Litmus Test Confusion:

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1 snowfoxofdeath3rd Oct 2010 10:42:50 PM from San Francisco Suburb
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When a litmus test says: "Is your character unusually accomplished for his/her age, time period, place, occupation, and/or social status?" do they mean the social status the character believed that she was before stuff happens?

My character thought she was the average farmer, but her mother was from another species, one that lived by hunting. The mother, knowing that the kid was going to be involved in some pretty deep shit, taught her archery skills before leaving for her health (this is not the time for exposition on why.) And the girl's social class in her mother's homeland is a better than what she thinks it is. Is that what I should be judging by?

I know the tests usually say "If you say, 'Well, kind of' then check the box" but this is somewhat justified, so I'm confused.
The rule of thumb I use is 'it's all about context', or to put it another way, if there's a sound justification for something, which it sounds like there is in your case, then don't tick the box.
3 SilentReverence4th Oct 2010 11:29:16 AM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
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The rule of thumb I use is "It is a litmus test. If you are doing anything that is even mildly complicated, you shouldn't be using it". Anyways, if the explanation is sound enough and it makes sense (and can be made use of) in-universe, then yeah, don't even think of checking that box.
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^This. I assume you were taking a Mary-Sue test, but those should only be taken in the most casual possible way.
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