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1 CPFMfan6th Dec 2013 11:57:47 PM from A Whale's Vagina
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There's something that I like a lot about rarely see: genuinely funny video games. That said, there are still some gems out there. What moment in a video game made you laugh the hardest? Did any even make you laugh at all? I'm curious to see some picks here.

Sorry in advance, but I'd prefer to keep it to intentionally funny things. So no hilarious glitches.

I'll start out by saying pretty much everything the One-Scene Wonder Drill Sergeant Nasty says in Fallout2. An example (at 0:09 in this video):

(upon being told that you were never issued your power armor)

Sergeant Dornan: What was that? YOU EXPECT ME TO BELIEVE THAT, MAGGOT!? The truth is you've lost an expensive piece of army issue equipment! That suit is gonna come out of your pay! AND YOU WILL REMAIN IN THIS MAN'S ARMY UNTIL YOU ARE (inhale) FIVE-HUNDRED AND TEN YEARS OLD! WHICH IS THE NUMBER OF YEARS IT WILL TAKE FOR YOU TO REPLACE THE MARK TWO POWERED COMBAT ARMOR YOU HAVE LOST!

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This moment was great:

And for reference, the second bit of dialogue is from using the "pickup" command.
3 maxwellelvis7th Dec 2013 08:48:22 PM from undisclosed location , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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Of course, don't you know anything about ALCHEMY?!- Twin clones of Ivan the Great
4 ScorpioRat7th Dec 2013 08:49:49 PM from Dallas, Texas , Relationship Status: Forming Voltron
When horoscopes go wrong
When you pick up a cowpat in Dragon Quest IX and try to use it like a regular item, and it just squishes. The fact that it's played perfectly straight is hilarious.

But the winner would be in the original Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games when Diglett is saved and casually mentions his feet feeling like they were still walking on air. You get this wonderful quote from the Magnemite:


and everyone else is just as confused.
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5 LeGarcon7th Dec 2013 08:51:07 PM from Skadovsk , Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
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Everything about the first meeting with the Think Tank.

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Oh really when?
The Banang gag in Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space. Funny on the surface, and funnier when you consider the usual adventure game convention that people have the same reaction when you do the same thing.
7 tclittle7th Dec 2013 09:12:57 PM from Somewhere Down in Texas
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In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, one of my Normal villagers "surprised" emote meaning she wants to chat. I talk to her and she's hyper. She's asking me what to do to get rid of her hyperness, and on of the options to pop up is to exercise. Right before she agrees with me, SHE FALLS ASLEEP.

I'm busting out laughing while she wakes up and thanks me.

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8 Demetrios8th Dec 2013 11:28:36 PM from Mount Prospect, Illinois , Relationship Status: Wishing you were here
This conversation with Alistair:

"Let's see, how can I put this? I'm a bastard. And before you make any smart remarks, I mean the fatherless kind."
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