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Art Major Biology is pretty much a duplicate of Artistic License – Biology. Both are about creators taking liberties with biology for the sake of storytelling.

I think the two pages should be merged under Artistic License – Biology.
2 Cider21st Oct 2013 02:57:12 PM from Not New York , Relationship Status: They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
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Well, part of that is because artistic license was changed into what it is now simply because tropers did not like the tone of the "you fail forever" index, even though a few of them already had "more respective" counterparts.

But yes, merge them. Preferably Art Major Biology should be the name the combined page takes because it was that way first.
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3 Larkmarn21st Oct 2013 03:38:33 PM , Relationship Status: Hello, I love you
Yeah, merge.
I think there are other Art Major tropes too. I was always confused on the diatinction.

5 Madrugada21st Oct 2013 03:51:00 PM , Relationship Status: In season
Merge under Artistic License – Biology. We're trying to get the various "..is crying", "Fail X Forever" and other such pages consolidated as "Artistic License - X" and get them cleaned up. In this case there was Artistic License - Biology as a complaining and snarking page, and Art Major Biology as a "wrong.. but it's really cool" page.
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6 Willbyr21st Oct 2013 08:53:12 PM from North Little Rock, AR , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
I'm fine with merging.
Pretty clear-cut merge here, not much to discuss. I guess it fell through the cracks last time.
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8 SeptimusHeap21st Oct 2013 11:02:46 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Merge them, but can we try to find some trope here, rather than giving them the name Errors.Biology?
10 SeptimusHeap22nd Oct 2013 12:50:05 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
You are allowed to YKTTW new tropes. That said, the purpose of these pages is to list errors, so that people who find a convention in there have examples and material to fill YKTTWs with.
We had a long conversation about this a year ago, didn't we?

Right, merge them.
Why would we have a page called Errors Biology? We decided awhile ago that we aren't really about complaining about "mistakes".

The Artistic License family of tropes already does a fairly good job a categorizing unrealistic things used for the sake of storytelling. I see no reason why these two pages would not

Also, just to plug the project, we have another thread going to fix any lingering problems with the descriptions of these tropes. The only reason I'm doing a thread here is because page mergers is usually a TRS job instead of a Projects job.

13 Cider22nd Oct 2013 08:54:53 AM from Not New York , Relationship Status: They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
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I still say under art major because its older, and thus better.
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Of the two, Art Major Biology is the more established name and IMO it just sounds better (Artistic License X has just never rolled off the tongue for me, I'd prefer Aristic License In X or Artistic X License).
It seems to be made up by this site.

The title sounds like biological knowledge an art major would have, which in a way indicates the trope. But Artistic License is the accepted neutral snowclone family to make it not look like a complaining page.
What passes for complaining is very variable.
We want to make it so less tropes look to be complaining so it doesn't build up.
Would be better if they didn't have titles like Art Major Biology too, probably limit the moaning to a quiet grumbling in the corner.

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19 SeptimusHeap22nd Oct 2013 12:07:18 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
The bigger issue I see with that is that the merge in the AMB —> ALB direction was decided quite a long time ago, in the "You Fail X Forever" rename topics.
Besides, Artistic License – Biology is the larger and more referenced trope here anyway.
21 Madrugada22nd Oct 2013 04:17:28 PM , Relationship Status: In season
Yeah, there's going to need to be a much better reason to merge under Art Major Biology than "it's the older page."

Art Major Biology: 147 wicks, no redirects, 487 inbounds.

Artistic License – Biology: 1394 wicks, 619 wicks on three redirects, 3016 inbounds.

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These are the reasons I see for merging into Artistic License – Biology:

  1. Artistic License is a preexisting term
  2. Artistic License - X is the accepted, neutral snowclone for the subject
  3. Artistic License – Biology is the larger trope

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The physics equivalent, Art Major Physics, already redirects to Artistic License – Physics. It would make sense to keep things consistent one way or another.
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^^^ Okay, I guess my complaint then is I just don't like the aesthetic of a hyphen being used as a separator; I would rather see it as e.g. Artistic License (Physics) than Artistic License – Physics.
25 StarSword23rd Oct 2013 11:57:10 AM from somewhere in deep space , Relationship Status: In denial
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Merge under Artistic License – Biology. Ditto any remaining Art Major X trope names.

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