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The hero's girlfriend (heroine) is accused as an accessory for an assassination attempt at an official function which the hero, a badass bookworm from the nobility, foiled.Those who really collude with the assassination attempt tries to make the heroine a scapegoat because she comes from an impoverished background from a close knit communities which contains members are known to hate the government. She is however, an exemplary squadette which is why the hero could get her into his security retinue. Now for the trial:

The prosecution says that the assassins come in through the group of performers who hails from the same community as hers and she had helped them in getting into the function.

The defence says that her presence at the security preparation of the event is only as an observer so that she know what to do to protect her boss if something goes wrong and actually have no say in who is getting approved for doing the entertainment. All the help she gave them is pointing in the right directions.

The prosecution says that she had known the performers and in fact was a member of the troupe previously and says that she is a part of an elaborate to infiltrate the state. The defence says that this is pure speculation and state that she is exemplary throughout her service and had not her boss had personally asked for her to be his security she might as well be sent to some far flung section of the state.

The defence said that she is involved in stopping the assassins which shows that it is unlikely she will be involved.

The prosecutor said it is because her boss had done so much damage to the attempt that she decides the attempt had failed.

The case is rigged but I would really appreciate if someone could comment on this and also provide better argument for both sides.

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There are four main ingredients in a trial: the people, the evidence, the spin, and the truth. You could, for instance, have the defense try to exclude evidence that the defendant belongs to a rebel group, while the prosecution tries to include it. Then you have both sides trying to play up/down that evidence: "she's one of them" vs. "she's not one of them." It would help to know more about the setting and the case.
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It started during the security preparation of the event. She meet a few members of her own troupe who asked her to help them to get themselves in so that they could perform at the event, stating that if they succeed their new sponsor will make them famous. She then literally give them a walkthrough in getting registered and obtaining security clearance (legitimately of course). Unknown to all of them, the new sponsor is planning the assassination by smuggling the assassins among the crews.

So during the event, the hero (he is invited) is standing near the target when the assassins start to strike. The hero saves the day of course and the assassins' leader fled and the rest either fled, killed or committed suicide. None are captured. Her friends from the troupe is detained for questioning but later end up dead in detention in a way that seems to be suicides. Then the real conspirators found out about her connection and feared that she might have known about them too and tried to implicate her. Making the attempt to appears to be made by a small disenfranchised group, not a nation spanning conspiracy.

More about the conspirators. The movement begins with a group of "scholars" who believed that an ancient technology will trigger and release its drone armies from parts unknown to conquer the galaxy. Not many believe them. Currently there are 3 major powers in uneasy truce is running most of the galaxy and they believe the major powers would not form a united front to face this threat. These "scholars" come from all 3 major powers and they try to move things along so that the 3 nations could be merged. However, this movement over time had attracted more and more individuals who are more concerned with their own personal gain and doesn't really believed in the whole drone army thing. The assassination is part of the plot.

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