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Signups are open again!


Nearly a century ago, the Sol Federation declared a war of reconquest on its former colony the Centauri Commonwealth. Or, perhaps, a colony with delusions of being an Empire attacked ships bearing offers of peaceful union. It all depends on who you ask... But Centauri or Federation, neither can deny that the war has dragged on ever since, a seemingly endless conflict that has devoured both factions' population, economy and society. Even the brief armistices are marked with skirmishes, merely a period of preparation for the next attack.

After being brought to the brink of full, open war once again ten years ago, the two factions have once again settled into a wary peace; licking their wounds and eyeing their borders, wondering where, perhaps, the next strike should fall.

But even as they prepare, other forces are moving as well - the neutral-no-longer, the shadows pulling the strings. The powers are teetering, and it may yet only take one little push to send them tumbling down. A pair of colonies, long separated from either faction but now dancing to their tunes, are going to find that they know nothing about who's really pulling their strings... And two squadrons, enemies to each other, are going to find themselves at the center of it all.

Mythril Aces is an RP set in the far-ish future, long after humanity has spread itself among the stars (and even suffered an apocalypse or two). This is thanks to the incredible power of Mythril an energy source found scattered throughout the galaxy, hazardous to mine but well worth the danger. Thanks to this impressive fuel, starships may enter hyperspace - here called the Flow - and travel between planets or even star systems. Most civilian ships make use of static Flow Gates to do this, but the military generally use free-jump drives.

There are two major factions at war in this setting, with a few more watching on the sidelines.

The first is the Sol Federation. Risen from the ashes of the wartorn old world and armed with a massive economy and an even larger population, it speaks of a goal of uniting humanity under a single banner. They tend to be sleek, efficient, and with high potential damage for their weaponry, relying on the tried-and-true kinetic weaponry and railguns that have worked for centuries to blast away their enemies.

Their opposite is the Centauri Commonwealth - Not actually located on Alpha Centauri in this reboot, but rather formed from a colony ship bound for the star that suffered an unexpected Flow jump failure, stranding it far away and without any ability to contact Earth. With vehicles that are almost as much art as they are weapon, the Centauri rely on their skill and unusual technological developments to carry the day.

Alongside their vast fleets and armies, both factions employ specialized mecha known as Armored Mobile Frames, humanoid vehicles armed with huge weapons and serving as a midpoint between spacesuit and fighter, between infantry and tank - and superior to all of them where they're used. Maneuverable, well-armored, and heavily-armed, Frames fight both in space and on the ground, taking cities and crippling battleships for their allies to finish off.

Of those pilots, there are those who stand above and beyond the rest - On one side are the Federation's Aces, squadrons of skilled pilots using their own judgement to place themselves where needed, taking part both in pitched battles and covert operations. On the other are the Centauri Knights - just as skilled pilots who are selected from the best recruits and trained as elites, ranging from the lowest rank of 7th Knight to the highest of Uno Knight. These two groups have stood as instrumental to many a battle in the nearly endless war, and they're famed as war heroes and political icons - every pilot dreams, to some extent, of joining their ranks.

You are among those elite pilots - although generally newly inducted, fresh meat. In interests of both your training and you faction's interests, you have been assigned to provide aid in the Bodhi System - A colony that has kept its independence from both sides, but is split between two factions. The first, supported by the Centauri for their desire to stay free of the Federation, occupy the systems' primary planet - A garden world named Nirvana. The others occupy a number of asteroids and the dwarf planet of Samsara, miners and workers who became disenfranchised with Nirvana. These are supported by the Federation, as many of the workers and asteroiders support union with Earth for supplies and trade.

Neither the Federation nor the Centauri is willing to risk another open war for the sake of single system, but they have no desire to see their chosen side fall; Instead, they have sent supplies, ships, and even Frames into the system, alongside personnel supposedly there only as 'war advisers'; including, as it happens, a fair few Aces and Knights to train the natives in the operations of Frames.

That has been your role these past few months - joining native ships in patrols, fighting pirates and the occasional skirmish (Which is of course denied by both sides), and training them. At the moment, both Samsara and Nirvana have yet to fully go to war, waiting for what they feel is the perfect time to strike... Such a situation, naturally, would never last for long.

