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101 Wolf106617th Feb 2014 12:36:49 AM from New Zealand , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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It's some form of Nylon webbing "Duty Belt" with hook-and-loop adjustment (loop all the way around the inner surface) - I don't think it's genuine Military/LE surplus, just a knock-off. It came with an assortment of pouches with the hook-and-loop fasteners to fit around the belt (including handcuff pouch).

I've found it's the right width to take old LCE and ALICE fasteners (as on my Army Surplus M-1956 canteen pouch and 1970's ALICE ammo pouch) as well as the loops on MOLLE pouches and the belt loops on my sheath knives and the Leatherman and Walther knife pouches.

I use it as my "belt order" when camping - Canteen and canteen mug in the pouch, survival kit in the old ammo pouch, Leatherman pouch and sheath knives. I can add other pouches (including one for a PLB) as need arises, but I just stuck the Walther knife pouch on it for shits 'n' giggles for the vid - I've decided that I wouldn't need to take that camping.
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102 Wolf10665th Dec 2014 06:02:29 PM from New Zealand , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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Resurrecting the thread with a new question:

Blade steels and manufacturers - what are your impressions of the ones you use or have previously used?

I've done some research into the steels used in the various knives I carry and compared it with my observations/experience, with interesting results.

Swiss Army knives - Spartan, Climber and numerous Classic SDs over the years:

According to Victorinox, courtesy of this site, they use X55CrMo14 ("...a composition between 420 and 440A...") hardened to 56 HRC and they pay attention to the tempering and hardening process.

This site describes it as "comparable to 440A Stainless in almost every aspect" and notes that 440A and similar are quite adequate for pocket knives (and other small blades) and that the company that made the blade is as important as the steel used.

This site notes that 440A is a "lower mid-range" steel so I guess that makes X55CrMo14 a "lower mid-range" steel as well (420 is rated as "low end" steel).

My observations: very easy to get a very sharp edge on it and holds it reasonably well. I found I was sharpening my old Victorinox Classic SD quite frequently to keep an edge on it but, to be fair, it was going through a humongous amount of thick plastic packing straps and packing tape at the time.

Victorinox do seem to know what they're doing with their metallurgy to get the best out of their steel.

Spyderco - Persistence:

8Cr13MoV - an "upper mid-range" steel comparable with AUS-8 and Spyderco is reputed to have mastered the heat treating process to get the best out of it.

My observations: Easy to put a very sharp edge on it but I haven't used it long enough to comment on its edge retention. On the whole I'd agree that Spyderco "know what the fuck they're doing".

Leatherman - Wave (old model):

420HC - high-carbon version of 420 - a "lower mid-range" steel but apparently good manufacturers such as Buck can get the best out of it.

My observations: I can't get a very good edge on this at all - I could be doing something wrong but considering the edges I'm getting on all my other knives with my Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker, I rather doubt it - and it "couldn't hold an edge in both hands".

I'm increasingly of the opinion that Leatherman's heat-treating leaves a lot to be desired which, coupled with a lower-grade steel, makes for an inferior knife.

I use the blades a lot as the Leatherman's quick to access (always on my belt) but I'm always having to sharpen it and not getting optimal results no matter how hard I try.

Still seems adequate for cutting duct tape or packing tape or opening a plastic bag when needed. Wouldn't want to rely on it for bushcraft (but up in the bush I'd have my "bush knives" on me).

Richard Herder, Solingen - HY-style sheath knife

High carbon steel.

My observations: This comes up very sharp and holds the edge pretty well. Hasn't stained/rusted too badly over the many years I've had it and it's been pretty easy to give it a quick clean up with fine sand paper or steel wool when it has.

Unknown, Solingen - Heavy "Bowie"-style sheath knife

"Stainless Steel", unknown composition, more a "stain less" than "stainless" - in fact, it's more stained than my high carbon blade (probably due to the fact that it's been stuck in a wet leather sheath for protracted periods while the high carbon blade wasn't), I think they merely showed it a picture of some chromium and left it at that.

Takes a good edge and holds it well, takes a lot of punishment (I use it as an axe substitute on thicker pieces of wood). Wish I hadn't worn off the name cleaning the rust off as I now can't recommend the make to people - and I would if I could.

