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1 TuefelHundenIV7th Nov 2013 06:27:57 PM from Wandering , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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This is the thread to discuss and share mods.

The thread will likely be mostly used by various tropers to share their DF mods and how to impliment them.

If possible links to tutorials and tips will be posted.

A possible future goal may be a Tvtropes dwarf fortress mod pack.

The mod effort is open to anyone. Dwarf fortress is for the most part easy to mod.

For those looking to play mods a link to the released mods section of DF will be shared in the OP.
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I know I've talked about this before but . . .

To anyone who is seriously irate about the freeloaders children, there's a little fix that makes them useful.

[NATURAL_SKILL] token has two arguments: the skill itself. Anything from masonry to fish cleaning and everything in between, and the level. And yes, that goes from dabbling all the way up to legendary. It applies to creatures right from birth, and since any points to a skill automatically turn it on . . .

Your two-year-olds will be practicing their skills. Just don't forget to turn off that skill in your adults, and you'll be fine.

Give your people a natural skill of five in farming, and you'll have kids doing the job as well as any starting seven dwarf can. And points in Natural Skill stack with embark points into skills, so a level ten Natural Skill will add on top of a five level embark allotment, giving you a Legendary right off the bat.

Here's the Skill Tokens you can use: http://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/Skill_token

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3 TuefelHundenIV7th Nov 2013 08:34:17 PM from Wandering , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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Nice start.

I want to dig up the modding tips and guides for weapons and equipment.

Then find one for creating monsters like Golem.

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You can also set dwarves to have [CHILD:1] instead of 7 and remove the baby tags if you really don't like having kids.
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Would that make them automatic adults when they pop out, or completely erase Dwarven reproduction from the game? Because in the next version, all of the population growth is going to get pinned down and tracked, and modding like that will seriously affect the viability of any race you remake.

ETA: I'll be looking up how to create custom workshops. I've been wanting to create a slavery system in the game for a while now. My first efforts involved making a pet race that can learn and pick things up, that had a natural skill in mining and masonry. So they could be quarry workers. Nothing happened, pet races can't be assigned labors. That's a hard code that short circuits the Natural Skill tag.

So now I'll be working to create a race with a null-reproduction caste and then tie a workshop into it so you can use prisoners of war as reagents in a transformation. Or I could replace that limb rotting syndrome with a transformative one, but . . . that feels a little too magicky.

The only trouble I actually see with any of this is rigging it so no one gives birth to the slave caste. I'm hoping simply setting a population of zero for it will solve that.

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6 TuefelHundenIV8th Nov 2013 04:36:45 PM from Wandering , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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Ok Serrated Disks the Melee weapon are made. They come in two flavours. 'Wristlet Fighting Disks' they use knife fighting skill and 'War Wheel' they are sword type disks. These are strictly vanilla weapons so they are limited to vanilla attacks.

I am considering making a set for one or two mods with more robust combat options like DF MW.

Next up Atlatl and the Darts. Will use archery skill. Then disk launchers and disk projectiles are next.

After they are completed they will be arena tested for balancing. Then they will be implemented so you can find them in adventure mode and fort mode.

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7 Tarsen11th Nov 2013 03:12:24 AM from FC: 2165-5763-7629 , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
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what is the deal with masterwork missing cats?

id rather not embark with no vermin control...
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That might be the Pets option. I'm not sure.

I know Kobolds get Shalzwars as their cat type. They're reptiles and I don't think they have the issues cats do.
9 TuefelHundenIV11th Nov 2013 11:24:13 AM from Wandering , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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Tarsen: There are other pets which kill vermin other then just cats.
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I just started playing the Fallout version of the game. This is . . . confusing. tongue It doesn't help that my first Vault has an Aquifer to handle.

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11 TuefelHundenIV11th Nov 2013 03:37:07 PM from Wandering , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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Yeah the Fall Out version is a bit tricky.

I just picked up and started a fort for Deons Gnesis Reborn.

I am almost ready to throw out the three settings options for the Master Work DF succession game. I need to finish my current round of testing tonight.
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I was looking at the Forest Entity trying to see how one could play as Elves. As they are, they're insanely unplayable. They have very few permissible jobs, and none of them deal in actually cutting down trees. The only wood job they have is woodcarving. And animals? They have an ethic that only permits killing them in self defense. No butchery jobs or anything.

Yuck. I'd be better off building a race from scratch then, otherwise I'd just be molding the elves into something far away from who they already are. [lol]

I shall keep you all informed as I go.

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13 TuefelHundenIV28th Dec 2013 04:36:14 PM from Wandering , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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Just make a Un Elfy elf race that kill their tree hugger cousins for existing.
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I was thinking a Native American race utilizing wood, stone, and leather as building materials rather than metals. We have Dwarves and Humans for what you're talking about. No need to reinvent the wheel there. tongue
15 Midna28th Dec 2013 07:14:07 PM from Texas, unfortunately , Relationship Status: Desperate
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I've only recently gotten into the world of DF modding, but I'm currently working on a Pokémon total conversion (in a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-esque world where humans don't exist or are very rare). Right now, plans are to add in mons from Generations I to V, with one release for every generation completed. Once I get far enough into X I'll do a Gen VI release as well.

