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The Knife Thread
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The Knife Thread:

 101 Wolf 1066, Mon, 17th Feb '14 12:36:49 AM from New Zealand Relationship Status: In my bunk
It's some form of Nylon webbing "Duty Belt" with hook-and-loop adjustment (loop all the way around the inner surface) - I don't think it's genuine Military/LE surplus, just a knock-off. It came with an assortment of pouches with the hook-and-loop fasteners to fit around the belt (including handcuff pouch).

I've found it's the right width to take old LCE and ALICE fasteners (as on my Army Surplus M-1956 canteen pouch and 1970's ALICE ammo pouch) as well as the loops on MOLLE pouches and the belt loops on my sheath knives and the Leatherman and Walther knife pouches.

I use it as my "belt order" when camping - Canteen and canteen mug in the pouch, survival kit in the old ammo pouch, Leatherman pouch and sheath knives. I can add other pouches (including one for a PLB) as need arises, but I just stuck the Walther knife pouch on it for shits 'n' giggles for the vid - I've decided that I wouldn't need to take that camping.
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Total posts: 101
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