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Compendium of Character Class Variations:

 1 FOFD, Sat, 21st Dec '13 5:08:11 PM Relationship Status: Heisenberg unreliable
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I've never found anything like this.

I'm working off of Final Fantasy as a baseline. Basic classes are, but not limited to: Fighter, Black Mage, Red Mage, White Mage, and Thief.

But video games, and tabletop games, just go so much further. Monk, Druid, Gunzerker, Wizard, Swordmaster, Royalty, Temple Knight, Grandmaster, Harlequin, Mermaid, Elite Goon, etc, etc.

Character classes get adapted for several different mediums.


  • Assassin: Your stealth/cloak & dagger class.
  • Gunzerker: The all-out warfare/tank character.
  • Siren: The "mage" of the game. Sci-fi magical spells with no constant mana cost or requirement.
  • Commando: Your middle class of sorts, attack & defense class, the in-betweener, between Gunzerker and Assassin. Character's backstory supports this.

Left 4 Dead:

  • The Special Infected vary from:
    • The Smoker: Climbin in yo windows, snatching yo people up. Archer.
    • The Hunter: Hide yo kids, hide yo wives. Pounces from afar. Fighter.
    • The Witch: Aggravated assault, female barbarian-type monster class.
    • The Jockey: Kind of a Black Mage, what with him driving the player in multiple directions, hijacking the player's movement/corrupting an ability.
    • The Boomer: Fat, tub of lard that summons additional minions to your harassment. Summoner.
    • The Tank: Heavy, damage-dealer. Pretty much what his name implies.

This is more so determined by title and role, rather than just function.

How many variations on character classes can you find in your favorite role-playing games?

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