Youtube Redirects Ad Revenue for Let's Plays:

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126 Mukora21st Dec 2013 10:28:52 PM from a place , Relationship Status: I made a point to burn all of the photographs
[up]x2 I didn't either. It still seemed like conspiracy theory bullshit to me.
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128 lalalei200122nd Dec 2013 11:07:11 AM from At my computer
Any updates on the situation?
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129 Noaqiyeum22nd Dec 2013 09:59:50 PM from the October Country , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
The it-thingy
Yeah. Google+ integration is the kind of idea pulled out of the arse of a company that's desperate to fight for Facebook market share, because social media is the Next Big Thing and Google is desperately struggling to retain its status as "the Internet company."
Which is sadly hilarious, because last I checked Facebook is still slowly failing to effectively correlate its massive userbase to advertisements they will actually click on at rates that advertisers will happily pay for. Google is an advertising company first and foremost and perfectly positioned to take over that role - all they really need to do is keep G+ available and wait for Facebook to starve, unless they get impatient and drive everyone away first.
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130 DragonGeyser22nd Dec 2013 11:45:13 PM from a computer, DUH.
131 DiscoDancer23rd Dec 2013 06:59:50 AM from California (or Japan) , Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
The question is:

When YouTube completely devours itself, will it disappear or become twice as big?
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132 TamH7023rd Dec 2013 08:07:56 AM , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
[up][up]I am willing to bet an internetz cookie of your choice that that situation ISN'T the only one out there where a creator is getting skull humped by Youtube due to a shit Content ID claim that they want nothing to do with because of a video of their own work.

And Google ain't changing their minds. No siree bob. Apart from this all being complete fucking idiocy it is also rather sad. What the hell happened to don't be evil? Did it suddenly change to don't get caught being evil in public or something?
Yes. It's been like that for large businesses for a long, long while. Even being caught in public isn't that bad for them.

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134 TamH7023rd Dec 2013 08:36:50 AM , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
Couldn't the people who own their content and are still getting done up like a kipper for their videos by this Content ID shit not get together and do a class action suit against Google and the offending companies who are filing spurious claims?
135 DonaldthePotholer23rd Dec 2013 08:56:41 AM from Somewhere in (not)Miami
Re: the list: It would be a better idea for there to be 2 columns: Postable and Profitable (i.e. you can monetize). An example the site itself lists:

For instance, 2K games lets you make & share videos, but not monetize them. So that's a "NO" to the above question.

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136 Elle23rd Dec 2013 09:32:41 AM , Relationship Status: I wanna know about these strangers like me
Blog post from someone I sorta know on the subject who has a video taken down and has been fighting to get it back up.

In summary, it seems like A: If you're not part of a network, it's nigh-impossible to get a human response, B: Youtube may be going above and beyond what's called for regardless of the rights holders giving permission.

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137 Odd123rd Dec 2013 09:59:51 AM from Nowhere Land , Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Still just awesome like that
A: If you're not part of a network, it's nigh-impossible to get a human response
To be fair, that's hardly unique to YouTube and is pretty much just a facet of the modern world of customer service.
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138 Elle24th Dec 2013 12:21:30 AM , Relationship Status: I wanna know about these strangers like me
Maybe, but it's particularly endemic in Google-run enterprises. Sometimes I think Google trusts in the power of algorithms so much that they're blind to the cases where it's a really bad idea.
Not gonna lie, after reading through this entire thread, I'm convinced that Youtube's autochecking system has gained sentience, has turned evil, and is now actively trying to screw over as many people as possible.
140 GavsEvans12324th Dec 2013 08:29:13 AM from the New Ruins Level , Relationship Status: Healthy, deeply-felt respect for this here Shotgun
You imply that it wasn't evil in the first placetongue
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141 videogmer31424th Dec 2013 09:15:59 AM from that one place , Relationship Status: Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free
[up][up] The #1 thing I've learned from studying IT in college is that computers absolutely hate people, to the point that Terminator's robot apocalypse could actually happen.

I wouldn't be surprised at that, actually.
At least it's just a thing that detects copyright'd material rather than something that controls missile systems.
143 TamH7026th Dec 2013 03:00:03 AM , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
[up]For the moment. We hope.
144 TotemicHero27th Dec 2013 08:27:34 AM from the next level
Not a bug!
Well, if you wanted confirmation that this was beyond Google's control, we have it: the system is now flagging public domain music.
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145 SaintDeltora27th Dec 2013 08:32:06 AM from The Land Of Corruption and Debauchery , Relationship Status: I'm just high on the world
The Mistress
...this is getting ridiculous.
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146 DragonGeyser27th Dec 2013 09:02:19 AM from a computer, DUH.
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It's settled, then. Content ID doesn't work and needs to be euthanized.
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147 Heatth27th Dec 2013 09:04:19 AM from Brasil , Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
I still trying to figure out why Youtube refuses to admit there is something wrong. The system is broken. It is obviously broken. Things like [up][up][up] shows how crazy the thing is. What do they gain by insisting it is everything fine? The current status quo can't be sustainable in the long run. Wouldn't be better for the to admit the mistaken and promise they are working on fixing it?

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It hasn't worked for a long time now, its not working is just in overdrive now.
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