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I'm a little uncertain about this trope, seems to be where a lot of examples from Fetish Fuel and Perverse Sexual Lust went off to hide. I'm not sure the criteria is tight enough given there's a lot of baseless ZCEs, many of which consist of "everyone is X for Y" not to mention how a single work managed to get its own folder. At the very least it's in need of a cleanup as it's so close to just being a repeat of PSL. As it's memetic in nature we could probably do with a tighter requirement for what is an example much like how Memetic Mutation works, maybe ask to show that a character that is supposedly this way has some form of justification for it.

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It's listed as YMMV. It shouldn't be. If this is YMMV, it has no meaning but "I want to fuck this character."
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The objective trope is Sex God.
Anything that is an Audience Reaction is automatically YMMV. This is not "I want to bleep this character" (that sounds like it'd be Sugar Wiki material), but it does describe a phenomenon within fandoms, so it's still YMMV.
So because of it being both an audience reaction and a YMMV trope it's perfectly okay and in no need of anything doing?

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I think the examples should be held to a "in fandom, the character is extraordinary prowess in giving physical sexual pleasure to his/her partner(s)" standard of example writeup, though.
[up][up]*sigh* YMMV =/= "anything goes".
[up] Yeah but results from past threads make me consider otherwise. Not your fault, just an overall vibe I misread.

[up][up] I think that's the thing, we don't know if it's true of the fandom or just one fan with a crush on someone. Yeah, that's the thing about YMMV tropes sure but the issues I mentioned are just a bit troublesome given precedent for that sort of thing usually getting squashed.

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Telling the difference between "A significant portion of the fandom thinks this" and "Me and a few of my buddies on this one fan forum think this" has been a continuous problem for pages like this.
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That's without going into the question whether we ought to distinguish at all.
I think we should be making a distinction, if we're not I can't see how this isn't dissimilar to Perverse Sexual Lust which got an examplectomy and a lock because of this problem.

Same problem, marginally different criteria.
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Hm, this might be a lost cause because seriously, who's going to want to do anything about the random perversions of the tropers? Far more going for it than against it and probably too easily rationalised away as not an issue even if it's creepy because of YMMV and Audience Reactions protecting it. Some reactions we shouldn't be covering, who fans consider "memetically" endowed with sex prowess is one of them because come on, "I want to fuck this character" isn't too dissimilar to "this character will fuck me".

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14 SeptimusHeap26th Dec 2013 01:15:42 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Perverse Sexual Lust did get its examples cut for reasons other than "the examples represented just one person's opinion". Anyhow, after looking over the page, I am a bit more favourable to a total example cut or a 90% example cut - most example writeups do not fit the trope criteria unless you really push them.
That's the trouble I saw, far too many of the examples were just PSL examples but moved here with not much justification as to why they're an example. I don't know of what reasons applied to PSL getting an examplectomy but I feel this might have some parallels with it.
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I'm definitely in favor of merging this and/or cutting the examples. This is basically a Fetish Fuel page, and we got rid of those for good reason.
Special trousers. Very heroic.
Yeah, good luck getting rid of these though.

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Last ditch attempt to get this moving, it won't work but final thoughts?
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I have no idea why you're so insistent that the examples can't be cut without even trying to cut them.
20 SeptimusHeap28th Dec 2013 01:08:19 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
He's referring to the fact that TRS has had a lack of input for a while now.
[up]I am, I don't believe a cut will happen because if there's not enough (or any) interest to do it, they'll remain there and I'm not confident in the month this has been here that it's an issue enough care about. I'd love if it found its feet and got some actual approval behind it but eh, guess we'll have to go in there and just comment out the bad ones given there's not much else to do and when half the comments to a TRS thread are the OPs trying to keep it in public view, it's a non-starter.

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Bump as it's still being horribly misused.
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This one never did get moving again. Clock's long up; locking.
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