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Metal Gear Online (2, and potentially 3):

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Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence introduced us to an online version of Metal Gear Solid, giving players control of enemy soldiers pitted against each other, or while another player joined in the fray and mixed it up as Snake. Metal Gear Solid 4 saw the end of that iteration and introduced us to M'G'O'2, a renovated online 'shooter based off the Metal Gear Solid 4 engine, along with a slew of characters such as Old Snake, Raiden, Meryl, Ocelot, and even Vamp. In Japan, MGO was in fact sold as a standalone title, with its own case and disc, somehow providing access to the... servers... I guess. Eventually, these servers were shut down as well.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the next iteration of Metal Gear Online, likely to be unveiled along with the next entry in the Metal Gear franchise.

Kojima on Twitter.

The possible return of the original, Subsistence-era of Metal Gear Online, as well as the M'G'S'4 era.
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Im pretty sure MGO 1 is up and running.

MGO 3 was confirmed I think and I miss MGO 2 :( Trainer 92
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