool, but I have absolutely no idea how'd you pull that off in a book. C Ould you explain a little more?
You'd have to explain pretty well how they got into such a weird situation... Is it some kind of reality-warped zone where they're all trapped into this mode, or what?
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Well, originally it was just a normal old fight on the top of a skyscraper (this is a book where regular fights with swords are just as common as a fight that switches from gunplay to extreme patty-cake, and where one can somehow run through glass with only two cuts to their leg and face, so some things are going to be weird), but there's another scene that's a Battle in the Center of the Mind of my main character (he's got to literally "face his fear" if he wants to ahem, not die) that, in retrospect, would probably be a better fit.

Oh, and the whole thing would basically be carded versions of what the player can actually do (e.g. a "Run This Town" card for the ability to do Le Parkour), and the whole battle would essentially rely on what abilities they'd decide to use, almost like a real life CCG... sort of. Not entirely the same but similar in a lot of respects to one.

Does that help?

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