Quest 64:

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Very underrated game
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Ooh, I have this game! It is fun, never got to play it much though.
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3 Schitzo8th Oct 2010 09:30:37 PM from Akumajou Dracula , Relationship Status: LA Woman, you're my woman
It's a fine Action RPG. Need better execution, though.
Gerald Zosewater
I've only heard people say it's meh. I'd be happy if it was actually good, because the N64 really needed an RPG besides Paper Mario.

Not that that game wasn't fantastic.
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5 Pykrete9th Oct 2010 03:23:17 PM from Viridian Forest
It had some great ideas. Just would've worked better if it didn't penalize you for using most of them.
6 Tzetze9th Oct 2010 03:29:53 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
Yeah, it was kind of terrible.

Oh, and: Quest 64

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I wouldn't say it awed me, but I definately love the game(and have no problem making fun of its weaknesses and praising its strengths). I still hope for a remake with some party members(no matter how they do it, possibly monsters joining like in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the World, or something else).
8 Schitzo26th Oct 2011 05:53:20 PM from Akumajou Dracula , Relationship Status: LA Woman, you're my woman
I just think its combat system had tons of potential. It reminded me of Parasite Eve in a way.
Youkai Serious
Anybody else see that screen cap Let's Play of Quest 64? I'm not so sure about it getting Darker and Edgier, but it's certainly entertaining.
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10 Schitzo5th Nov 2011 10:46:29 AM from Akumajou Dracula , Relationship Status: LA Woman, you're my woman
linky, Saturn.
Youkai Serious
They assed first. I am only retaliating in an ass way. -The Dead Man's Life
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[up] I've talked to the guy before. He's really good at what he does.

Now if only we can get a re-release of this game. tongue
13 Shikoku17th Nov 2011 01:58:16 PM from Under A Bridge
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The only thing that really irked me about this game was the lack of a money/shop system.

I'd actually like a remake. Not that it'll happen anytime soon though.

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There is a remake for the Game Boy. Quest RPG: Brian's Journey(It actually isn't a GBC game, contrary to popular belief. It just has a color option)

But if you mean a remake of the original with more options, yeah, we need that.
15 DemoralizedAnt4th Jan 2012 06:43:36 AM from Chairman Cheng's broom closet
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I loved Quest 64, but if you ask me, it could have been better with party members.

Also, Brian should've been able to use different weapons. Like heroes, I prefer swords.

But the magic was spectacular. I've beaten the game, yet there are still some spells I've never been able to get.
Okay, fine! I'm going to do something I'm sort of good at!
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I can help with that last one.

There are 98 Hidden Spirits, and 98 Battle Spirits. Grab exactly 58 Battle Spirits and nothing more.(for now) There's a glitch that if you go over 40 spirits in one element, it'll take almost forever(if at all) to get all 196 total Spirits.

I also don't mind using something other than a sword. The problem with teammates, is that you're unable to move all 3 at once, thus, not dodging attacks. Which is why 1 works beautifully. If you play with multiple people, yeah, agreed. But until then... yeah.

What I'm hoping for is a 3DS remake. You can use the bottom screen as a Map, the D-Pad for your elements, and here's the rest.

  • A: Confirm
  • B: Go Back
  • X/Y Camera movement.(one goes to the left, other goes to the right)
  • L: Position Camera in back of you.
  • R: Items(using D-Pad or Control Stick to move to another one.)
  • Control Stick: Movement
  • D-Pad: Elements
  • Touch Screen: Map
17 Firebert4th Jan 2012 02:19:52 PM from Somewhere in Illinois
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Managed to snag this for $13 off eBay with manual, should get it Tuesday. waii

Sounds like a pretty fun game.
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It is. Wait, you payed that much for it? I hope that was with shipping and handling. It's only worth 8 dollars, heh.(well, last I checked) Was that with the box and manual?
19 Firebert4th Jan 2012 05:16:45 PM from Somewhere in Illinois
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That was with shipping for a near-mint cartridge and manual, don't worry. tongue Don't have much use for N64 boxes, so I didn't need that anyways.

