Best and Worst Voice Acting in Video Games :

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What is, in your opinion, some examples of the best and worst voice acting in video games?
2 TargetmasterJoe26th Dec 2013 09:21:42 AM from The City, USA , Relationship Status: I like big bots and I can not lie
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  • Klonoa for the Wii, if only because Klonoa sounded really off. Like really, really off.

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I think the Metal Gear Solid and BlazBlue games (darrins aside in the latter's case) have some of the best VA work out there.

Worst definitely has to be Trouble Witches Neo.

This is the most fascinatingly bad English dub I have ever heard, period.

Is this technically a complaint thread? I'm asking cause I'd rather not have this locked if we can keep this to simple discussion.

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Sakurako is cute. :)
Worst Voice Acting: Sonic Adventure and Adventure DX

The only person to put effort in there acting was Deem Bristow as Eggman everyone else sounded so monotone it came off as unintentionally funny.
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I thought we had a topic for this already, I remember the requisite Resident Evil "Jill sandwich" coming up. Unless that was complaining about the worst topic and it's gone now.
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Making topics for "worst" anything is a recipe for complaining, which breaks the rules.
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