So, what've you got and how do you find their performance? Are they getting the best out of their steel?

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103 TuefelHundenIV5th Dec 2014 08:26:07 PM from Wandering , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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I have a couple Winchester knives that are ok. My K-BAR which is pretty tough and a bitch to sharpen. An old Buck Lock blade and a few other blades. The Buck is my favourite. The steel is ok if seeming a bit soft especially compared to the K-Bar. But it takes and holds the edge well enough. I have a Bucklite Tool that is pretty handy. The wife and I also have A pair of daggers from a guy named Dan Heinecke aka "Dagger Dan". They are hand made and rather nice. They were wedding gifts from my brother in law.

The K-Bar I have is 1095 Cro-Van. The Bucks are both 420 HC. The K-Bar and the Buck Hunter are kinda pricey with the K Bar being over 100 bucks normal retail US. The buck is about 70. The winchesters are some cutlery grade surgical steel which is either 420 or 440 stainless steel. Pretty cheap for the set actually. They get the job done.

Sharpening related. I made a simple strap based strop. I took a belt from goodwill that had the right grain, got some blade polish from a Tandy Leather and turned it into a strop. It works pretty well actually. I put a scary edge on some of my knives. I just need the sand papers to make the edge more fine and polished.

All of the knives I have used the Kbar and the two bucks performed their jobs well and the bucks have been with me for a while.

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104 Aespai5th Dec 2014 08:45:32 PM from Berkshire , Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
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I was thinking of getting a press-button-recieve-knife kind of knife. Switchblade I think it's called?

While I enjoy ones that hide the blade inside their handle and flip open, I wanted to get one which only required a single thumb-press to release the blade or whatever.
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105 LeGarcon5th Dec 2014 08:46:43 PM from Skadovsk , Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
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They're certainly around. A friend of mine has a nice one and she absolutely adores it

Be careful though, those kinds of things aren't always legal so I'd check your local knife laws.

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106 Wolf10665th Dec 2014 09:09:29 PM from New Zealand , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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I've seen two types of switch blade. One breaks out the side like a normal lock-blade knife at the press of the switch and you close it like a normal pocket-knife, using both hands; the other where you push the switch forward and the blade pops out of the end of the grip and you close it by pulling back on the switch slightly and the blade snaps back in the handle.

Both are illegal here in NZ, sadly, as are "gravity knives", spring-assisted one-hand opening knives and balisongs.

Because they're all, you know murder weapons that will turn you into a homicidal maniac just as fast as having a miltary style pistol grip or a bayonet lug on your rifle will...

I'm frankly surprised we're allowed to have any one-hander knives of the Spyderco variety and similar.
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107 Aespai7th Dec 2014 04:36:34 PM from Berkshire , Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
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What is the punishment for having one? a month in jail? a ludicrous fine?
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108 Wolf10667th Dec 2014 06:49:30 PM from New Zealand , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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[up]x5 Your knives sound good, Tuefel. "Dagger Dan" sounds familiar but I can't think where I've heard/read it before.

[up] According to our Justice Dept:

Section 13A of the Summary Offences Act 1981 (possession of knives) states:

  • Every person is liable to a term of imprisonment not exceeding 3 months or a fine not exceeding $2000 who, in any public place, without reasonable excuse, has any knife in his or her possession.

Section 202A of the Crimes Act 1961 (possession of offensive weapons or disabling substances) states:

  • Every person is liable to a term of imprisonment not exceeding 2 years who, without lawful authority or reasonable excuse, has with him in any public place any knife or offensive weapon or disabling substance.

The whole "reasonable excuse" thing is very vague as what you or I might think of as a reasonable excuse may not wash with a police officer or judge.

Of course, since there are no "reasonable excuses" for having restricted weapons, you're looking at up to two years' prison.

The max 3 months or $2000 fine is for those with non-restricted knives whose excuse isn't deemed reasonable.

Basically these laws take away one of our key rights - the presumption of innocence until proven guilty - and replace it with a Code Napoleonesque "prove you're not guilty of something".

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