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The imaginative Christian Asperger
This trope is allegedly a music trope... that has examples of genres from other forms of media also being covered.

A few assorted examples to see what I mean:

  • The Simpsons: Hit & Run is a platform/action/adventure/racing/sandbox game.
  • This is arguably the entire point behind the New Weird, a literary "genre" intended as a reaction to the Sci-Fi Ghetto and a return to the H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith era when fantasy, science fiction, and horror were still more or less all one genre. See the New Weird page for a much more thorough explanation.
  • The English language's vocabulary pool is mainly Greek, Latin, French, and Germanic, but also includes words from languages as diverse as Japanese, Swahili, Nahuatl, Czech, Romani, Quechua, and Wiradjuri (an Australian Aboriginal tongue).
and so on...

Doesn't help that people are interpreting the description literally when it says that artists are mixing genres.

To be fair, though, about halve of the examples on the trope page (in a rough estimate) seem to still be related to music, but the fact that the other halve involves non-music examples is saying something.

Thanks to Shanghai Slave for pointing this out in Ask The Tropers.

In case anyone's wondering, this trope is intended to be a music trope, as the redirect of Mix And Match Musical Genres and a few indices it's on implies.

I suggest we make this trope non-music exclusive.

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