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Maybe we've got the trope from the wrong perspective. Maybe the real trope is "characterizing the attractiveness/sexuality of the character in a reserved or wholesome manner", and a sweater is just one of many techniques for doing so. Get un-hung-up on the sweater altogether.

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That seems like taking the Lumper philosophy too far.
I'll disagree. As it is, this takes Splitter too far.

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I feel like there's already a trope for that, but I can't figure out which...

Seemingly Wholesome '50s Girl?

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Not all ways of making a character look wholesome are the same, though, just as not all ways of making a character look smart or strong are the same.
See, I would have no problem redirecting Sweater Girl to Seemingly Wholesome '50s Girl.
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The emphasis in that name is 'seemingly.' She is, in fact, the opposite of this trope.
[up][up] Yea, in fact the redefinition seems to make this a lot broader Seemingly Wholesome '50s Girl since it doesn't have to involve the character Living a Double Life and she doesn't have to be a 50's girl.
The is definitely a trope, as Pleasantville calls it out explicitly. As with Wet Sari Scene, this a deliberate fanservice trope that consists of 1) a girl, and 2) a sweater. I think you can simply cull examples that don't seem to fit this or are disturbingly pervy. An example of why this is a useful trope would be in describing the subtle evolution of Velma from Scooby-Doo from gonk hipster to cute nerd girl.

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On the merge proposal: Seemingly Wholesome '50s Girl requires the character to have a double life (i.e wholesome on the outside but actually not so wholesome), so unless this (=Sweater Girl) also requires that a merge is out of question.
Yeah, I overlooked the 'seemingly'. Rats. Wholesome Girl would be the supertrope. Adding the "Attractive" adjective gets us into the dreaded and despised subjective territory.

Not sure how many different ways there are to establish a female character as wholesome-ish. There must be more than just the one trick of stuffing them into a fuzzy sweater.
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There must be more than just the one trick of stuffing them into a fuzzy sweater.

Well, if the Google search is indicative, clothing that doesn't show off the shape of a female body would be one way.
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Wouldn't hurt to have one more, all I'm
Right. I was just looking for evidence to support Wholesome Girl as the supertrope. Which there is. I'll start a YKTTW for it.

edit to add: Done here.

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Crowner has been up for six days and we have the clearest consensus that I've seen for quite some time.

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Maybe so, but I don't see how the name Sweater Girl would support the new trope. At the least, it'd attract the same misuse.
This is why it should be renamed. I don't even know why that option is being so downvoted while the redefining has unanimous support.
Because people assume they're separate options, despite what the crowner description says. They assume "rename" is one solution, and "redefine" is another, and they prefer the latter, as they should.

After we redefine, let's start a crowner for the new page's name. Normally, we need a crowner to decide to rename, but in this case, we're making a whole new trope. "Sweater Girl" can be one option on the new crowner.
Hate to say it, but the wikipedia article is better, in terms of defining the term and staying away from all the "fetish and fanservice" crap.

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[up] Sweater with a bullet bra?
As I stated above, and I will elaborate now, I believe this trope consisted of 1) a girl, 2) a sweater, 3) a non-explicit sexual appeal, especially of the boobs and figure. Connotations suggest "hotness" but also at least some adherence to mainstream standards of modesty.
The renaming option is at 0 now.

This name really does not work with the redefinition.

Page Action: Sweater Girl
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What would be the best way to fix the page?
At issue:
Note: Renaming and redefining the trope are not mutually exclusive, though all other options are.

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