Hello and welcome, roleplayers, to the long-awaited return of the Real Robot Roleplay Mythril Aces! It's been two long years since the last one died, and we felt like it might be time enough for something new to emerge from the ashes of what once was - something sharing much with its predecessor, but at the same time more convenient, more polished.

This is an RP first and foremost, but it makes use of stats and gameplay elements - there's a map, you have weapons and the like, so on and so forth. Generally I'll try to keep that from being intrusive or hindering, and most gameplay rules and the like can be bypassed if needed for RP and/or you make it sufficiently awesome. The gameplay elements exist solely for fun and to make more sense of combat; I might not bother rolling for, say, a one-on-one duel between players if they don't want me to.


  • Name
  • Callsign/Title:
  • Faction and Rank:
  • Gender:
  • Age:
  • Appearance:
  • Personality:
  • Backstory:
  • How you became a knight/ace:

  • Frame Name:
  • Frame Model:
  • Weapons Loadout:
  • Appearance:

If you have any unique weapons or customizations that you want, talk to me and we'll work it out. My PM box is always open. Same goes for new Frame models, though for that I request that you come with a general idea for its role and ability, at the very least.

You may play multiple characters, but you have to be willing to do the extra work required. No more than two, please.


Any further questions should be directed at myself, Fauxlosophe, Parable, or the thread in general. Don't hesitate to ask, is what I'm saying here.

Current Pilots






Also, we're not Gundam. Really.

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Actually, it's Euphinatrix.
  • Name: Elaine "Elly" Gottwald
  • Callsign/Title: Strawberry Sunset
  • Faction and Rank: Centauri, Lieutenant - 7th Knight
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 20
  • Appearance: Brown haired, green eyed, somewhat short (5'5"), and a stickler for rules, Elaine takes great pride in her appearance, spending more time than is probably healthy on grooming herself every day, ensuring that her hair, body, and uniform is absolutely flawless. She is fair skinned, with a face on the ugly side of plain, usually in some sort of disapproving frown or another.
  • Personality: Fiercely patriotic and Very Serious, Elaine was one of the few people stupid enough to swallow the propaganda whole, and believes in it wholeheartedly. She's not the brightest bulb in the pile, but she's definitely the most committed. In other matters, she's generally friendly, though somewhat intense and jumpy. Discussing anything remotely hot-button with her is a bad idea.
  • Backstory: Born to a teacher and a tailor on New Jerusalem, Elaine had a fairly comfortable upbringing, spending long hours working with the Daughters of the Centauri to raise support for the war effort. After angering all of the locals, she fled off-planet to join the military, and quickly rose through the ranks due to skill, zeal, and the fact that her uncle is a senator.
  • How you became a knight/ace: While a competent soldier in her own right, Elaine's promotion largely came about of her background in the Daughters, and a large degree of support from her uncle. Officially, she was given her position after blowing up a building where enemy supplies were being held. At first she swore it was an accident, but now she'd rather just not talk about it.

  • Frame Name: Gladius Centauri
  • Frame Model: Niot
  • Weapons Loadout: WR-16 Sniper, Aux. Pistol 'Flashlight'
  • Appearance: Grey paint job, with a winged sword on a shield painted on the back.

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  • Name: Michael (Misha) Arath
  • Callsign/Title: Crim
  • Faction and Rank: Federation Commander
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 35
  • Appearance: Of slightly below-average height and a slender-medium build. Black, with dreadlocks braided into a ponytail at the back of shoulder length. Facial structure similar to Don Cheadle.
  • Personality: Hard-ass Drill Seargant type. Think this asshole from Attack on Titan. If you don't remember him, here's the character page. Will swear, cuss and shout at you if you are doing something wrong or if you're not trying hard enough, but is fair. At the same time, he does have a softer side off the battlefield or in training. While not exactly the nicest dude, he does have a sharp sense of humor and is more willing to open up to comrades.
  • Backstory: Originally part of an elite squadron of Aces, the Aether squadron; specialized in going into hostile situations and cleaning house. During a routine practice run one day, they were ambushed by a technologically superior, unknown force. He and one of his squadmates were the only surviovrs, as they escaped by the skin of their teeth. The trauma caused by this incident grounded him. He spent his time training younger recruits, but after 8 years, now feels ready to pilot again.
  • How you became a knight/ace: Born in the crowded New York City of Earth, Michael initially joined the military because of the propaganda, peer pressure and his lack of an education or job. After enlistment, was encouraged by his superiors to apply as a Frame Pilot after scoring well in the simulators. He was accepted, and after five years of service, a newly acquired Ace title, and two dozen rogue frame kills under his belt, he received an invitation to join the elite Aether squadron, which he accepted.