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...I need the manual, man. Do you live in the USA?

Anyway, okay, that makes sense. The cartridge is 8 bucks, mint. I was surprised too. I picked it up for 3!
21 Firebert4th Jan 2012 07:09:04 PM from Somewhere in Illinois
That One Guy
Yup, USA *points at Location*

I'm not really upset about the price. The expedited shipping means I get the game/manual by Tuesday, almost a full week before I leave for school, so I'm one happy camper. waii
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Nice. Good luck with the game, man. I live in Wisconsin, heh.

Also, totally taking any questions for the game. tongue ...Although I can only answer some about the other two versions.

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So, as promised, Irene, here I am.

I've found that this game has the strange problem of getting almost easier as you progress in the game, especially if you choose your elements correctly. I tend to start off by getting up to 25 Water Elements for Healing 2, and then for 36 elements to get to Magic Barrier. Nevermind this also gives you access to Avalanche, which is the single best attacking spell in the game and is a godsend against the final boss, who likes to take three and four hits of 70 damage apiece from it. Discounting the all of 5 or 6 enemies in the game that have a physical attack, this makes you borderline indestructible. I find that while wind gives some nice buffs with Wind Walk and the Constriction spell (I think that's the one that binds enemies), Fire is better for Vampire's Touch, since, as everyone knows, the staff damage is just obscene, and recovering 50+ HP while doing so is better still.

Now, don't get me wrong - I like the game, simple though it may be. It's a bit on the easy side if you optimize and/or grind, but then again, what game isn't? I don't think the game would be easy at all if you started by taking wind as your starting element, although it certainly would make the first boss pretty easy if you spam Wind Cutter III at him from a distance and have learned how to dodge his beam spam attack. I'm not sure how hard the game would be if you took Fire as your first element. You'd have Vampire's Touch and the spell that boosts your staff attack, but you'd be taking major pain from bosses like Zelse, and I'm not sure if you'd be able to outlast him when he's hitting you for 35 (when you have ~115 HP) and you deal maybe 70 at this point against his 550+ HP.

So, there's my thoughts on the game. I really should play it again at some point.
I'm an Irene!

Well, you only really need Healing 1 to easily get through the game. It'll improve the amount you healing with how much HP you gain. You start healing 4 HP and add 1 more HP per every 50 HP you get. Let me put a chart out for you.

  • Healing 1 = 4 HP Heal = 50 to 99 HP.
  • Healing 1 = 5 HP Heal = 100 to 149 HP.
  • Healing 1 = 6 HP Heal = 150 to 199 HP.
  • Healing 1 = 7 HP Heal = 200 to 149 HP.
  • Healing 1 = 8 HP Heal = 250 to 299 HP.

And so on up to 12 HP. As you add more Water Elements, you increase it slowly, although I don't know the formula for that.

Anyway, Avalanche is good, but I'd recommend it only against Mammon and Guilty, who are big enough to be heavily hit. Fire Ball 3 is best used against most Water enemies, and of course, Nepty.(unless your Defense is high enough to take her regular hits, and you can use Fire Pillar instead)

Also, Zelda has 680 HP. tongue My suggestion for him is Rock 2. Just that. Although if you have 19 in Earth, Homing Boulder is also good. Just keep running and either get hit by his Multi-projectile attack, or dodge his Wind Rush.(the thing like Walking Water)
I find Avalanche to be the single best spell in the game, although it's minimally effective against, say, Nepty due to a less-than-stellar elemental typing and her small size. It pretty much one-shots all those annoying Wyverns in the tunnel on the way to Normoon, since despite being dragons, they're actually wind elemental. Coupled with their large size, they tend to easily take four shots of 90+ damage against their three hundred fifty HP. It's just ridiculously good crowd control.

It's been too long since the last time I played this game. Figured I'd remember more than this. :(

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