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I have a problem with how option 2 is worded. Must we be confined to creating one trope that covers all possible "MILF" scenarios? I think we'd be better off having the option to create several new tropes to cover the several ways in which a parent's sexuality can be plot relevant.

Also, Stacy's Mom and Hot Dad are not under consideration here. In particular, no one has identified a problem with Stacy's Mom. We should be sticking to Hot Mom.

EDIT PS: I've added a new option to the crowner to reflect the idea of breaking up Hot Mom into multiple tropes rather than taking several tropes and consolidating them into one new trope.

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128 Madrugada7th Oct 2013 08:51:26 AM , Relationship Status: In season
I've deleted the option that also calls for cutting Hot Dad and Stacy's Mom. There has been no real discussion of either of those.

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Could we just... not have Death anymore?
Options 3&4 look the same, just worded differently.
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Huh? I'm pretty sure that option 3. was the selected crowner in the previous discussion of this page. Was anything done then, or does the trope decay that quickly?
As of this post, option 5 has strong support.
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Calling this one for the #5 option.
[up] ??? Option 3 and 5 are neck and neck and seem mutually exclusive.
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#5 has 19-9 votes while #3 has 18-10. Not seeing the problem with only the first being called.

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For TRS crowners, a ratio below 2:1 is not considered consensus.
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We have a number of 'compontent hot mom tropes' already.

1. Absurdly Youthful Mother says the extreme young age is used to justify a mom's hotness.

2. Stacy's Mom is for when a young character (typically teenage) is attracted to someone old enough to be their mother.

Have I missed any?
We can YKTTW a Flirty Parent trope. For when a mother is romantically active and we see it from the embarrassed child's point of view.
[up] I like the sound of that. "Flirty parent" has more meat on it as a trope than 'attractive parent'.
We can also YKTTW Sisterly Parent based off the line, "she will almost certainly be mistaken for her children's cute big-sister."
[up] That's probably covered by Absurdly Youthful Mother. I don't think we need two tropes about a parent looking younger than they are.
Absurdly Youthful Mother is not about a parent that looks younger than they are. It is about a parent who is younger than one would expected given the have of their son or daughter.

That could be either because they had a child when they were in the very first years of childbearing age, or because the offspring is in fact not their own but is adopted, step child, etc.

So no, there really is not enough overlap to suggest that it already covers the proposed trope of a parent that looks young enough to get mistaken for their kids's sibling, regardless of their actual age.
[up] Well what the fourth example section is documenting.

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There was discussion about splitting off the various Absurdly Youthful Mother subtypes into their own tropes. I can't remember why that fell apart.
145 SeptimusHeap28th Oct 2013 11:59:31 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Huh. That went somewhat sideways. Well, I bumped the YKTTW, but other than that it doesn't have too much to do with Hot Mom.

Right now we have two tropes that have 'atrractive mother' definitions: Absurdly Youthful Mother and Stacy's Mom Right now we have two YKTT Ws that can cover more aspects: Flirty Parent and Sisterly Parent.

How about we turn Hot Mom is a disambiguation page for these four?
[up] Unless Absurdly Youthful Mother gets split into separate tropes Sisterly Parent is already covered.
[up] Unless that happens, yes.
Could we just... not have Death anymore?
[up][up][up] yes

Page Action: Hot Mom 3
7th Oct '13 7:23:28 AM
What would be the best way to fix the page?
At issue:
Hot Mom is prone to misuse and is not distinct from Stacy's Mom. It has been suggested that Hot Mom is not tropeworthy. What should we do about this?

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