  • Frame Name: Arknight
  • Frame Model: Genus
  • Weapons Loadout:
    • MLW 10 Railgun
    • SLD 4 'Saladin' Railgun
    • 2 Prism Clouds
    • 3 Repair Kits
    • 1 System Repair Kit
    • 3 EM Ammo
    • 2 Flak Ammo
    • 1 HP Ammo
    • 1 Burst Ammo
  • 1 HV Ammo
  • Appearance: Because I like it Hydrall, too bad!

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  • Name: Angus M'bala
  • Callsign: Dr. Snipes
  • Faction and Rank: Federation, Lieutenant
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 24
  • Appearance: 5' 11" and lanky with brown skin, short black hair, and grey eyes. Outside of uniform, he has an appreciation for fine eyewear.
  • Personality: Angus maintains a laid-back, easy-going affect that makes him easy to get along with, and easy to coax into things. He keeps his quarters and equipment studiously neat, more out of force of habit than any particular drive for cleanliness.
  • Backstory: Angus was born on Midgard and raised there until the Centaurian invasion, when his mother was one of many refugees who fled the planet. Rather than returning to Midgard after the liberation, however, his mother took a job working on Skellan in the newly-opened mining operation that eventually became a colony. Angus was 12 when he and his mother moved to Skellan, which boasted a permanently-stationed squadron of frames for combating the constant pirate interests in the mining operation. When he turned 18, Angus joined the military in hopes of becoming a frame pilot himself.
  • How you became an Ace: Angus initially gravitated toward the lighter assault frames during his pilot training, and he was an excellent marksman, but by the time he was done at the academy he'd settled into the support role of a Remora pilot. Following graduation he was stationed on Venus in the Sol system where he spent the next few years fighting a familiar breed of enemy: pirates and criminals preying on a still-developing colony. During both his academy and service time, Angus consistently impressed his superiors with his ability to provide support as both a combat repairman and quasi-sniper, both of which were frequently cited as having game-winning impacts on combat missions, and after his two-year tour of service ended he was recommended for the Aces with six kills credited.

  • Frame Name: Bones
  • Frame Model: Remora (Healer)
  • Weapons Loadout: MFR-S, Repair Foam
  • Appearance: The mech has been painted black with red highlights, but the most eye-catching detail is the humanoid skeleton painted in white over the the entire front of the machine. A long, black rubber hose has been hung around the mech's neck and tipped with a piece of scrap metal in caricature of a stethoscope.

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Aiming for a higher position here to help out with organization and D Ming a little. On the other hand, Hobbes is sort of the eternal spirit of exasperated Fed leadership so I really don't want to step into that if he already has.

In that light, consider this a tenative sign up


  • Name: Isra binte Junayd
  • Callsign/Title: Theia
  • Faction and Rank: Federation Commander
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 26
  • Appearance: About 5'7, Isra is ethnically Egyptian, with a bit of Ukrainian; reflected in light brown hair and dark eyes. She is relatively pale as her family has long resided in Cairo, Baqi located at the Northern tip of the planet where a deep tan is rare.
  • Personality: Isra has been in the army for about 6 years now and that time has distilled a great deal of discipline and co-operative spirit in her, belying a personal sense of ambition. When content, she is relatively quiet but is neither afraid to bark orders at those slacking off or to share the occaisional bit of snark with her equals, though she is commited to completing the job. She aspires to be something of a team parent, but is still a tad nervous about taking responsibility for others. A side note is that she is still leery of religion inspite of the lifted ban and while she will not single anyone out for worshipping their diety of choice, she finds it hard to trust religious folk.
  • Backstory: Isra doesn't have too much of note with a backstory, joined up to do her duty and was scouted in after a successful couple patrols where she proved her mettle and was "scouted" as an ace, even though she counted only two frame kills to her record. Her parents were middle class, with a self run business involving managing importation and delivery through Baqi, particularly in the North. She has a couple younger sisters, the younger still in highschool while the older is happily married.
  • How you became a knight/ace: A raider ambush on a small convoy saw her commander shot and the rest of the Squad in disarray. Isra managed to take command inspite of a lack of rank and push back the assault without any further casualties.