What's been implemented:
  • Bulbasaur and its evolutions.
  • A small handful of Com Mons.
  • Lickitung and Lickilicky.
  • Magikarp and Gyarados.
  • Dragonite's about done.
  • A few legendaries, mostly from Gen III.
  • Shiny forms, using their 1/4096 rarities from Gen VI. Eye color and body color are determined separately so they may not be 100% true to their in-game appearances, but it's not really a big deal and if it bothers anyone too much there are pretty easy work-arounds

What's started:
  • Civilizations, which are going to be separated by type. Dark, Ghost, and Poison types are Always Chaotic Evil by virtue of being most used by enemy teams; most of the other types are neutral-ish, except for Fairy types which are the "good" civ. I don't know what will happen if I just made every mon of type X a member of civilization X, but I'm going to guess there'd be a pretty noticeable dearth of wild creatures, so I'm going to have to plan around that.

I'm not sure how I'll handle evolution yet. For evolved forms with similar body types - e.g. Bulbasaur and its evolutions, Rattata and Raticate, Spearow and Fearow, Lillipup and its evolutions - I could just apply custom names to the fully evolved forms' babies and/or children (although this would make for miscolored pre-evos), but I'm wondering how to handle mons that gain a new body part or five upon evolution. Right now I'm just making each evolutionary level a separate species, which is kind of a messy work-around - if I leave it like that, I'll end up with "baby" and "child" Blastoises walking around.

This post ended up being a lot longer than I intended it to be. Whoops!

Blags: Main, F Yeah Panel de Pon
Originally I'd been thinking of tents as Two-Level constructions where you put wooden support walls on the ground level, then do a paved road style construction on the second level for a tanned hide roof. Considering I don't know where in the files to go for that, I'll have to play around in the object files and just create workshop-style buildings instead.

I just created a disc thrower and the accompanying ammo. I haven't tested it yet, but I thought I'd upload the code for y'all to pay with and enjoy.



[NAME:throwing disc:throwing discs]



[ATTACK:EDGE 100000:300:slash:slashes:NO_SUB:1000]




[NAME:disc thrower:disc throwers]











The idea is that the throwing disc skids across the enemy's skin, severing it without sticking in. Granted, I don't know if the game would simulate that and let it pass through, but that's how the damage should be calculated.
18 TuefelHundenIV8th Jan 2015 08:18:37 PM from Wandering , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Watchman of the Apocalypse

I made something a bit similar but they stuck in. I also made a fighting disk that was an elaborate slashing weapon. Hoo boy when you threw that sucker though it tended to take off body parts or cause serious injuries.
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Whew. Sorry it took me so long to reply. You wouldn't believe what a bear it was to get myself back onto here.

I made that weapon as part of a bigger project. It also has a race of centaur cats, and a civ attached to it. I've built the cats. Am in the process of creating the Civ. Now that I'm using the modding tutorial on the wiki, I'll be able to do more customizing than before. Like building Noble positions from scratch. I shall provide more details as I iron them out.
20 TuefelHundenIV9th Jan 2015 07:50:01 PM from Wandering , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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Neat. I remember my living metal Golem project. That was weird. The thing bled liquid metal, its bones were copper, organs bronze, etc. Damn thing was tough as hell and took forever to bleed out.

I also made an Atlatl and that was pretty fun. Just wish we could aim our ballistic projectiles.

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I was reading about Noble positions and the tokens for them and all that. Trying to figure out why I have issues every time I port Nobles from Dwarves to Humans, and to figure out what I can do with creating my own Nobles. I will have to study more, but I think I've found the answers to why I wind up with Barons and Counts and stuff right from the get go when I make human versions.

What I want to do is roll Management, Book Keeping, Trading, and Mayorship into one position, and give it some nice quarters and such. I want to strip out the whole "meeting with unhappy dwarves" responsibility and roll it to its own Noble position that fills "as needed." Along with maybe one mandate/demand, and some nice requirements to offset the amount of crap that will be hurled at said person from unhappy people.
22 TuefelHundenIV9th Jan 2015 08:17:03 PM from Wandering , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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Sounds promising actually.

I am considering trying my hand again at creating a Living Metal Golem or something similar as well as a return of the fighting disk and Atlatl.
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I might add the Religion responsibility to that consoler and see if it does anything. I know it's part of Elven nobility, but no clue if it actually does anything for us yet. Wiki says it's supposed to inform us of religious cults that spring up, so I doubt it. If I can get the Landholders working too, I wanna create feeder positions for succession, which would be appointed by the position to be succeeded. You could wind up actually picking the King's successor that way.
So testing has confirmed that my disc throwers count as axes for the purposes of wood cutting. Knowing that, I have stripped my entity-in-progress of battle axes. I'm trying to differentiate them from dwarves, which means either adding new features, or stripping out old ones that should count as Dwarf Only. I'm going the mixed route of nixing bits and pieces and combining them in new ways. Such as a tree cutting missile weapon that makes a handy back-up in case of melee battle. It has just over half the power of an actual battle axe strike, considering in melee it's not really supposed to be the primary weapon.

I'll also be nixing pig iron and steel production, though that just means trading for steel when the dwarves arrive. And setting them to be Winter active, considering they're based on cats and have fur, it shouldn't be quite the issue for them that it is for others.
25 TuefelHundenIV10th Jan 2015 08:48:35 AM from Wandering , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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Lol. March of the Nekko Lords.
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