Fire/Red beats everything:

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No, not Pokemon.

It seems like the RED Team/The Red Oni/The color red/Fire element tend to come out on top in video games, or are often portrayed in a superior light to the BLU Team/The Blue Oni/Ice element/blue-affiliated characters.

Is there a trope for this?


  • In Team Fortress, RED team usually comes out victorious during the Meet the Team segments.
  • In Red vs Blue, Red Team has the advantage in numbers and firepower.
  • In Mortal Kombat, Scorpion (Fire) is not only more popular then his Blue Oni counterpart Sub Zero, but he's also killed Sub-Zero in MK 9, avoided disembowelment by Kratos during the trailer, and even made cameos in other games.
  • In Twisted Metal, Sweet Tooth (Red ears, red polka dots, red hair, red color theme) has been the only contestant to successfully screw over Calypso not only once, but three times. He's also their mascot. Calypso's eyes glow blue in Twisted Metal Head-On, and that's the game where Screw Tooth royally screws him over.
  • Dante is a demon-hunting Bad Ass whose signature outfit is a bright red coat. His rival is Vergil, who wears blue clothing, and Vergil loses to Dante.
    • Similarly, Kratos's swords glow bright red, as does his aura. His enemy, and eventually victim, is Zeus, whose eyes tend to glow aqua blue. A bit of a subversion, since Zeus's lightning is usually colored yellow/gold/white, and Kratos uses the Sword of Olympus, which glows a pristine blue color, to battle Zeus.
  • Dante's Inferno, the main character, Dante, has a blood red tapestry on his chest, and the final boss is Lucifer, who is frozen waist-deep in ice. His eyes also glow blue. Subversion, his eyes glow orange-red, though in the anime they are blue.


  • Cole/Evil Cole in inFamous. Cole's affinity is blue/white if he follows the good, martyrish path. Evil Cole, who's in it for himself, glows red/orange.
  • In Onimusha, Samanosuke wears red armor and 'was' the main hero, until the fourth game, where the main character spot was given to Soki, who wears blue armor, and is a far superior fighter to Samanosuke (Tenkai) who wears red armor and a mask in that game.
  • In Disgaea, Laharl has blue hair combined with a red scarf, and is ridiculously powerful with no blue-affiliated enemy (except for in D2 perhaps). However, his servants are all cobalt-colored monsters known as Prinnies. Further however, however, in one game, a Prinny is turned into the main character, and has a bright red scarf to distinguish this.
    • Etna, a red-haired double agent and Laharl's vassal, tends to disobey him, to the point where she was temporarily in control of his Netherworld. She's probably even more significant as the series mascot then the Prinnies or Laharl himself.

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This sounds like an aimless gush post. Couldn't you have added this to another forum? Or maybe to the discussion page of Color-Coded for Your Convenience.

Also, why is green good and red bad?

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[up][up]You might want to spoil the Tenkai part.

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That was fast.

Just For Fun? Yack Fest? It Just Awes Me?


More to point out and observe if anyone thinks that it's true, or if there are several more examples of blue-affiliated characters coming out on top.

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If you are actually looking to see if this is a trope, I think you are supposed to go to Lost and Found.
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This doesn't apply in The Patriot.
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Red team doesn't have Caboose
In the same vein as Dante and Vergil, BlazBlue has their borderline expies Ragna and Jin.

Actually, reminds me of an anime/game archetype of "light-haired badass in red". InuYasha, Dante, Ragna the Bloodedge, Fenrich, Vash the Stampede, Sanger Zonvolt, probably at least another one or two I can't think of...

Wait a sec, isn't this basically Law of Chromatic Superiority or whatever that trope is?
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[up] Space Adventure Cobra probably started in Anime/ Japanese games, I think.
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Not a bug!
Red Is Heroic. Discussion over. Thank you for playing. Have a nice day. tongue
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