  • Frame Name: Hyperion
  • Frame Model: Titanius
  • Weapons Loadout: LAM-4 Deluge, Shield Projector
  • Appearance: Largely unmodified, it was given a gray colour scheme. A small mark on the shoulder distinguishes her original grouping as a Baqi Wing.

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Pattern Select : RHB
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And here's my Cent, who actually made an appearance in the original right before it died! Although the name is the same, this character is entirely different.

  • Pilot Name: Gabriel Leon
  • Callsign/Title: Steel Phoenix
  • Faction/Rank: Centauri Commonwealth, 5th Knight, Lieutenant
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 28
  • Appearance: Gabriel has a medium build and is of average height (5'11), with a broad pair of shoulders and a well-maintained physique. He’s rather plain in appearance, with tanned skin, hard gray eyes, and light brown hair, kept exactly to regulation standards.
  • Personality: Gabriel is usually a very serious, stubborn person. He can be rather reserved sometimes, but this is countered by a certain humorous streak, often of the dry and cynical sort. Although cautious and careful in combat, he refuses to turn down any sort of opportunity to fight Federation forces, and harbors an even deeper resentment than ordinary for their troops.
  • Backstory or other information:
    • Gabriel was born on Nueva Castilla, the third son of wealthy business magnate and grew up on the wealthier side of non-noble society. He attended a prestigious business university after marrying the love of his life, a fiery daughter of the lower nobility, Asharah Voit.
    • Asharah was committed to serving the Confederacy as a Knight and possibly using service as a way to gain a lordship, but Gabriel was content without a title, something that caused many arguments between the two. War soon broke out with the Federation again, and Asharah, stationed on Midgar, pleaded that Gabriel too join the war effort for the sake of their nation and the chance to join the nobility like her. He refused and his wife ridiculed his shirking his duty to their nation, calling him a coward. Two weeks later Asharah was killed brutally at the Battle of Kalm when a Shark chewed through her cockpit at melee range and sawed her in half.
    • Reeling from the loss, and filled with shock, rage, and shame, Gabriel dropped out of school and followed the same path his wife did, swearing that he would never be a coward again. Since then, Gabriel has served several years as a Knight, and acquired a reputation amongst his superiors for his almost fanatical adherence to his duty, always volunteering for the most dangerous duties.
  • How he became a Knight: Gabriel was not Knighted for any one event, but rather several years worth of distinguishing himself in the last outbreak of fighting, through his almost suicidal habit of volunteering for any risky operations.

  • Frame Name: Asharah
  • Frame Model: Spitfire
  • Weapons Loadout:
    • RLW-2 'Beacon'
    • PEBP 'Naginata'
  • Appearance: There are few frills of any kind on the Asharah, and it is almost identical to any other bog-standard Spitfire besides the upgraded computing systems all Knights have. It has a simple white color scheme with black stripes, and it's name is written in flowing script on the Frame's right arm.

