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After Protocol:

 1 Rotpar, Sun, 29th Sep '13 1:37:54 PM from California Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Always 3:00 AM in the Filth
We have a page for this game. It sounds interesting, I don't believe I had ever heard of it before I stumbled onto the page.

The page needs some love if anybody is familiar with it. I've got it on YKTTW because as is it's a stub with a good description. If we can get some more examples and crosswick it we won't have to cut the page and the current discussion is just me screwing up the title.

If anybody's played it, how does a Massively Multiplayer RTS game work out? Is it the kind of game where I log in and find my empire was destroyed between sessions?

edited 29th Sep '13 1:38:37 PM by Rotpar

DDC = Dyslexia Done Correctly - totlmstr
. . .I totally thought this was the thread about Alpha Protocol. . .
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 3 Rotpar, Sun, 29th Sep '13 10:51:57 PM from California Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Always 3:00 AM in the Filth
Yeah, it happens. [lol]
DDC = Dyslexia Done Correctly - totlmstr
 4 Arilou, Mon, 30th Sep '13 12:39:02 AM from Quasispace
Taller than Zim
Me Too.
"No, the Singularity will not happen. Computation is hard." -Happy Ent
 5 Tobias Drake, Mon, 30th Sep '13 8:45:10 AM from Colorado, USA Relationship Status: Married to my murderer
I didn't make quite that mistake, but I did think it was a sequel to Alpha Protocol or something. Disappointment.
Supreme Chancellor
@rotpar If you have a good alliance you should be relatively safe unless they've somehow come to the attention of other certain alliances. And while your empire may be damaged when you are away, you can choose one of your colonies to provide with an unbreakable shield.
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 7 Recon 5, Thu, 24th Oct '13 7:52:24 PM from Southeast Asia
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Most true MMORTS games have the battles take place in instances resembling traditional RTS maps while elements of grand strategy such as empire building and logistics are done numerically in intervals of real time through interfaces that resemble the Mo O or Civ series.

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Well said.
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