Social change, and socioeconomic change:

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I figured this could use its own topic, as topics on marriage and the role of nerds vs. jocks in the coming society already exist, but are of a narrower scope. I want to get a big discussion going here.

There are many changes coming. Companies that are starting to refuse to hire known bullies, as studies are coming out showing that they're harmful to companies (that bullying is harmful to personal health and that bullies tend to contribute more to the crime rate aren't important to businesses who want to make a profit, but the fact that bullies affect the work environment and reduce the productivity of everyone who witnesses it is pretty important to them). Robotics and artificial intelligence are getting better and better - it's not just jobs that require physical strength but little intelligence that stand a chance of being reduced, but also jobs that require looking things up and gathering information.

There may be changes to the education system as well. According to this essay, schools are more effectively prisons to put kids in for hours a day to get them out of parents' hair than they are places to actually learn useful information, in many cases. It results in a sort of Lord of the Flies mentality on a lite scale, where the strong and socially adept survive, but the nerds who are preparing for the real world where skills matter do not. Then the real world approaches, and suddenly almost the inverse happens.

And I do believe that it's likely that "manliness" of a sort will be less important in the future. What is it used for? War? We have those, of course, and feminist Camille Paglia, known for her libertarian views and dislike of misandry, says of male sports fans "If we were ever attacked by a foreign power, those men would be first to sign up to defend us" (paraphrase). Jobs that require physical strength? Again, we have those, including jobs in law enforcement (sure, police have guns and tasers, but strength will help against surprise attacks), and rescue workers. It won't become unimportant or unnecessary, but less important.

Anyway, those are some of my views. Maybe I'm wrong. But I do think we are headed in those directions.

Any other thoughts you guys have would be appreciated.
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From my point of view:

Society is becoming more participatory, but also becoming more mob-like (though, thankfully, we haven't gone full-mob yet), especially when it comes to little causes like advocating against the use of tobacco and killing animals for food (animal cruelty or animal testing are different matters). In essence, values have been shifting and there will be lots of Values Dissonance and cultural clashes in these next two decades.

Bullying is becoming less acceptable (which is good), but there is also an increasing judgemental attitude towards stuff could become easily confused with that (like the Praxe). Despite said stuff having good stuff and bad stuff, there are plenty of people who treat the whole as being bad because of the idiotic, abusive people in such cultural practices.

Austerity and high unemployment will still remain for a few more years, which will cause part of a generation (mine, in particular) to feel left behind. There will be alienation and social conflicts, if things don't start improving. And fast.

It is not enough to have skills in an area, for most cases. Social skills and networking are the big words of this century, and it will be vital for pretty much everyone to do the basics (and even then, things might not work out).

Capitalism has been growing wilder since the 80's, and, unless there's a catastrophe of epic proportions, it looks like it will become increasingly inhuman, unethical and exploitative of the working forces (from fresh out of college young people, who can't have a decent job, to older people who don't have high qualifications). The failure of the Occupy movement and other movements nappened because they didn't provide good alternatives or consistent measures to be adopted and practiced.

Manliness will become relatively outdated, except for a relative minority that will get tasks to do the heavy and/or dirty work. Femininity (or to be in touch with your feminine side) is not really encouraged, to be frank. A balance between both attitudes will probably be the best way forward.

I have more, but I can't phrase everything right now.

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If the social safety net disappears, I wonder what will happen. Brawn will still be less important if robotics continue to increase at such a high rate, but "alpha" personalities will dominate in a dog-eat-dog world, while being far less important in a world where people all have freedom and opportunity.
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I hope this topic doesn't disappear. I guess it might be too broad? I thought that being broad could allow for interesting and diverse discussion.
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I think the topic is too broad. Your OP is all over the place. Is there a specific question or issue realted to SC that you want someone to respond to?
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Having a very broad subject can also be a problem, as people have so much to say that they sort of overwhelm themselves trying to figure out how to say it - so maybe they start writing a post and find themselves just editing or expanding it constantly until they finally decide not to post at all. I know it's happened to me.

If you want to take a shot at redrafting the OP or even launching an alternative thread to this one, feel free to do so - we'll just lock this one as obsolete. (If you do make a new thread, please Holler about it and include a link to this one in your Holler so that even if I'm not online the other Mods will know what it's about.)

It could be that this bump will revive this thread as people who missed it the first time around notice it now.
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When I first noticed the thread title, I thought it had something to do with increasing wealth disparity. Then I read your OP and realized that you were more interested in cultural changes involved social roles and expectations. You might want to consider revising the thread title to more accurately reflect your interests.
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I can't change the thread title. I'll have to start a new thread that makes it more clear that it's about social roles.
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Sounds good.
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I can change the thread title if you tell me what you'd like it to be.

EDIT:New thread is up.

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