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Faux you traitor, what is the meaning of this?! D:
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Faux and Rabbit, you both are approved.
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State of Mind
  • Name: Riley Elizabeth Lee
  • Callsign/Title: Red Rose
  • Faction and Rank: Centauri, Lieutenant - 4th Knight.
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 26
  • Appearance: Olive skin tone. Black hair that stops at her chin. Brown eyes usually behind a pair of sunglasses when not in uniform. Small build.
  • Personality: Generally serious and level headed. Friendly, but often keeps a distance from those who aren't close to her. When she's doing something she's good out, or thinks she's good at, watch out because she'll take competitiveness to the next level. The more emotional she gets, the more her native accent starts coming out. Drives like a homicidal maniac.
  • Backstory: Riley hails from a prominent family on her homeworld of Atlantica. Her second cousin was the governor of her world, and her uncle was the first of their home to become a Trio Knight, making him a planetary hero. Riley grew up hearing her uncle regal the family of his exploits in the war and decided at a young age that she wanted to be a Knight just like him. Determined not to screw up the family legacy, Riley exhibited the utmost proper behavior for a proper Centauri lady and Dame Knight. Riley graduate from the Knight academy with top marks, second in her class. Too young to have actually joined during the war, Riley has only been in a few skirmishes with dubious outcomes, though she proved herself not to be a paper tiger with at least two confirmed kills to her name. She has been longing for an actual combat assignment to prove her worth and jumped at the opportunity to go to Nirvana. The assignment may or may not have come about through family connections.
  • How you became a knight/ace: While undoubtedly skilled, as peacetime knight, Riley has made herself known to her superiors for being the exemplary knight in every way except fighting. With the war done for the forseeable future promotions were scarce, and Riley's advance tended to coincide with someone else retiring. Several skirmishes where she displayed coolness under fire were noted by her superiors that led to her advancement. Any rumor of family connection is hotly denied. Any rumor of being a suck-up is equally denied.


  • Frame Name: Marienkind
  • Frame Model: Niot
  • Weapons Loadout:
    • WR-16 Sniper
    • WR-03 Beam Pistol
  • Appearance: Typical Niot with a Red Rose painted on one shoulder.

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[up][up][up]I had a Welsh-Spanish Cent in mind, but then Parable was all up to join the Cents! D:

I opted to split up the co-conspirators for this reboot so that things would be even, but if they let me back in with a second then Cadwgan ap Vyghel is up and ready to pilot!
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I might draft up a Fed if I think we need another.

Or you know, if we don't.
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Rena and Parable, you both are approved. Neo, finish your frame. You can't have any approval if you don't finish your frame!

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  • Name: Victoria Cascade
  • Callsign/Title: Scrap Aegis
  • Faction and Rank: Centauri 6th Knight
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 23
  • Appearance: 172 cm tall, blue eyes and azure synthed hair falling below her shoulders. Her abdomen has two jagged scars, one above her left hip, the other below her ribcage on her right side.
  • Personality: Victoria's defining trait is her willpower, she refuses to back down from any situation in which she believes she's correct, save when it would contradict direct orders from a superior or would cause some sort of major social faux pas. In combat this often comes across as an admirable quality, she always does her utmost to see a mission completed successfully, regardless of personal cost. Outside of her frame it can make her difficult to get along with when there is a difference of opinion, however she doesn't seek out conflict for its own sake and attempts to get along with her fellow knights.
  • Backstory: From hear early childhood Victoria bought into the belief that the Commonwealth was superior to the Federation in every way. Her parents were proud of her at first, even though they didn't necessarily share her ideals to the same extent. When this caused her to apply to the military at age eighteen, however, it caused a rift; her parents believed she was "wasting her potential" and feared for her safety. Victoria's aptitude piloting frames quickly saw her join the ranks of the Jade Squadron, a skilled but expendable force often deployed to resolve border tensions or perform off the record assaults. After a costly operation severely injured her, Victoria returned home on leave to find her parents now overjoyed by her promotion to Knight. The cost at which her promotion had come left her bitter to their change of heart, further straining relations. Victoria took the opportunity to transfer to the distant Bodhi System not long after as a means to further estrange herself, intending to remain in service to the Centauri cause until death.
  • How you became a knight/ace: Mostly this!

  • Frame Name: Dullahan
  • Frame Model: Dyrnwyn
  • Weapons Loadout:
    • 'Cowl' Kinetic Assault Uzi
    • Jammer
  • Appearance: Most notably different from the standard model is that the head module has been removed, a reference to the state her frame had been in after the mission which saw her Knighted. It's painted a dark blue with golden highlights.
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You're playing the Frame I would have grabbed as a Cent. Though not as insane Welsh as I would have gone, I feel my legacy is fulfilled.
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Sat, you're approved. Welcome back!

