Telltale rumored to be making Game of Thrones:

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Potentially awesome.
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If this happens what do you think it's going to cover? Given Telltale's style I don't think it will be an actual adaption. My best guesses are a side story for the War of Five Kings, something with Dunk and Egg, or set during one of the historic wars (my guess is NOT Robert's Rebellion because they can't answer the question everyone wants answered). I could possible see them doing an extension of the thing they did with 400 days with each chapter featuring a different lead.
Well, it's not a rumor, so change the title of the thread.

Also, the game is being based on the HBO adaptation of the books.
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I love Telltale, and I'm sure it'll be good, but...
I really just want that King's Quest remake already.
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King Quest being mentioned has lead to me thinking of A So Ia F game playing like one of them.

Deaths included.

That is the most forboding "Product Not Yet Rated" ever.

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As long as Tyrion gets significant time on-screen, this should at least be decent IMO.
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