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General thread for games based on the Gundam franchise.

I think my favorite of the bunch that I ever played was this beauty on the PS2.

Also why in the name of god was this never released in the states?
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It's SunDai. Most of their things never make it outside of their homesoil.
Same as usual.... Wing it.
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I am shocked that this thread died after only two posts. Oh well, time to pitch in.

Of the various Gundam games out there, I only played three. Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 already has its own thread, so I'm not going to dither about it here.

Next was Gundam vs Zeta Gundam, basically a massively beefed up version of what [up][up] referred to. Or to be more exact, it's two games, Federation VS Zeon plus AEUG VS Titans, packed into one game. However, it's actually much more than that: instead of just playing through the OYW or the Gryps Conflict as a nameless pilot, GvsZG's campaign mode has the canon characters go through a variety of alternate timelines diverging off canon at various points. For example:

  • On Kamille's canon route, preventing Four from dying at Kilimanjaro unlocks an alternate route where Four defects to the AEUG, pilots the Super Gundam alongside Kamille and ultimately saves him from Scirocco's Mind Rape.
    • Completing this route unlocks Amuro's OYW route, where he has the opportunity to prevent Lalah's death. Doing so unlocks an alternate Gryps Conflict where Amuro is one of the AEUG's founding members and his rapport with the organization gives the AEUG a head start when compared to canon, allowing them to defeat the Titans without suffering a Total Party Kill. In fact, successfully repelling the Titans' assault on Von Braun in another timeline split weakens the Titans enough that the AEUG captures Gryps and wipes out the Titans early, allowing them to concentrate on Axis and claim total dominance over the Earth sphere. Oh, and Kamille gets the ZZ Gundam.
  • On Jerid's canon route, having Lila survive makes his ending slightly better. Having Mouar survive too unlocks an even better ending, which in turn unlocks the OYW routes of the three Titans pilots who canonically fought there. Having Lalah surviving in all three results in the Federation acquiring Zeon's Newtypes and Newtype research, allowing the Titans to create stable Cyber-Newtypes to bolster their efforts with. Just like in the AEUG routes, it is possible to wipe out the AEUG early in Operation Apollo (which the AEUG canonically foiled) and go all-out against Axis.
  • In the Axis equivalent of these routes, Garma, Ramba Ral and Dozle all survive the OYW and make it to Axis, giving Axis sorely needed manpower and resources it lacked in canon. On this route, Axis returns to the Earth sphere early and takes the place of the AEUG. Oh, and in this route, Kamille and Amuro are with the Titans. Oh, and Char has a red Hyaku Shiki.

And then there are the main attractions of the game: the special scenarios.

  • Completing all three factions' total victory routes unlocks an alternate ending to the OYW, where Lalah survives the battle of Solomon. In the battle of A Baoa Qu, Amuro and Sayla engage Char and Lalah in a two-on-two but during the shootout, Sayla is killed by Lalah. Amuro promptly flips the fuck out and kills Lalah in return. With Amuro and Char now having deadly grudges against each other, Char takes command of Axis and, upon returning to the Earth sphere seven years later, promptly starts Char's Counterattack ahead of schedule. In the meantime, Amuro has taken Kamille as his pupil; however, while the two are trying to stop Char and Haman from dropping Luna II on Kilimanjaro, Haman kills Kamille. So in the final showdown over Axis, Judau is now Amuro's wingman instead.
  • Completing all three factions' total victory routes also unlocks a route where Kamille's parents are killed in the crossfire at Green Noah. Kamille being Kamille, he flips the fuck out, jacks the Gundam Mk II and goes to town on Char and co. for starting a battle in the middle of a city. And after the battle, Kamille joins the Titans. Highlights of this route include Lila being a mentor figure to Kamille, the Zeta Gundam having kickass black-and-green Titans colors and Kamille repeatedly picking a fight with Amuro amidst massive Shinn vs Kira vibes.
  • In a side branch of the Newtype-research-accelerated Titans route, Amuro finds out that Lalah is enjoying the hospitality of the Augusta Newtype Labs and transfers there as a test subject himself, resulting in the two joining the Titans. One highlight is Kacricon warning Amuro to watch his altitude during the pre-Jaburo reentry battle, only for Amuro to remind him that he's a OYW veteran and knows this stuff already.
  • In yet another special scenario, Garma and Dozle personally leading Zeon's invasion of Earth in the OYW unlocks a branch where M'Quve successfully holds on to Odessa, allowing Zeon to launch a counterattack and take Jaburo, forcing the Federation to sign a cease-fire treaty that heavily favors Zeon. During the next seven years, the Federation conducts a secret arms buildup aimed at launching a counterattack, codenamed Project Zeta. Zeon eventually discovers what's going on and it's the OYW all over again, except with Zeta-era technology. Highlights include Ramba Ral's famous No Zaku line while he's in a Marasai, the Black Tri-Stars riding Psyco Gundams (yes, plural), Dozle himself having his last stand behind the controls of the Psyco Gundam Mk II and the White Base crew flying around on the Argama.
  • A side branch of this has Char hold off on offing Garma until Project Zeta commences and he's been in Garma's good graces for long enough that nobody suspects him. Unlike in canon, however, Char is court-martialed, found responsible for Garma's death and is dishonorably discharged from the Zeon military. However, he promptly assumes his Quattro identity, joins the Federation military, becomes Amuro's wingman and successfully kills off the rest of the Zabi family.

This game is fricken' awesome. The only problem I have with it is that the AI completely disregards the fact that friendly fire is always on, resulting in situations like the one in the Youtube Let's Play by aulddragon, where he lost the same mission six times in a row due to his AI wingman repeatedly getting teamkilled by his One-Hit Kill Wave Motion Gun.

The third Gundam game I ever played was MS Saga: A New Dawn. I'm not exactly an RPG fanatic, but I love the sheer number of customization options available. I mean, GM with a Gouf's shoulders and a Dom's legs? And it gives massive stat boosts as well? Hell yes. [tup]

And I'd really like to see a fanfic/novelization of this. Been thinking of making one myself, but I feel I don't know enough about the characters to do it.

Also, did anyone else here dabble in Gundam mods for non-Gundam games?

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Funny to see this thread bumped.I got Journey to Jaburo in the mail yesterday. The other Gundam gaems I own are fed vs Zeon, Crossfire, 0081 Battlefield Record, Zeonic Front, and DWG:G 1/2 and Reborn.

The controls of JTJ are... something.
MS Saga is easily my fav Gundam game right in front of Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2.

If only the English version of MS Saga didn't have that terrible terrible voice acting. Boy I would love a PS2 classics for it though but that will never happen seeing how it was the worst selling Gundam game ever even in Japan.
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You know... I've been considering making a Gundam turn-based strategy game for over a year now. I don't have any graphical resources like sprites and such (aside from what I can rip from the internet), but the coding I'm able to do by myself.

I'm also writing the game to be moddable to some extent, mostly in the form of adding new MS types. You could theoretically add any mecha into the game if you write its class and slap it into the proper folder.

I only have a very basic framework of the game engine done so far, written in Java. Do you have any ideas regarding stuff like damage calculation and such? Until I have a better alternative, I'm using the SPECIAL system's DT/DR armor model, for the simple reason that that's the only one I know the inner workings of.
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