Also, I am so glad you called it 'Dullahan'. :B
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I had to fit it in somewhere, and it just doesn't roll off the tongue as a call sign. :3

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  • Name: Richard Gundersen aka "Rick" aka "Big Rick" aka "Big Ricky"
    • Callsign/Title: Gun Show
    • Faction and Rank: Centauri Commonwealth, Fifth Knight
    • Gender: Male
    • Age: 27
    • Appearance: 6'7", strongly built with wide shoulders, blue eyes, white skin, shaved head, and a thick red beard and mustache. He has a scar under his left eye from a stabbing-related incident. I used a highly-advanced state-of-the-art resource-intensive computer-assisted model program in order to make a rough mock-up of his appearance. In the rare times he's in civilian wear, he has denim jeans and a black leather jacket over a white shirt.
    • Personality: Just loves bikes. He can talk all day about them - riding them, fixing them, yelling at people with difference bike preferences. But he doesn't, because he spends all day (when he's not working and has free time) working out, because that's the only way to maintain toughness. If you grew up, where he grew up, you'd be DEAD if you weren't tough. Otherwise you're weak. And Big Rick definitely isn't weak. He's just about the toughest guy there is. Boisterous, always laughing, he's like the cool cousin you wished you had. He loves hard drinking, sports, fast vehicles, explosions, and sharp knives.
      However, that's what he lets on about himself. So he can't let anyone know anything about himself. That includes how he enjoys reading poetry and romance novels, as well as watching animated television programs of all types, including current pop-culture dominator "Big Bunny Buddies", which features the adventures of Carrotcake, Hip-Hop, Moonbounce, Purple Pellet, Hareline, and their friends. His fascination doesn't stop at the television, though, as he also like dressing up in hand-made costumes. When in his private quarters, he sleeps in bunny pajamas. He's a skilled artist, able to make decent sketches of real life, but excellent at making cartoony drawings. He is also good enough at knitting and sewing that he can make costumes in his spare time, as well. He keeps his handiwork well hidden.
    • Backstory: Born on Eden, in the city of Bongio, an area mostly comprised of those descended from Northern European and Mediterranean peoples, Rick didn't have much growing up. A poor boy from a poor family, he started getting involved with gangs at a young age. He learned you have to project toughness, and never let anyone get inside your head. Being young and lucky enough to have never been caught, have a criminal record, or have any tattoos, when he turned eighteen he was sent off to "get that fancy military training and bring it back home." He enlisted in the Royal Army, however a couple of years into his service, his gang was wiped out by some rivals, leaving him with nothing to go home to. However, he had grown to like his new life in the military, he decided he might as well make a career out of it. Plus, the people here were a lot nicer than home. But they probably wouldn't much care for his feelins and all that nonsense, so he decided that the best way to succeed was to still project the persona he had developed all his life.
    • How you became a knight: On one mission, he was involved in a particular skirmish with well-armed smugglers, who were operating from a submersible stealth carrier they used as their base of operations. (They were one of the many groups taking advantage of the superior economic benefits of such a mode of transportation, as well as its ability to be deployed for long periods of time, to illegally transport all manner of things). A communication system malfunction during the skirmish caused him to not hear orders to regroup, so while the enemy units were chasing his comrades, he accidentally wandered right into a hole in their defenses. Which he utilized to shoot his very big gun at said carrier from well withing firing range. With nowhere to run, the opposition was subdued quickly enough and the operation was a success.
  • Frame
    • Frame Name: Ragnarok
    • Frame Model: Albatross
    • Weapons Loadout:
      • Hadron MECC
      • RLW-7 Autobeamer
    • Appearance: Standard model, painted jet black on the base. Has flame decals all over.
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You... I... That... I mean, there's nothing wrong with him, I suppose...?

Consider yourself uncomfortably approved, nman.

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Now you know my pain Hydrall. Soon, you will understand in full why I drink.
Mé féin ag daṁsa faoin ngealaċ
seanrince gan ċeol leis ach ceol cuisle.

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Actually, it's Euphinatrix.
But Hydrall was sufficiently hugged as a child!
I am become Death, Destroyer of Miniputts.
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Also, goddammit, Nman. [lol]

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Do they not know that I am like unto the god of a tiny, spreadsheet-based world?

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